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Different Types of Cricket Bats | Power Up Your Game with the Right Cricket Bat

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Cricket is one of the most famous sports around the globe and in our country too. It is an interesting game to watch, but what’s more interesting is the Cricket gear and equipment. Batsman uses many different types of Cricket equipment like helmets, gloves, and most importantly a bat. Selecting a perfect bat might look strenuous for one as there are several variations and types of cricket bats. Moreover, there are several significant factors while selecting a bat, like the type of wood, grip, length, and base. You didn’t expect this right? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here is the list of types of cricket bats and which cricket bat is best for you. 

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Types of Cricket Bats Types of cricket bat
1. English Willow 
2. Kashmiri Willow 
3. Softball Cricket bats 
4. Training cricket bats 

English Willow

Types of cricket bats - English Willow | KreedOn
Image Source: Prokick Sports

There are two types of Willow bats: English and Kashmir Willow. English willow is the only willow chosen by the influx of foreign cricketers. It’s been mass-produced because every professional batsman desires to use the English willow bat. The English willow bat is popular as it is the only willow that gives the cricket bat contraction and toughness. English willow is a type of willow that is native to England. It is also acknowledged as a white willow. There are primarily five grades (1–5) of English Willow bats, the higher grade one being the best quality and having straighter grains on the bat. But they are a bit more expensive than regular bats. 

Kashmiri Willow

Kashmiri Willow - Types of cricket bats | KreedOn

As the name suggests, Kashmiri willow is made from Kashmiri wood. Kashmir willow is a highly sought-after wood in India, which is used to make cricket bats. Kashmir willow bats vary from English willow bats in appearance as well as reliability. Because Kashmir willow bats are brownish, we can easily distinguish them from English willow. The Kashmir willow bat is made by hand, which is why the cost of the bat is a little higher. The Kashmir willow bat is extremely light in weight. Kashmir willow bat popularity is propelling the market growth because every newbie chooses to play with the Kashmir willow bat.

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Softball Cricket bats

Softball Cricket bats - Types of cricket bats | KreedOn
Image Source: Wisden

The softball cricket bat is not used in international cricket and is only used for daily local or gully cricket. This bat is constructed of soft rubber and high-quality wood or fiber. Professional cricketers do not use these types of cricket bats. A softball cricket bat is less expensive than a Kashmir willow and English willow. Children use these types of cricket bats to play at home or in a gully. However, it may be the greatest gear for kids to develop cricket at a young age. Softball cricket bats are now available for use. These bats do not involve knocking in or oiling as softball or tennis ball bats do, even though power is required to strike the ball.

Training cricket bats

cricket bats - KreedOn
Image Source: Net World Sports

A training cricket bat is primarily used as a snippet of cricket equipment to help you build your skill sets. Since these bats are not produced from a single willow, they can be made by a producer or with English willow or Kashmir willow. In the field of cricket, this cricket bat is used in pro cricket. These cricket bats come in a variety of size ranges and widths. The width of a training cricket bat is usually half that of a regular cricket bat. These types of cricket bats are extremely useful for coaches because they serve as a weapon during training sessions. The same as other specialist cricket bats. Cricket bats are also knocked in and oiled during the learning phase.

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Difference between English Willow and Kashmiri willow

This is the most common question asked by every newbie. Well, it is a good question considering you’re serious to buy a cricket bat. So which cricket bat is best? Well, English willow bats are much lightweight, smoother, and have better grain quality than Kashmir willow bats, which is why it is preferred by the majority of toppers and experienced batsmen all over the world. However, English willow bats are more expensive than Kashmir willow bats. 

How to choose a cricket bat?

Choose the type of willow bats: First, you have to decide which willow you prefer, Kashmiri or English. If you want a heavy one, go for Kashmiri, if you want a lightweight bat then English is the one to go for. Even while going for an English willow, you gotta decide which grade to buy, as it comes in 5 grades. The higher the grade, the better the grains on the bat. 

Bat size: Next, you have to look for the perfect size of bat according to your age group. You might wanna consider this size chart for reference. 

Bat Size Approx Age Height of Batter Bat Length in cms Bat Width in cms
0 3-4 to 123cm 62.8 to 64.7 9.5
1 4-5 123-130cm 67.9 9.5
2 6-7 130-137cm 70.1 9.5
3 8 137-145cm 73 9.6
4 9-11 145-150cm 75.9 9.6
5 10-12 150-157cm 78.8 10.2
6 11-13 157-163cm 81.1 10.2
Harrow 12-14 163-175cm 82.8 10.4
Full SH 15+ 175-188cm 85.2 10.8
Full LH  15+ over 188cm 87 10.8

Weight: The weight of a cricket bat is critical and can have a significant impact on a player’s game. A heavy bat will make it difficult for a teenage player to raise and swing, limiting their ability to play horizontal blade shots like the cut and pull. Senior players are making the same error, and you should never consider purchasing a bat without first having the player pick it up. Bats may weigh the same, but based on the part of the blade, they can pick up very separately. Senior bats typically weigh between 2lb 6ozs and 3lb 2ozs.

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Which is the best cricket bat?

Kookaburra products became known across the world when Australia’s international cricketers began to use them extensively. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat is made from premium English willow. It can be used by a range of players because it has a good balance between power and touch.

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Which bat does Virat Kohli use?

Virat Kohli uses an ‘MRF bat’.

What are the 4 types of cricket bats?

1. English Willow
2. Kashmiri Willow
3. Softball Cricket bats
4. Training cricket bats

Which bat is good for batting?

Many top batsmen preferred English willow bats. Kashmir willow bats are also popular among top cricketers for its quality and durability, but English willow bats are much lighter and have the best grain quality.

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What are cricket bat handles made of?

Cricket bats are majorly made from 2 types of willow wood: English willow and Kashmir willow. The handle is made up of materials like cane, wood, or twine, and integrated with a small part of rubber “springs” to reduce the vibration on the bat handle.

What are the two types of willow bat?

There are two types of Willow bats: English and Kashmir Willow.


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