Resistance Band Exercises  for  Full Body Strength

By Nidhi Singh

1. Step on the band, holding handles at shoulder height. 2. Perform squats, maintaining band tension for added resistance.

Squats with Resistance Band

1. Step on the band, hinge at your hips. 2. Pull the band to your lower ribcage, squeezing your shoulder blades.

Bent-Over Rows

1. Secure band to anchor or use a door anchor. 2. Face away from anchor, hold handles at chest height, and press forward.

Chest Press

1. Stand on band, hold handles by your sides. 2. Lift arms to shoulder height, targeting shoulder muscles.

Lateral Raises

1. Stand on band, palms up, holding handles. 2. Curl hands toward shoulders to work bicep muscles.

Bicep Curls

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Tricep Extensions

1. Step on band with one foot, hold one handle overhead. 2. Extend arm overhead to work tricep muscles.


1. Step on the band, hold handles by thighs. 2. Hinge at hips, keep back straight, stand up using glutes and hamstrings.

Russian Twists

1. Sit, legs extended, band around feet, and hold handles. 2. Twist torso side to side, engaging oblique muscles.

Leg Press

1. Sit on chair, legs extended, and press legs forward to target quadriceps and glutes.

Plank with Resistance

1. Secure band at waist or shoulders. 2. Get into plank position for added core challenge.