10 Plyometric Exercises For Explosive Strength

By Nidhi Singh

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Box Jumps

Position yourself facing a sturdy platform, execute a forceful jump onto it, then return down swiftly, repeating the action.

Image Source- Men's Health

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Squat Jumps

Initiate from a squat stance, launch upward into a maximal jump, and land back into a squat position seamlessly.

Image Source- DMoose

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Depth Jumps

Begin on an elevated surface, step down, and upon touching the ground, propel yourself upward swiftly into a vertical jump.

Image Source- urec.wsu.edu

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Execute dynamic forward leaps, aiming for maximal distance coverage in each bound, resembling an amplified running motion with powerful jumps.

Image Source-SimpliFaster

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Plyo Push-Ups

Assume a push-up position, explosively push off the ground until your hands leave the surface. If possible, perform a clap mid-air, landing softly, and repeat.

Image Source- steelsupplements.com

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Medicine Ball Throws

Utilize a weighted medicine ball for explosive throws against a wall or engage with a partner, incorporating diverse throws like overhead tosses, chest passes, or rotational throws.

Image Source- Muscle & Fitness

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Tuck Jumps

Propel yourself vertically, bringing your knees towards the chest at the peak of the jump before landing softly.

Image Source- BODi

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Lateral Bounds

Execute vigorous side-to-side jumps, ensuring balance and controlled landings with each leap.

Image Source- Muscle & Fitness

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Single-Leg Box Jumps

Perform box jumps using a single leg, emphasizing explosive power and equilibrium.

Image Source- Bicycling magazine

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Plyometric Lunges

Execute alternating explosive lunges, switching legs mid-air, focusing on the explosive nature of the movement.

Image Source- POP Sugar