10 Rules of Cricket That You Have Probably Never Heard of!

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Mankading in cricket
Credits: Cricktracker.com

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world. In fact, there are over a billion followers globally, 90 percent of which are from India. We won’t repeat the cliche of how cricket is a religion in the country, but it is true that people here are passionate about the sport. But why read about cricket rules when we already know so much about it? Isn’t it the boring stuff?

Well, not much as you think. Learning about a sports’ rules can be rewarding. For starters, it takes you closer to the action on field. You are aware about all the intricacies of the game, even the minutest of details behind an umpire’s decisions. Moreover, whenever an awkward or rare situation happens while playing the sport, you are better prepared to handle situation since you know the game’s by-laws.

Remember the Mankading incident at the start of IPL 2019? Debates were bound to happen in the aftermath of the controversial incident. If you were in one of such situations, knowing the facts, the rules of the game would simply set you apart from the crowd in such situations.

Here are the 10 rules of cricket that you probably didn’t know:

10Hand Ball for Batsman!

In cricket, the batsman is not allowed to intentionally touch the ball. This means that if a player tries to prevent the ball from hitting the stumps or anywhere else, he/she is deemed as OUT. This is one of the weird rules of Cricket considering the batsman’s gloves and hand are considered a part of the bat. (Which is why the player is deemed out if the ball hits the player’s gloves and is caught.) However, it is important to note that this rule applies only immediately after a bowlers delivers the ball or during a run-out situation. Once the ball is dead, the batsman is free to touch the ball. Some cricketers even hand it out to the bowler.



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