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25 Hilarious Virat Kohli photos that’ll leave you in splits!

People who are idolized for their sheer discipline, passion and aggression are not always serious and grumpy. Just have a look at the current Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. The man is a generously funny individual and has this typical “Delhi-boy” image. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a spin through 25 hilarious Virat Kohli photos that are sure to leave you in splits… 

The Yoga Coach

Virat Kohli Practice session Kreedon
In an awkward pose during training | Credits: Sportswallah

Training sessions are really fun and often produce intriguing visuals. Take this image, for instance!

As crazy as it can be

Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja Kreedon
A light moment during the 2016 England series | Credits: Instagram

Naagin Dance

Funny pose Virat Kohli Kreedon
The Snake Charmer Kohli | Credits: Sportswallah

The MrA slip of the tongue Charming: turns a snake charmer in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Mauka Mauka !!

Virat Kohli reaction kreedon
Credits: Telegraph India

Pakistan is one team he particularly enjoys playing against; at least his smile before the 2019 World Cup game against them says so.

Chal Jhuta!

Virat Kohli funny Kreedon
Credits: sportswallah.com

Practice sessions do give some really funny Virat Kohli photos.

Jute lelo, paise de do!

Puma One8 Kohli Kreedon
Endorsement posts can be fun too! | Credits: Twitter

Twitter posts by celebs for brands they endorse are a major source of their wealth. But, sometimes they tend to be not-so-professional and at times quite funny.

To bolo..

Virat Kohli Photos KreedOn
Credits India Today

King Kohliexcellent celebrating a hilarious dance move in Adelaide.

Ye Shami Mastaani…

Virat Kohli Twitter image
Joking with his teammates | Credits: Twitter

A captain is not a captain if he does not keep his players relaxed on the field. It is evident Virat Kohli does not fail to meet the expectations.

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Aankhe Neechi…!

Virat Kohli Tim Paine Twitter
On-field banter with Tim Paine (Right) | Credits: Twitter

Virat is known to be very passionate and aggressive on the field. And quite unsurprisingly, he loves Australians and gives their sledging back to them. He really had Tim Paine out of his comfort zone quite a few times in the 2018 Australia tour.

Abra ka Dabra!

BCCI Twitter image Kohli Kreedon
Credits: Twitter/BCCI

Another gem from the box of funny Virat Kohli photos. Sure, even BCCI cannot have enough of his antics! No wonder they asked the public to caption this incredible photo.

ICC only punishes for English Slangs! (Bolo Azadi)

Kohli on BwC Kreedon
In his usual “Delhi Boy” avatar | Credits: mid-day.com

As he hails from Delhi, VK has a great chemistry with Gaurav Kapoor. As a result, the cricketer was in his absolute crazy and funny avatar in latter’s show “Breakfast with Champions”.

Captain vs Deputy!

Virat Kohli Rahane Kreedon
Candid reaction with Rahane(L) | Credits: Deccan Chronicle

Caught in a candid with a jinx. This man gives some hilarious reactions.

A slip of tongue!

Funny wallpaper Kohli Kreedo
Credits: Twitter

The Signature Candid yet again!

Mahi Bhai…bachao!

Press Conference Virat Kohli Kreedon
Tired answering on his relation with Dhoni | Credits: Economic Times

Being an Indian team captain is hard, you have to answer some really awkward questions to the press. VK handles that really well but sometimes even they manage to get on his nerves.

Pakistan will defeat India in WC!

Kohli and Yuzevendra Chahal Kreedon
Celebrating a wicket with Chahal | Credits: Hindustan Times

Captain Kohli is the most expressive individual in the Indian Cricket Team. Justified!

Yaar ka Budday

Friend's birthday Kreedon
Credits: Twitter

Chole Bhature!

Virat Kohli happy Kreedon
Kohli off the field | Credits: Twitter

Another field day

VK KreedOn
Credits: Twitter

Who is this?

Childhood Kohli Kreedon
What a transformation! | Credits: Twitter

Throwback to the time he started!! This post shared on his twitter account went viral overnight.

But then, not much has changed!

Childhood photos twitter kohli Kreedon
Hilarious Throwback | Credits: Twitter

From 10 years old to 10 years of playing for India…

“Diet ko leke kuch bola na, to dekh lunga”

Kohli happy mood Twitter Kreedon
Kohli in his usual self | Credits: Twitter

Punjab Da Puttar!

Virat Celebration kreedon
Kohli in mood after Jadeja(L) dismisses Hetmeyer | Credits: thecricketlounge.com

Full-on Bhangra!

Captain Thanos!

Virat hilarious and confused Kreedon
Shocked on Rohit’s dismissal | Credits: dainikbhaskar.com

O Teri !! Sharmaji ka beta firse run out ho gaya!

Hold your tongue, Virat!

Virat Kohli Tongue out
Signature Celebration Face | Credits: myKhel

Fans love to see his “Tongue-out” Celebration. Period.

Guys, just let me go!!

Press Confernce Kohli
Credits: Espncricinfo

In 2017: “We don’t care what people say about us, the transition was very smooth” – Virat on change in captaincy and his relation with MS Dhoni.

In 2019: MS Dhoni out of all the squads. Reporters asking the same questions. Virat be like.


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