HomeNewsWhile global economies stare at a recession, E-sports industry smells gold
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While global economies stare at a recession, E-sports industry smells gold

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Remember when in childhood, your parents would get annoyed as you sat indoors playing video games all day? ” Go out and play something,” our moms would scream at the top of their voice!

Well, the tides have surely turned. With the major lockdowns across the world, the video gaming industry is amongst the few industries to boom in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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E-sports critics may have to bite their tongue as gambling starts to fill the vacuum left behind by coronavirus-hit sporting events.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, big events such as the Indian Premier League, English Premier League and now Tokyo Olympics 2020 are being delayed one after the other.

The first hint came possibly in early March when the Premier League outlawed the long-standing tradition of ‘Fair Play Handshakes’.

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With several of these games popularly played in multiplayer mode, gaming during lockdowns is a sure shot way to solve the qualms of social distancing.

E-sports the way forward for the Sports Industry

E-sports can be the way forward as well for the sports industry itself amid complete cancellations of sports events. One of the best examples came when from the racing world when Formula 1 and Nascar embraced e-sports after the cancellation of all the racing events.

What started out as a fun activity to stay occupied and connected at home turned into a concerted effort by many of Majors’ Nascar colleagues to broadcast out virtual races for fans. While it may not completely make for the losses occurred due to cancelled races, it’s still offering a compensation, isn’t it?

Today, a bulk of the news tells you how Covid-19 is depleting economies and sectors, especially the Indian economy that was already off on the back foot.

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Hence, reading about one industry is refreshing, apart from pharmaceutical which is not bleeding dry.

The e-sports industry’s market size in India itself is predicted to hit $2bn by the end of 2021. However, the coronavirus pandemic might just have given it a head start.

Apart from profit, professional gaming slowly overcomes the argument that this is not a true sport. Popular points in e-sports industry are that it is a non-contact activity, played by nerds, doesn’t require expertise like its contact sports counterpart and is easier to join as long as you have a decent WiFi link.

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