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Wooden Flooring in sports | Advantages | Types | Rebound Ace India

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Wooden Flooring in Sports: Wood has, for a long time, been used as a flooring material. Wood’s characteristics make it different from other flooring materials like tile, carpet, and vinyl since only nature can produce the patterns and colors of wood. Like humans, no 2 trees are identical. And, this is true for finished floors as well. Woodwork, then, is no less than a work of art. In fact, Wood floors have the ability to last for over a century and still not go out of style.

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Wood isn’t just a visually appealing flooring material. Apart from its unique, inimitable colors and patterns, wood is one of the structurally sound elements as well. It is strong, durable, shock-absorbing, and requires easy maintenance.

Such impressive qualities of wood floor come at a premium since the wooden floor’s cost per square foot is more than the alternative flooring materials. However, its incredible characteristics and durability make a good quality wood floor worth it in the long run. As a result, wooden flooring is in high demand both in India and abroad, especially indoor sports flooring.

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Wood Sports Flooring

Wooden flooring is used in a plethora of indoor sports including Basketball, Volleyball, squash courts, gym, Dance flooring, and Badminton. Basketball is the first of many games that embraced the wooden courts with open arms. Wood flooring is believed to be a better surface than concrete or rubber surface for basketball. They provide an even surface and better bouncing of the ball.

Playing on solid wood surfaces helps athletes avoid injury as there is a lesser impact on one’s joints on a wooden surface than on other surfaces. When a basketballer lands after a jump for the ball or falls, the wooden flooring absorbs the force, rather than diverting it back to the knee joints.

According to “Chapter 3: Floor Type and Game Equipment” in the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) Guide to Basketball Facilities, “Upon publication of this Guide. The playing floor surfaces shall be made of: Permanent wooden flooring (levels 1 and 2); Permanent synthetic flooring (levels 2 and 3); Mobile synthetic flooring (levels 2 and 3).”

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The guideline goes on to explain the importance of Force reduction (shock absorption) and Uniformity requirements in the game.

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    Wood Sports Flooring in India

    Volleyball flooring

    wood sports flooring Volleyball floor KreedOn
    A Volleyball Wooden Flooring | (Credits: Twitter)

    Volleyball is a quick-paced sport requiring fast reflexes, judging ability, and swift agility movements like jumping and diving. Wooden floorings in Volleyball courts work in a similar way to Basketball. They help athletes to reduce the impact on joints like their knees which leads to ‘Jumper’s Knee’.

    Similar to FIBA, the Volleyball Federation has also set the importance of wooden surfaces. The Official Volleyball Rules, approved by the FIVB congress, says, “For FIVB, World and Official Competitions, only a wooden or synthetic surface is allowed.”

    Wooden Badminton Court

    wood sports flooring Badminton Wooden Flooring
    A Badminton Wooden Flooring | (Credits: Twitter)

    Wood sports flooring is used in Badminton. Wooden flooring is arguably the best choice to have as a badminton court flooring because it is an area elastic floor surface. The World Badminton Federation (BWF) has clearly mentioned in its handbook that “It is desirable to have a wooden sprung floor together with approved non-slip court mats”.

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    Furthermore, you can always feel the wooden flooring beneath you during a gym workout or while playing futsal, handball, squash, and track cycling. Wooden floorings can also be found in dance studios, auditoriums, multi-purpose arenas, Yoga Centers, and recreational areas.

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    Types of wood flooring In India

    Here’s a collection of some of the amazing wood grain patterns, textures, and colors, and modern interior design ideas for inspiration. Under sports wooden flooring in India, the most popular wood types include:

    Maple wood flooring

    wood sports flooring Maple Wooden Flooring I Rebound Ace n India|
    Maple Wooden Flooring. (image via RESTORE UR FLOOR/Facebook)

    Maple Wooden Flooring is sturdy and durable. Henceforth, most of them choose the Maple floors to build gym flooring and Basketball courts. Maple’s engineered hardwood flooring can take loads, due to which it is ideal for Gym and Basketball.

    However, the Maple wooden flooring has its disadvantages too- it requires high maintenance and is less versatile.

    Vinyl Flooring

    wood sports flooring Vinyl Flooring Wooden Flooring Rebound Ace India KreedOn
    Vinyl Flooring (Image: Rebound Ace India)

    Considered as an alternative to Maple Wood, Vinyl solid wood floors are similar to Maple flooring in strength and durability. They also ensure optimal safety and comfort. However, Vinyl allows more traffic in comparison to Maple floors, making it more versatile than Maple Wood and ability to cater to many sports.

    Pad and Pour Polyurethane Flooring

    The Pad and Polyurethane is another strong and durable wooden flooring available in India. It can majorly be found in basketball courts and indoor arenas. The Pad and Pour Polyurethane flooring method can withstand the harshest treatment. As a result, experts recommend this flooring for sports with high traffic and other activities that involve substantial capacity needs.

    Teak Wood Sports Flooring

    Teak floor in India KreedOn
    Teak Wood Badminton Court (representative image) (image via
    Siva Kumar/Facebook)

    Teak Wood origins from the Teak Tree. This tree is found in South East Asia, Central and South America. Badminton and Squash courts are usually based out of Teak wood. This type of wooden flooring allows smooth and unhindered movement to athletes across the court.

    Advantages Of Wood Flooring In Sports

    In sport, the playing field is considered an undervalued variable in the development of an athlete. People fail to notice that athletes can develop to their best potential when they can access a playable surface. On the flip side, the wrong flooring may also cause sports injuries to athletes and even dooming their careers forever. It, thus, becomes essential to choose the right flooring surface.

    Here are some of the advantages of wooden flooring:

    • The wood flooring provides a uniform surface. As a result, athletes can perform at their peak.
    • Wooden floors provide high stability underfoot.
    • Wooden sports flooring provides the best visual, playing, and audible experience in Basketball and Handball. Using any other material may differently influence the games since it involves athletes constantly bouncing the ball. And different materials will provide a different bounce.
    • Engineered wooden flooring absorbs the shock when an athlete hits the ground instead of directing it back at the joints.
    • Wooden floors are slip and skid resistant, hence allowing athletes to perform at their best.
    • If appropriately maintained, wooden floors are highly durable and can last for a long time.

    Which Type of Wood Sports Flooring is best?

    Selecting the right kind of wooden flooring may be slightly tricky. Before making the decision, one needs to ensure the selected wooden flooring not only fulfills its immediate requirements but also stays safe and in its peak condition as long as possible. Furthermore, the flooring needs to provide maximum reflection, maximum under-foot stability, shock absorbance, and multi-use facility.

    Keeping all of this in mind, the best wooden flooring one can consider is the KTL Rebo Wood. Rebo Wood is regarded as the most suitable option among wooden flooring options. It is the most advanced, long-lasting, and durable solid wood floor. Along with maximum ball reflection for sports like Basketball and Handball, Rebo floors also are highly stable under the foot. Hence, it is considered suitable for providing stability in the highly fast and agile game of Badminton. Rebo wood is also a good option for non-sport events with high traffic as it has a high loading capacity for the area and load points, including chair legs.

    The Rebo wood flooring is suitable for-

    • Sports halls
    • Auditorium stage
    • Dance studios
    • Yoga studios, Gyms
    • Basketball courts
    • Squash courts
    • Badminton courts
    • recreational areas

    In India, Rebound Ace India is one of the leading manufacturers of Rebo Wood flooring. Their flooring system is approved by both the World Badminton Federation (BWF) and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

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