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Passion for Sports? Unlock Your Potential with Thrilling Career Choices

Amidst today’s dynamic landscape, the domain of sports careers is witnessing an unparalleled upsurge in significance. As the global ardor for sports continues to grow more fervent, there is a corresponding surge in demand for professionals capable of contributing across all aspects of this flourishing industry.

Ranging from athletes encapsulating the essence of competition to analysts unraveling the complexities of performance data, and journalists breathing life into narratives, the terrain of sports careers has morphed into an entrancing arena of possibilities. In the video, discover a range of top choices, including becoming an esports athlete, a sports data analyst, a personal trainer, a sports journalist, and much more.

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Watch Lionel Messi’s Unbelievable Free Kick Goal Against Dallas | #InterMiamivsDallas

Lionel Messi once again lived up to the frenzy of Messi Mania, showcasing his remarkable prowess. Inter Miami secured their progression in the Leagues Cup in an exhilarating match held in Dallas. Lionel Messi showcased his brilliance with a remarkable feat, scoring two goals, including the pivotal equalizer achieved through a free kick during the 85th minute. This exceptional play evened the score at 4-4. Eventually, Inter Miami triumphed over FC Dallas, prevailing with a 5-3 advantage in the gripping penalty shootout.

Using his left foot, Messi unleashed a strike from the vicinity just beyond the penalty box, outwitting FC Dallas’ goalkeeper Maarten Paes as the ball went inside the left post. This goal, achieved in the sixth minute, propelled Miami into a 1-0 lead. During the 85th minute, Lionel Messi once more took charge, delivering a spectacular free-kick goal that enabled his team, Inter Miami, to equalize the score at 4-4.

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RCB Shuffles Coaching Deck: Andy Flower Named Head Coach, Part Ways with Hesson & Bangar

On Friday, August 4, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) revealed Andy Flower as their new head coach. The ex-Zimbabwe cricketer replaces former head coach Sanjay Bangar.

Andy Flower, after spending the past two years with Lucknow Super Giants, has now found a new home in the IPL with Bengaluru. Joining LSG during their debut season in 2022, Flower worked alongside mentor Gautam Gambhir and captain KL Rahul, successfully guiding them to the playoffs in their first two seasons.

In a notable development, RCB officially announced the departure of Mike Hesson and Sanjay Bangar. Hesson, who took charge of the RCB team management in 2019, led the team to three consecutive playoffs before narrowly missing out on the top 4 spot in IPL 2023.

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Ghoomer Trailer Out: Abhishek Bachchan & Saiyami Kher’s Dynamic Duo Looks Promising in Sports Drama

The long-awaited moment has arrived! The much-anticipated trailer for the upcoming movie “Ghoomer” has been unveiled, giving viewers a sneak peek into a captivating world of emotions, inspiration, and profound storytelling.

Featuring Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan, visionary director R. Balki, and talented actor Saiyami Kher, ‘Ghoomer’ promises to redefine the domain of sports movies in India.

The Ghoomer trailer offers a sneak peek of Abhishek Bachchan in the role of a mentor to Saiyami Kher, a cricketer who tragically loses an arm in an accident. He trains her to become a left-hand bowler for Team India, sparking new hope in her life. The trailer also features a glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan.

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BGMI Masters Series Season 2: The Ultimate Gaming Battle Starts Aug 4

NODWIN Gaming and Star Sports have revealed the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 (BGMS Season 2) with an unprecedented prize pool of Rs 2.10 Crores, making it the largest for any BGMI tournament so far. Catch all the action live on Star Sports Network and NODWIN Gaming’s Rooter Channel.

In the capital city of India, Delhi, NODWIN Gaming and Star Sports are all set to host this grand event from August 4 to 27. The tournament will feature a total of 24 participants, including 14 teams that have received direct invitations.

