Best Shoulder Exercises for Maximum Mobility

By Nidhi Singh

Overhead Press (Barbell/ Dumbbell)

A traditional compound exercise that engages the complete shoulder complex.

A versatile exercise that engages the rear delts and helps improve posture.

Face Pulls

Enhance shoulder flexibility and mobility by performing controlled circles in both directions.

Arm Circles

Isolate the side deltoids for broadening and sculpting the shoulder width.

Lateral Raises

Integrates a rotational action with a pressing motion, activating all three segments of the shoulder.

Arnold Press

Enhances unilateral strength and stability in the shoulder muscles.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Press

Isolate and strengthen the rear delts for a balanced shoulder appearance.

Reverse Pec Deck Fly

Gently pull your arm across your chest to stretch and improve mobility in the shoulder joint.

Crossover Arm Stretch

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