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Veer Marathas – From WhatsApp Group to a PWL Franchisee

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As the Pro Wrestling Season 3 approaches the business end of things, we would like to give you some interesting insights on Veer Marathas Franchisee.  The latest addition to immensely popular wrestling league of India, the Veer Marathas came into existence via a WhatsApp group called ‘Indian Sports Fan.’  

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Veer Marathas – From a WhatsApp idea to a Rs 7 crore Franchisee

veer marathas kreedon
The Veer Marathas franchisee came into existence after a WhatsApp group discussion. (Source)

In the era of social media, the Pro Wrestling League season 3 (PWL) has created history by managing to raise a team worth over Rs 7 crore from a simple WhatsApp Group. Veer Marathas, the debutant team from Mumbai, hold this unique feat as they prepare to make one final assault to enter the semi-finals.

For a team that was born out of a WhatsApp group conversation, it is fascinating that the franchisee boasts of World and Olympic medal winners. Along with world champions, the team also features Indians stars Ritu Phogat and Parveen Rana. All of these stars came into being in just two days.

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The team took shape in the WhatsApp group called Indian Sports Fan. A purely non-cricketing platform, it is, of course, not any run-of-the-mill group.

It has in its ranks some of India’s biggest sportspersons, including Olympic bronze medallist Karnam Malleswari, Hockey Coach Harendra Singh and World Championship medal winner Anju Bobby George.

Veer Marathas – WhatsApp Group members take the initiative

veer marathas kreedon
Shiv Sena Youth President Aditya Thackeray with wrestler Ritu Phogat and players unveiling the Veer Marathas logo. (Source)

One of the group members happened to be Gaurav Wankhede, a sports enthusiast who has also played sport at a high level. He told Pro Wrestling League promoters that the Indian Sports Fan group has a number of international and national journalists as well, apart from a number of accomplished sportspersons, and keep updating each other on every aspect of all Olympic sports.

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“Almost by accident, we mentioned to Gaurav that we were on the lookout for a new owner for one of our teams for the upcoming season of PWL,” a member of didn’t wanted to be named quoted so.

“He got really excited and told us that he would speak to his childhood friend, Ranjit Saxena,” the group member added.

The rest, as they say, is an amazing precedent in the history of social media apps.

Veer Marathas – A team led by dedicated sports owners

“I jumped at the idea when I heard about the opportunity,” said Ranjit Saxena, who eventually became owner and mentor of Veer Marathas, said.

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“I spoke to my other friends and within 48 hours we were ready to take part in the auction,” he added.

Ravi Jain and Sameer Jain also joined the bandwagon as co-owners, hail from Delhi and also come from varied backgrounds.

Ranjit Saxena explained that they didn’t have any time to prepare for the auction or the league itself later.

“It all moved very fast and I think we managed to build a very good team. It has been an exciting journey so far and I am looking forward to take our association to a new level,” he said.

“Our destination was, however, not the league itself. Our goal is to promote wrestling in a big way in Maharashtra. The state used to be the home for wrestling in the past. We will try to regain that past glory with our initiatives,” an excited Ranjit Saxena concluded.

Meanwhile the Veer Marathas have one foot set inside PWL 3 Semis

veer marathas kreedon
With a win over Delhi Sultans Veer Marathas are the favorites to reach the semi final of PWL 3. (Source)

2017 World Championship silver medalist, Vasilisa Marzaluik helped Veer Marathas inch closer to a semi-final berth. She sealed her team’s victory in the sixth bout over Delhi Sultans. Vasilisa, who was in top form, breezed past Egypt’s Samar Hamza of Delhi Sultans, by pinning her down for a 6-0 win and an impregnable 4-2 lead, in the tie.

Before her, Commonwealth Championship silver medalist Parveen Rana set up the victory for the Marathas. He had an easy match, taking down Vinod Omprakash in the 74-kg category.

Parveen Rana got off to a flying start as he scored two points in the first round. He survived a late scare though, as Vinod, who replaced injury hit Sushil Kumar, almost tied him down, to finish with a comprehensive 4-0 victory to give his side a 3-2 lead.

In the fourth bout of the day, down 1-2 in the tie, Veer Marathas’ Marwa Amri (57-kg) romped past the 2017 Commonwealth Championship silver medalist Sangeeta Phogat to level the tie.

Marwa pinned Sangeeta down for a comfortable 4-0 win in the first round itself.

At the start of the action, Veer Marathas won the toss and blocked World Champion Haji Aliev (65-kg), while Delhi used the opportunity to put Ritu Malik out of action.

In the all-important opener, the Sultans got off to a winning start. Sandeep Tomar registered his fourth consecutive win, pinning his compatriot Naveen Kumar.

Sandeep dominated his opponent from the word go and came into his elements in the second round. He rolled the opponent and overpowered him with his might.

Veer Marathas’ Ritu Phogat promptly restored parity, defeating African Championship gold medalist Maroi Meizen in a lop-sided affair.

The showdown between the Sultans and Marathas has pretty much put the latter in the semi final of Pro Wrestling League season 3. Fans will have to wait for one week more to know the season 3 winners.

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