8 Footballers who are Vegan 

Footballers fuelled by Plant-based products.

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Hector Bellerin

He went vegan in 2016 and has been vocal regarding the benefits he has enjoyed after switching to a plant-based diet.

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Chris Smalling

He went plant-based because of his vegan wife, but soonrealized that plant-based diet helped him in several ways.

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Fabian Delph

He excluded meat and dairy from his diet in favour of plant-based food to help him recover from the injuries.

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Alex Morgan

After ditching animal products for many years, Morgan turned vegan due to ethical reasons.

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Neymar Junior

After sustaining a serious injury in 2021, Neymar switched to a plant-based diet to speed up the recovery process.

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Jenny Beattie

She became vegan since 2017 and keeps her energy up for matches with vegan curries.

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Karen Carney

She went vegan in 2017 to help her recover from an ankle injury.

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Graeme Souness

The former footballer went vegan in 2018 due to his distaste at the way farmed animals are treated.

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