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Home Sports Cricket Virat Kohli Hairstyle: How Kohli’s hairstyle has evolved over the years

Virat Kohli Hairstyle: How Kohli’s hairstyle has evolved over the years

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Virat Kohli has slowly but surely emerged and cemented his place among the all-time greats of cricket. A batsman par excellence, he is also a celebrity and youth icon in the country. But however consistent he may be on the field, Virat has been inconsistent in one aspect – his hairstyles. Here, we take a look at how Virat Kohli hairstyle has changed over a career spanning 11 years…

1. 2008 – Short spikes

Credits: HT
Credits: Zimbio

When Virat Kohli shot into the scene in international cricket after winning the U-19 World Cup in 2008, he was a chubby teen yet to enter his 20s.

But he, nevertheless, had a keen sense of fashion.

Credits: Firstpost

Spikes were trending since the early 2000s and Virat was no slouch in maintaining his pace according to the time.

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He would keep short spikes slightly curved up top, leaving his hair on the sides uncombed.

2. 2009 – Short spikes with combed sides

Credits: Free press journal

Virat Kohli debuted in international cricket, and after some early jitters, he settled and had become an important member of the team.

Maturity was showing in his batting with his first ODI century as well as looks as he looked a bit more groomed. But spikes were still there!

Credits: Zee
Credits: Zee

3. 2010 – Short back brushed spikes with stubble

Credits: Twitter

Virat Kohli had really cemented his place in the shorter format and also got his debut in T20s.

He became India’s highest scorer in the year and also started to look comfortable in the mature look.

The Delhi lad sported a slight beard, a stubble rather and continued his hairstyle sporting spikes with short sides.

Credits: Twitter

4. 2011- Spiky quiff and trimmed beard

Credits: Zimbio
Credits: Blogspot

A landmark year for the country, Virat had a pretty decent World Cup. He scored a ton apart from an important knock in the finals and also got his Test debut.

Credits: Espncricinfo

It was in this year that he got noticed by many. Virat got his personalised hairstyle: hair trimmed and brushed to the side with the sides combed and well-kept. A neat year and neat look to go along.

5. 2012 –  Natural textured with a trimmed beard

Credits: International inside
Credits: ICC Cricket

A landmark year for him as a batsman, he shut his critics with a gritty test century against Australia in Australia, became India’s best batsman in the T20 World Cup and scored his best century till then. The swagger and responsibility in batting were reflected in his hairstyle, a subtle but stylish naturally textured hair with a light trimmed beard.

6. 2013 – Short fade with spikes and lines

Credits: Pinterest

This year saw his first major transformation in his physique and hairstyle. His spikes returned back, and he was looking mean with his chiselled physique.

The hairstyle was really stylish when he kept the sides trimmed.

Credits: TOI

But the striking factor was the two “Wolverine-like” lines on the sides which cut through his eyebrow.

In cricket, it was another successful year as India won the Champions Trophy and Virat stamped authority on chasing down totals.

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7. 2014 – High fade with short boxed beard

Credits: Twitter

The most polarising year of his career, he had an extremely good start with an excellent T20 world cup and a superb Australia series in December but experienced his career’s lowest point in the England tour.  On the hairstyle front, he made another subtle transformation with a high fade and also kept a trimmed, neat short box beard.

Credits: Adelaide now

The overall look was really mature and well-kept. This Virat Kohli hairstyle was among the first ones where he was close to a full beard and set a trend keeping such a beard.

8. 2015 – High fade Mohawk

Credits: Cricket Lounge
Credits: Times of India

The World cup year and Virat came up with a new hairstyle again. He kept a really high fade and opted for a “Mohawk” emulating one of his idols, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This really brought out a lot of swaggers, and his natural aggression was for show. His muscular yet chiselled physique was complementary to that. But his batting form was not really great this year in all the formats.

9. 2016 – Messy undercut with thick full beard

Credits: HT
Credits: Cricket country

An absolutely stunning year in terms of performance, Virat was at his brilliant best in terms of runs and hair too.

Credits: Cricwizz

One of the most liked Virat Kohli hairstyle, he kept it a bit natural and messy with his fan-favourite undercut. He also sported a thicker full-face beard and moustache making him look mean and mature.

10. 2017 – Classic undercut with a full beard

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

Sporting undercuts and its variations for quite a time now, Virat Kohli continued that trend. His messy top was gone, the hair was well-combed, neat and he did not look like a man in his early 20s anymore. This Virat Kohli hairstyle was there when he was appointed as the full-time test captain of India and it made things well-timed.

Credits: Kreedon

11. 2018 – Mid fade with spikes and full beard

Credits: HT

A slight change to his hairstyle but nothing in scoring runs. This is a very popular Virat Kohli hairstyle and is really trending among the youth. He changed his classic undercut to a “Fade” and also shifted to his spikes for some time. Although the spikes faded, his season was full of runs and tons, just like his beard.

Credits: HT

12. 2019 – Classic Undercut with a beard

Credits: Mid Day

Undercuts and Virat Kohli seem to be inseparable. After a year-long stint experimenting with fade, he returned back to modern undercut hairstyle.

Well-kept on the top and trimmed on the sides, this Virat Kohli hairstyle is the ultimate look of a mean, aggressive, passionate cricketer who leads his team with an intent.

Credits: Facebook
Credits: Facebook
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