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Top 10 Websites to Play Chess | Get Ready to Rule the Board!

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Chess is a classic board game played by two people, where each player has a different army of pieces, either white or black, and the aim is to defeat the other player’s king. It is also known as international chess or Western chess, and it is different from similar games such as Xiangqi and shogi. Chess has become a popular in its digital form. Online chess has become a popular way for chess enthusiasts to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes. With the rise of digital technology, players can now connect with opponents from all over the world and participate in tournaments and matches with ease. Online chess platforms also offer a range of features such as tutorials, analysis tools, and chat rooms to enhance the gaming experience. Let’s explore the top 10 websites to play chess online.

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List of Top 10 Websites to Play Chess 

Serial Number Platform Name
2 Lichess
3 Internet Chess Club
5 FIDE Online Arena
6 Game Knot
7 Red Hot Pawn
8 World
10 Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)

Image Source: is the largest online chess community on the internet, with more than 100 million members. The platform allows you to play chess in real-time or play correspondence-style games with a few days per move. While you can join the platform for free, you can also upgrade to premium membership and gain access to extra features such as training materials, videos, and performance statistics.


Image Source:

Lichess is a unique online chess server as it is free and open source, which means it can be embedded into other websites. It offers a range of online play modes and training features, with competitive games available. While it doesn’t have the same level of training content as, Lichess boasts a fast and smooth interface and hosts round-the-clock tournaments.

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Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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For a considerable period, ICC stood out as the top website for playing chess, especially for those who desired to compete against International Masters and Grandmasters. Nonetheless, in recent times, other platforms such as and lichess have surpassed it. While joining ICC requires payment, you can enjoy a trial period of one month for free.

Where to Play Online Chess Game | KreedOn
Image Source: CNET Download

ChessBase, the creator of the widely used chess database software, operates While it may have fewer highly skilled players than ICC, it offers full integration with the ChessBase software and other programs such as Fritz.

FIDE Online Arena

Image Source: FIDE Online Arena

FIDE Online Arena, although not as large as other major chess-playing sites such as and lichess. But it is the official playing site of FIDE, the World Chess Federation. It provides a range of live games, including bullet, blitz, and rapid games, as well as regular tournaments.

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Game Knot

Where to Play Online Chess Game | KreedOn
Image Source: GameKnot

GameKnot is a well-known online platform that exclusively offers correspondence chess games. It has a large community of over one million members and is free to use. The interface is user-friendly, and players can access other helpful features like a game database, training for tactics, and games with annotations.

Red Hot Pawn

Where to Play Online Chess Game | KreedOn
Image Source: RedHotPawn

Red Hot Pawn is a website dedicated to correspondence-only chess, with many players available. The website offers various play modes such as tournaments, ladders, and team play, which are called “clans” on the site. The basic membership is free, while more advanced features are available for a subscription.

Image Source: Chess, a popular correspondence chess website, was established by Tryfon Gavriel, also known as Kingscrusher, a popular online chess vlogger. Although there is a free membership option, paid members can access a variety of additional features.

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Image Source: offers simple correspondence-style gameplay suitable for casual players who are not looking for intense competition. The website offers a wide range of other games, from Xiangqi and Go to Backgammon and Battleships, making it a great option for those who want to explore different games. The website doesn’t have advanced features or extras, but it offers a straightforward gaming experience.

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)

Where to Play Online Chess Game | KreedOn
Image Source: Free Internet Chess Server

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) is an online chess platform that has been around for a long time. It was created as a free alternative to Internet Chess Club (ICC). It has a diverse range of chess games and is famous for its supportive community and engaged players. Membership is free, and the platform is sustained through donations.


There are numerous online platforms available for playing chess, ranging from paid membership sites like ICC and to free platforms like FICS and Lichess. Each platform has its unique features, community, and gameplay modes, making it essential to explore the different options to find the best platform for your chess needs.

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