How To Do Pistol Squat Learn Steps with Images

By Nidhi Singh

Starting Position

Image Source- Digital Barbell

Starting Position involves standing tall with feet at hip-width apart. Extend one leg forward while balancing on the other, maintaining it straight.

For the Lowering Phase

Image Source- Verywell Fit

Squat on one leg, keeping your back straight and chest up. Extend arms for balance as you lower yourself, aiming to get your hips near the ground, while the other leg remains straight in front.


Image Source- Runner's World

Try to lower yourself as far as you comfortably can while maintaining balance and control. The goal is to get your hips as close to the ground as possible.

Rising Phase

Image Source- Runner's World

Push through the heel of the supporting foot and drive upward to stand back up. Maintain control throughout the movement, engaging your leg muscles and core for stability.


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1. Use support like a railing or hold a weight until you gain strength and balance. 2. Improve flexibility in ankles, hips, and hamstrings for a complete pistol squat.


Image Source- Women's Health

3. Start with partial pistol squats or raised surfaces to build strength and mobility. 4. Prioritize proper form and controlled movements to avoid injury.

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