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In the last 10-15 years iGaming has become one of the fastest-growing industries on the globe.

Future of  I-gaming in  India

iGaming is nothing but betting or playing on the probable outcomes of a game or event via the internet.

According to Transparency Market Research, it is expected to grow to about US$100 billion by 2024.

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Alongside the rest India too has witnessed a boom in its local sports betting market which is now worth more than 90 billion rupees.

The iGaming industry in India is exponentially rising as more and more people are getting access to mobile phones and internet connections.

iGaming is most popular in the states Telangana (18.7%) Maharashtra (13.2%) Karnataka (9.6%)

Gender classification  -Women (11.6%) -Male (88.4%)    Age group classification -18-24 age (44.6%) -25-34 age (32.5%)

With millions of new users getting internet access, it raises a few concerns of risks and scams which  brings initiatives from the government to safeguard its people's interests.