Top 10 Best Kettlebell  To Buy Online

By Nidhi Singh

Image Source- New York Times

- Compact design makes it easy to store - Easy-to-use selection dial to quickly and easily adjust weights


XRT65 Adjustable Kettlebell

- Smooth handle that provides a comfortable & secure grip - Coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for durability


Aurion High Strength Durable Training Kettlebells

- 7 different sets of traditional kettlebells into 1 - 1 X Kettlebell with multiple plates made out of cast iron.


Flexnest The Flexikettle 7-In-1 Adjustable Weight Kettlebells

- 5kg vinayl coated kettlebell -  rustfree ensuring longer period of usage and safety


FitBox Sports Intruder 5 Kg Kettlebell

- Made of solid high-quality cast iron - Enamel finish for added protection  


AmazonBasics Enamel Kettlebell

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- Made from quality solid cast iron that is sturdy and durable - Textured wide handle provides a secure and comfortable grip


Symactive Vinyl Coated Solid Kettlebell for Gym

- One piece construction without welds and weak spots - Flat bottom for easy standing on floor surface


Symactive Neoprene Coated Solid Kettlebell- 8kg

- Premium kettlebell with environment-friendly neoprene coating - Textured wide handle allows you complete grip


TTC Fitness Neoprene Kettlebell

- Various Colour Options - Cast iron full solid vinyl coated


Kakss Vinyl half coating Kettle Bell for Gym

- Versatile 5-IN-ONE POWERKETTLE PRO - Secure No-Slip Grip


The Cube Club Cast Iron Kettlebell for Men & Women