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Chhattisgarhiya Olympics: Igniting the Spirit of Sporting

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In the heart of India lies the culturally rich and diverse state of Chhattisgarh, where the passion for sports runs deep in the veins of its people. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant traditions, a sporting spectacle like no other has emerged – the Chhattisgarhiya Olympics. This unique event celebrates the spirit of athleticism and showcases the incredible talent that hails from the region.

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Origin of Chhattisgarhiya Olympics

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Chhattisgarhiya Olympics was an initiative by the Bhupesh Baghel government to promote traditional sports in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The inaugural Chhattisgarhiya Olympics commenced on October 6, 2022, with an impressive participation of 2.6 million individuals across three age groups. Out of these, 1,900 talented athletes qualified for the state-level finals. The event proudly includes 14 traditional sports, featuring both team and individual categories.

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The grand launch of this multi-sport extravaganza took place at Raipur’s Balbir Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium, under the visionary leadership of Baghel. The event’s primary purpose is to revive the rich heritage of age-old traditional games like ‘langdi,’ ‘bhaura,’ ‘bati’ (kancha), and ‘pitthul,’ cherishing the cultural significance they hold.

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Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2023

What is Chhattisgarhiya Olympics? - KreedOn
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The government of Bhupesh Baghel is ready to inaugurate the Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2023-24 on Monday, 17 July, with a focus on promoting traditional sports in Chhattisgarh. This two-month event, divided into six phases, will coincide with the ‘Hareli Tihar’ festival.

As stated by the Sports Department, the Chhattisgarhiya Olympics is open for participants of all ages showcasing 16 traditional games. The event is managed by the Panchayat and Rural Development Department for rural areas and the Urban Administration and Development Department for urban regions.


What is Chhattisgarhiya Olympics? - KreedOn
Image Source: The Quint

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Both team and single categories are featured in the Olympics, with additional games like rope jumping and wrestling included in the single category. The single category also comprises games like Billas, Fugdi, Gedi Daud, Bhawara, the 100-meter race, and long jump.

Scheduled from 17th to 22nd July at the Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club, the tournament will then move on to Zone Level competitions involving eight Rajiv Yuva Mitan Clubs from 26th to 31st July.

Subsequent phases include development block and urban cluster levels, district-level competitions from 25th August to 4th September, divisional-level competitions from 10th to 20th September, and state-level competitions from 25th to 27th September. The grand finale is scheduled for 27th September.

Rewards & Recognition

The Sports Department has declared that participants in development block and urban cluster events will be rewarded with certificates and prize money. At the development block and urban cluster levels, winners will receive Rs. 1,000, runner-ups Rs. 750, and third-place contestants Rs. 500, in addition to certificates.

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Moving to the district level, winners will be awarded Rs. 2,000 in cash, while runners-up and third-placers will receive Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,000, respectively.

At the divisional level, winners will receive Rs. 3,000, runners-up Rs. 2,500, and third-placers Rs. 2,000, along with certificates.

Finally, at the state-level competition, top-ranked contestants will be granted Rs. 5,000, second-placers Rs. 4,500, and third-placers Rs. 4,000, in addition to certificates.

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