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Virat Kohli remodels Kishore Kumar’s old bungalow into lavish restaurant: Watch video tour | #viratkohlirestaurants – KreedOn Banter

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Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli transforms esteemed singer Kishore Kumar’s bungalow (Gouri Kunj) into ‘One8Commune’ restaurant in Juhu, Mumbai. An official video was released on YouTube by the One8 Commune channel featuring the restaurant on Wednesday. In the video, Virat Kohli gives television host Maniesh Paul a tour of the restaurant, which is still in process, while engaging into a fun conversation.

“This is actually late Kishore da’s bungalow. It matches perfectly with our concept,” says Virat Kohli to which Manish Paul adds a story about an anonymous boy and his fascination with Kishore Kumar who actually turns out to be Virat Kohli.

Virat added

“His songs have touched me emotionally and the one person that I was asked who would you have liked to meet if they were alive, I said Kishore da always because he was just charismatic and his personality was something else,”

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The cricketer explains how he wants the restaurant to have a ‘chilled out vibe’ without any dress code where people can hang out casually, to which Maniesh Paul praised the cricketer’s involvement in the project. Kohli said,

“I don’t get going with anything if I can’t be involved. I always have this intent that if I’m engaged in a project, I should be involved,”

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“The food quality speaks for itself,” says Kohli when asked about the food of the restaurant. “Only food can bring you back to the place,” adds the cricketer explaining how food is given immense importance in their restaurant to attract as well as retain customers.

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He further explains the concept of One8 Community which is to involve every community. Along with the glimpse of the restaurant, Kohli was also witnessed singing Kishore Kumar’s popular song, “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi”.

The cricketer also took to his Instagram handle and uploaded a reel consisting of a few clips from the original video with the caption, “Some fun, laughter and lots of communing!” The post also mentions the launch date of the restaurant to be October 8.

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