Expert's Review

Top 8 Resistance Bands

Stretch Your Limits

By Nidhi Singh

Safer than the bands with plastic handles  Made of natural rubber The multicolor pack has bands of various colors


Wearslim Professional Resistance Workout Loop Bands

Free of latex Lightweight  Perfect length for all kinds of exercise


Fashnex Resistance Band

Excellent durability  Cheap but quality product 3 bands are replacing the heavyweights and machinery


Strauss Yoga Resistance Bands

Anti-slip property  A single package consists of 3 bands Made of cotton


Strauss Standard Fabric Resistance Bands

Light, medium, and heavy tension levels One Year Warranty


AmazonBasics Latex Resistance Band

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5 bands of 5 different tension levels Can be used combinedly Includes 5 bands


Strauss Exercise Latex Resistance Bands

Made of 100 % natural latex Lightweight 5 bands having 5 different tension levels


Aegon Theraband for Exercise

Size is perfect if you are below 5 feet in height 2 color options


GymWar Whole Body Exerciser THERA – Latex Band