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How to start a Fantasy League in India? | Complete KreedOn Guide!

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Fantasy sports have gained immense popularity in India, over the years, with millions of fans engaging in the excitement and thrill of these fantasy sports. After the pandemic time, fantasy sports apps got great responses from the audiences. Starting a fantasy league in India requires a good understanding of the sports industry, the target audience, and effective marketing strategies. In this context, this article will guide you through the essential steps to start a fantasy league in India.

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Steps to start a fantasy league in India

Research and select the sport for a fantasy league

What are the things required to start a fantasy league in India?
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While thinking of starting a fantasy league you first need to research and choose a sport that has a good fan following in India. Baseball, football, tennis, cricket, etc. are some of the popular sports. The football market holds the maximum market share, but if we talk about cricket it is also expected to evolve with the highest CAGR of 17.9% from 2021-27.

Set a goal 

Be it a business or any other thing; you must have a purpose or goal behind it. Especially, in a business where you put all of your money at once, you must have some solid goal and aim to achieve it. Apply the strategies of fantasy sports business to engage your users in your game app by refining all the aspects of your branding. 

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Stable finance

If you are thinking of starting a business of sports fantasy leagues you must have the required amount of finance to meet its demands.

Decide the league format for the fantasy league

You need to decide on the league format, the number of teams, and the scoring framework. Here you get an option to choose between daily, weekly, and seasonal.

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Develop a Website or Mobile application for the fantasy league

You will need to foster a site or design a mobile application for users to register in apps. This will allow them to create teams and participate in fantasy leagues.

Market analysis

What are the things required to start a fantasy league in India? | KreedOn Guide
Image Source: Ingenious Zone

To start up a business of any type, the important thing is to analyze the market of that particular business. You must examine and analyze the type of market you will be entering. If you want to have a successful fantasy sports business, do proper market research and analysis first. Also, analyze the market competition and find out which sport is most popular.

Determine the legal requirements

Make sure that you comply with all the legal requirements, including registering the business, obtaining licenses, and adhering to tax regulations.

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Marketing and promotion

After the launch, apply suitable marketing strategies to mark your presence in the market. You will need to put up extra effort for less popular fantasy sports apps. Utilize social media, influencers, and sports websites to reach out to potential users.

Pros of starting a fantasy league in India

Beginning a fantasy league in India can offer several advantages including: 

Developing industry

Fantasy sports in India are growing at a rapid pace, with a huge number of sports fans taking part in online fantasy leagues. This offers a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs to step into this market and create a successful fantasy league platform.

Revenue generation

What are the things required to start a fantasy league in India? | KreedOn Guide
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Fantasy leagues offer different roads for income generation, such as sponsorships, advertisements, and registration fees. With the growing prominence of fantasy sports, the potential for generating revenue is immense.

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Enhanced Engagement

Fantasy leagues provide an exceptional and engaging experience for sports fans, enabling them to connect with their favorite sports and players on a deeper level. It can enhance their insight into the game and provide a sense of ownership and control over their virtual team.

Marketing and promotional opportunities

Starting a fantasy league in India offers significant chances for organizations to showcase their products and services to a specific target audience. Fantasy leagues attract a diverse demographic, including sports fans or sports lovers, making it a phenomenal platform for businesses to promote their brands.

Skill development

Fantasy leagues require key preparations, decision-making, and analytical abilities, which can assist individuals to develop important life skills that can be applied to different aspects of their lives.


Overall, starting a fantasy league in India presents a phenomenal opportunity for business people and organizations to enter into a growing industry, generate revenue, enhance engagement, and develop their overall personality.

In conclusion, starting a fantasy league in India requires thorough research, planning, and execution. The Fantasy sports industry in India is evolving rapidly. 

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Is fantasy league legal in India?

In August 2021, the Supreme Court gave a verdict that fantasy sports have considerable skill and judgement and therefore, it is legal.

How much does it cost to make a fantasy app in India?

For Fantasy Gaming Apps like that of Dream11, the development cost ranges from $5000- $10,000 for a single platform, either Android or iOS.

Do fantasy leagues make money?

Fantasy sports are a huge, lucrative business that produces significant amounts of revenue each year.

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