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7 Reasons Why Every Indian Athlete Must Have A Website

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Sports don’t come cheap in India. It requires money, no matter which discipline you are competing in. Performing at the highest level requires one to have enough financial backing that goes into training, buying expensive equipment, camps, nutrition, and travel expenses apart from sustaining oneself. Often it so happens that the quality of training decides an athlete’s fate in international competitions. 

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Although the government tries its best when it comes to funding, the assistance, oftentimes, turns out to be insufficient unless you are a cricketer. Many athletes take up their personal savings or seek assistance from their parents or relatives. Even though it is a cause of shame, the bitter truth of sports in India or anywhere else in the world is that – Without money, one cannot simply compete in sports.

Sports sponsorship thus becomes an all-important deciding point for athletes. One of the routes is through private sponsorship which may or may not include the brand endorsement. Another and slightly newer one is through crowdsourcing. 

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In 2018, sports sponsorship reached a record high of $65.8 billion (or roughly ₹ 4.6 lakh crores) globally. Moreover, leading multinational companies in India are going with the trend of investing more in the sports sector under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is estimated that by March 2019, the total CSR spend could cross the ₹ 11,000 crore mark. Naturally, this is a big opportunity for the athletes to exploit. 

But how do international companies looking to invest in sports come to know about it? Sure, media is the most effective way. But then, how do they get to connect to you?

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This is where websites come in.

Whichever route you choose, private or public, websites are bound to be at the center of it all. It helps in portraying everything that is to know about you on a single page, hassle-free and convenient. Moreover, interested business parties don’t have to go looking out for your contact details because they will be right there on your website.

It may seem counter-intuitive how I first talk about sportspersons’ financial plight to only ask for their investment in the website! However, websites can be a powerful tool, an asset, for athletes. It can open the doors to attract sponsors from across the world. Let’s check the importance of a website and why an athlete needs one.

7 Reasons Why Every Indian Athlete Must Have A Website

There are multitudinous reasons why you should consider building a website

Wide Reach of Websites

Internet KreedOn

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It goes without saying that the internet is that one thing which connects people and unites the globe, traversing across boundaries. In 2018, there were over 3.5 billion individuals that had internet connection around the world, with 460 million of them residing in India.

More impressively, the internet user base in the country grew by a stunning 35 per cent last year. With the cheapening of data, millions of people are using the internet to quench their thirst for curiosity. Thus, having a website provides you with a golden chance of instantly getting in touch with these users.

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Knowing All About You

Indian athlete website KreedOn
Indian athlete website: With a website, you can keep your fans engaged and updated all the time

Websites help the athlete to post all the information about them in one single space. This may include information about you, your achievements, and your brand engagements. It will include all the action around you, both on as well as off the field.

This can be very convenient for your fans since your website would be a one-stop solution for them.

Moreover, your official website is the best place to post press releases. This helps the media discover the latest official updates about you and thus to stop the rumours that are so prevalent in this modern Internet world.

Boost to Your Sponsorship Chances

Indian athlete website KreedOn
3 Indian athlete website: Websites help in boosting sponsorship chances

Having a website of your own gives out a very neat and professional feel to the potential sponsors. Websites are also a convenient way for them to search and then reach out to you directly, without having to go through the hassles of getting contact details from a middleman. This sets you apart from other equally competent players who don’t have a website.

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However, there is more than just convenience that attracts sponsors towards an athlete with a website. Advertisement. Your website can play as a platform for your sponsors to advertise their own products or services, thus providing a cost-effective marketing solution for them. Athletes enjoy a dedicated fan following across the country, and the websites would be a direct getaway for the brands to reach out to them.

Indian Website KreedOn

Integration of your social channels

Social Media KreedOn

Websites provide a unique opportunity to integrate your social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., at a single place. This is an effective way of boosting your follower count than allied practices like cross-promotion.

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Lifetime Brand Building

Indian athlete website KreedOn
Indian athlete website:A Website can be your door to a life time of branding

Website helps build your brand. As you perform well on the field, more and more people search about you on the internet. When they discover your website, it helps in generating authenticity with the fans. Fans are more likely to trust websites with customized fonts, logos, etc.

Your Digital Home

Digital Home KreedOn
Credits: Finder

A sports career may be short, but a website is eternal. It so happens that after an athlete’s retirement, the buzz around him/her wanes away. Your website will help to keep your brand alive, even post-retirement.

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Use Innovative Ways of Generating Revenue

Indian athlete website KreedOn
Indian athlete website: Website is a great post-retirement plan for athletes

Talking about post-retirement, websites could very well become your new source of revenue generation after you hang up your shoes.

With a website, athletes have a platform where they can use innovative ideas for generating newer sources of income. This may include selling the athlete’s official merchandise, doing affiliate marketing or posting sponsored posts. Moreover, sportspersons can sell their stock images to the interested media house. When you have a website, the possibilities are endless.


Of course, building a website can be moderately costly. But then, a neatly designed website can really turn out to be a smart investment for you in the long term. This is why every athlete should have a website.

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Build Your Brand with Us

KreedOn is a platform for Indian athletes and sports entities to get recognition, digital solutions, and sports network. It’s also a digital platform for brands to discover and book opportunities in Indian sports ecosystem to fulfil their marketing and CSR objectives.

We help athletes in developing their brand identity and market it in the best possible manner. We take care of all your technological, social, and media needs. You focus on your giving your best, while we take care of the rest!

Here are some of the additional benefits of developing a website through KreedOn:
FREE Press Release Services: KreedOn provides free press release services to you. Moreover, we Additional PR stories around you on the KreedOn Media as well.  It is a strong sports community reaching out to over 3,00,000 Indian sports lovers every month. This ensures that not a single achievement of yours goes unnoticed.
Expert Support: At KreedOn, you could take the benefits of our shared network and collaborations in the sports ecosystem. We are connected with some of the best coaches, nutritionists, and physios of the country.
Sponsorship Opportunities: KreedOn utilises technology to create earning opportunities for Indian athletes.
If you are a professional athlete (or manage one) and need help to build your digital brand, drop us a mail on [email protected] or WhatsApp on 7767949322. Our recent works include,,,, etc.

Athlete Inquiry Form

    Why is having a website crucial for Indian athletes?

    Having a website provides a professional online presence, enabling athletes to showcase their achievements and connect with fans and sponsors.

    How does a website help athletes reach a broader audience?

    A website allows athletes to share their journey, achievements, and upcoming events with fans, media, and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

    Can athletes use their websites for self-promotion?

    Athletes can leverage their websites to promote their skills, accomplishments, and upcoming appearances, attracting more opportunities.

    How does a personal website enhance an athlete’s brand?

    A website creates a strong personal brand, allowing athletes to establish themselves as authorities in their sport and gain recognition.

    Can a website boost an athlete’s sponsorships and endorsements?

    Yes, a professional website can attract potential sponsors and endorsements, showcasing an athlete’s marketability and reach.

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