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All About World U-23 Wrestling Championships 2021

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The U23 world wrestling championship is organized by United world wrestling and the tournament began in 2017. It is an Amateur Wrestling World championship for athletes under 23 years old. It contains three forms of wrestling- Men’s Freestyle, Women’s Freestyle, and Men’s Greco Roman. 

Russia dominates the Men’s Freestyle wrestling as they are deemed as the deserving champions in all past three editions. Whereas Japan has been derived as the champions in all past editions of Women’s Freestyle. 

World U23 Championships 2021

U23 World Wrestling Championships 2021: Schedule | KreedOn
Image Source: Olympics
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Due to the pandemic, the championship has been canceled several times and now it is being held in a safe and sound environment. The world U23 championship will be held from 1st November to 7th November 2021. The World U23 Championship will take place in Belgrade and Serbia. 

World Wrestling Championship 2021: Where To Watch?

The event is scheduled for particular dates between which different forms of wrestling will be contested. Wrestling fans in India and worldwide can follow the action on their TV screens on Sony Sports Network. Jio Network users can exclusively enjoy the action on JioTV. The live-action will also be streamed on the YouTube channel and official website of United World Wrestling. 

India squad for U23 World Wrestling Championships 2021

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World U-23 Championship | India Squad | KreedOn

Men’s Freestyle

  • Saurabh Igave (57kg)
  • Suraj Kokate (61kg)
  • Parvinder (65kg)
  • Naveen (70kg)
  • Parveen Malik (74kg)
  • Vicky (79kg)
  • Sandeep Singh Mann (86kg)
  • Guradeshwar Singh (92kg)
  • Sahil (97kg)
  • Mohit (125kg)

Women’s wrestling

  • Shivani Pawar (50kg)
  • Ankush (53kg)
  • Anju (55kg)
  • Nitika (57kg)
  • Pushpa (59kg)
  • Radhika (62kg)
  • Nisha (65kg)
  • Monika (68kg)
  • Divya Kakran (72kg)
  • Bipasha (76kg)


  • Arshad (55kg)
  • Vikas (60kg)
  • Neeraj (63kg)
  • Ashu (67kg)
  • Vikas (72kg)
  • Sajan (77kg)
  • Rohit Dahiya (82kg)
  • Sunil Kumar (87kg)
  • Deepanshu (97kg)
  • Aryan Panwar (130kg)

Schedule for World U23 wrestling championship 

November 1

08:00-08:30 AMMedical examination & Weigh-in Greco Roman – 55-63-77-87-130kg
10:30-03:00 PMQualification rounds Greco Roman-55-63-77-87-130kg
05:15-05:45 PMOpening Ceremony
06:00-07:30 PMSemi Final Greco Roman- 55-63-77-87-130 kg

November 2

08:00 -08:15 AMII Weigh Greco Roman -55-63-77-87-130kg
08:15-08:45 AMMedical Examination & Weigh Greco Roman-60-67-72-82-97kg
10:30-03:30 PMQualification rounds Greco Roman -55-63-77-87-130kg
03:30-04:30 PMTechnical Conference- all WW teams

Draw WW- All weight categories

04:45-05:45 PMSemi Final Greco Roman- 60-67-72-82-97kg
06:00-10:30 PMFinals Greco Roman -55-63-77-87-130kg

November 3

08:00- 08:15 AMII Weigh-in Greco Roman-60-67-72-82-76kg
10:30-02:00 PMQualification rounds WW -50-55-59-68-76kg
10:30-02:00 PMRepechage Greco Roman -60-67-72-82-97kg
04:45-05:45 PMSemi Final WW -50-555968-76kg
06:00-08:30 PMFinals Greco Roman -60-67-72-82-97kg

November 4

08:00-08:15 AMII Weigh-in WW -50-55-59-68-76kg
08:15-08:45 AMMedical examination & Pesee LF -53-57-62-65-72kg
10:30- 02:00 PMQualification rounds WW -53-57-62-65-72kg
10:30-02:00 PMRepechage WW-50-55-5968-76kg
02:00-03:00 PMTechnical Conference -all FS teams

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Draw FS- All weight categories

04:45-05:45 PMSemi-Final WW -53-57-62–72kg
06:00-08:30 PMFinals WW – 50-55-59- 68-76kg

November 5

08:00-08:15 AMII Weigh-in WW -53-57-62-65-72kg
08:15-8:45 AMI Medical Examination & Weigh- FS- 57-65-70-79-97kg
10:30-03:30 PMQualification rounds FS – 57-65-70-79-97kg
10:30-03:30 PMRepechage WW – 53-57-62–72kg
04:45-05:45 PMSemi Final FS – 57-65-70-79-97kg
06:00-08:30 PMFinals WW – 53-57-62-65-72kg

November 6

08:00-08:15 AMII Weigh-in FS – 57-65-70-79-97kg
08:15-08:45 AMI Medical examination & Weigh – FS -61-74-86-92-125kg
10:30-03:30 PMQualification rounds FS – 61-74-86-92-125kg
10:30-03:30 PMRepechage FS – 57-65-70-79-97kg
04:45-05:45 PMSemi Final FS – 61-74-86-92-125 kg
06:00-08:30 PMFinals FS -57-65-70-79-97kg

November 7

08:00-08:15 AMII Weigh-in FS -61-74-86-92-125kg
04:00-05:45 PMRepechage FS – 61-74-86-92-125kg
06:00-08:30 PMFinals FS- 61-74-86-92-125kg

 The under 23 wrestling world championship is rapidly advancing and gaining popularity around the world. The tournament allows wrestlers to settle old scores and exhibit their talent among other competitors. With the Paris 2024 Olympics, it has become a platform where new wrestling talent can be unveiled.  

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