Participants of BGMI Masters Series Season 2

Invited Teams

  1. Blind Esports
  2. Gods Reign
  3. Gladiators Esports
  4. Global Esports
  5. Orangutan
  6. Enigma Gaming
  7. Revenant Esports
  8. Team Soul
  9. Team Xspark
  10. Team 8Bit
  11. GodLike Esports
  12. Oneblade
  13. Numen Gaming
  14. Medal Esports

Qualified teams

  1. OR Esports
  2. Entity Gaming
  3. Velocity Gaming
  4. Team Insane
  5. Team SPY
  6. Chemin Esports
  7. Lucknow Giants
  8. Marcos Gaming
  9. Team WSB
  10. True Rippers

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Sensational Lionel Messi Scores 2 Goals in Inter Miami’s Win Over Orlando City

Lionel Messi remains unstoppable as he showcased his red-hot form for Inter Miami, netting two goals against Orlando City on Wednesday. With a stellar performance, he led his team to a convincing 3-1 victory, securing a spot in the round of 16 of the Leagues Cup.

In the penalty box, Lionel Messi got a good assist from Inter Miami’s Rob Taylor. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner confidently struck the football with his left foot, finding the back of the net without any error. In the 72nd minute, the hosts sealed their victory as Lionel Messi scored his second goal in a sublime fashion.


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Unmissable Action: MotoGP Races to be Exclusively Streamed on JioCinema & Sports18 in India

Viacom18 has successfully secured a deal with MotoGP, ensuring that the thrilling races will be available for live streaming solely on JioCinema and Sports18 platforms in India.

On Sunday, Ahmedabad City witnessed a thrilling biking spectacle as the MotoGP Bharat Multi-City Tour made its grand entrance to the beautiful city. A massive congregation of nearly 500 passionate riders gathered together to joyously celebrate their unwavering love for biking. The city extended a warm welcome to the MotoGP city tour going around in India. This historical competition is all set to make its debut in India and is scheduled to take place between September 22nd and 24th this year.

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | Intellect & Strategies Used in the Royal Board Game

The game of Chess is all about accurate moves that the player chooses to move forward to checkmate the opponent’s king. Chess requires intellect and strategies. The royal board game is played on national as well as international platforms across the world. The number of Chess moves made in the history of the board game is innumerable. Many chess moves are admirable, but some of the best Chess moves of all time are given below.

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played

S.N Game Year
10. Kholmov’s Outstanding Combination Against Bronstein  1964
9. Jose Sanz Aguado’s sacrifice against Martin Ortueta Esteban 1933
8. IM Edward Lasker’s game against George Alan Thomas 1912
7. The beautiful Bishop sacrifice 
6. Bura’s sacrifice against Paric  1982 
5. Geller’s move against GM Salo Flohr  1949 
4. Vladimirov’s intellectual move against GM Vladimir Epishin  1987
3. Frank Marshall’s best move against Stefan Levitsky  1912 
2. Meier’s game against Muller  1994 
1. Shirov’s surprising Bishop sacrifice  1998 

Kholmov’s Outstanding Combination against Bronstein 

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

Among the best Chess moves of all time, one was in the 1964 USSR Championship, between GM Ratmir Kholmov and GM David Bronstein. Kholmov had a tough-looking position against the legendary Bronstein. Even Stockfish couldn’t see a move that gave White the advantage after Bronstein’s 17…Qe7. With the knight on c3 attacked and the Black moving away from consolidation with 18…Bb7, Kholmov needed to act quickly. Then he presented an outstanding combination for the world of this royal game.

Jose Sanz Aguado’s sacrifice against Martin Ortueta Esteban

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

Another notable move on this list is from the game between Martin Ortueta Estaban and Jose Sanz Aguado played at Madrid in 1933. Black was winning in the following position, but the path was unclear. Black’s bishop was a tall pawn, and Black’s pawn structure was more than shattered. In this situation, Sanz uncorked an amazing rook sacrifice with 31…Rxb2. Stockfish took more time to realize that this move will be winning for Black—the passed pawns on the c-file cannot be stopped.

IM Edward Lasker’s game against George Alan Thomas

Image Source: Chess.com

IM Edward Lasker (a 5-time U.S. Open Champion) played a renowned game against George Alan Thomas in London in 1912. Thomas made a blunder with 10…Qe7. Lasker took a lead in development. His minor pieces dominated the center, and Black’s kingside was weakened. In this situation, Lasker came up with a tactic of sacrificing the queen that enabled checkmate in seven moves.

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The beautiful Bishop sacrifice

Image Source: Chess.com

At first glance, the bishop’s end looks like any other sacrifice. Black seems to be in the winning position. Even Stockfish would agree and show an evaluation of all zeros (0.00). However, when looked carefully, White is in the winning position. The mind-blowing moves, when discovered, change the game. A truly beautiful endgame idea that displays everything is possible and can even confuse Stockfish.

Bura’s sacrifice against Paric

Image Source: Chess.com

Bura was playing the white pieces against Paric in a game in Yugoslavia in 1982. Bura was down two pawns, and his queen and rook were both in a hanging situation. It is a rare sight when a reckless sacrifice of the queen could help them win.

Geller’s move against GM Salo Flohr

Image Source: Chess.com

In the 1949 USSR Championships, GM Efim Geller had Black against GM Salo Flohr, and they reached an amazing rook and pawn endgame. Geller was up a pawn, but his rook was attacked. Geller allowed White to take the e5-pawn with a check, and his extra pawn on a4 was promoted. Look at Geller’s notable move that made him win.

Vladimirov’s intellectual move against GM Vladimir Epishin

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

GM Evgeny Vladimirov’s move against GM Vladimir Epishin in 1987 reached the following position after Epishin’s 25.Qxb3. Recapturing the queen seemed more viable. Stockfish gives 26.cxb3 as approximately equal, while 26.axb3 gives an advantage to White. However, Vladimirov thought otherwise, and he found the unique move that wins on the spot. It requires intellect, creativity, and vision beyond expectations to come up with such a move.

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Frank Marshall’s best move against Stefan Levitsky

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

Frank Marshall was renowned for his brilliant attacks and tactics. His move in the game against Stefan Levitsky at the 1912 Breslau tournament, is definitely the best move he ever played. Marshall had Black against Stefan Levitsky and the following position was reached after Levitsky’s 23.Rc5.

Black is winning and has several moves that can maintain the advantage—but one move is outstanding in this position for Black. Marshall’s 23…Qg3 is one of those moves that stuns people. A queen is put in a position where it can be captured so many times and still land victorious.

Meier’s game against Muller

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

Gradually, moving to the top of the list, on number 2 is Meier’s game against Muller in 1994 which achieved the winning position with his stellar move. Meier was playing white and the moves kept White’s advantage here, and more than one increased the advantage. Meier’s move looked like an upgraded version of Marshall’s legendary move as there are more pieces on the board, the forced checkmate required longer calculations and Stockfish doesn’t suggest this move.

Shirov’s surprising Bishop sacrifice

Top 10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played | KreedOn
Image Source: Chess.com

The top-class move on the list is Shirov’s move against GM Veselin Topalov at Linares in 1998. Shirov was playing as black. Black’s path to victory was doubtful. If White could get their king to the center (to e3 or d4), there would have been no way through. This move is spectacular because Shirov found the only way to win this position. The spectacular move by Shirov is still not detected by Stockfish. Here is Shirov’s stellar move.

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Cricket Battle of PSUs, marketed by Sports Oodles, unveils the trophy

The Food Corporation of India hosted an evening in association with Marketing Partner Sports Oodles Pvt Ltd to declare the trophy for All India Public Sector Sports Promotion Board (AIPSSPB) – AIPS Cricket League. The shining trophy for the tournament was unveiled at the Press Briefing by Mr RP Sharma, President ZSPC (North)/Executive Director (FCI) in the esteemed presence of Mr O.P. Dani, Treasurer (AIPSSPB)/Chief Genl. Manager (FCI),  Mr Sanjeev Gautam, Joint Secretary (FCI-SPB)/General Manager, Shri Arif Khan, MD-Sports Oodles Pvt. Ltd. & Shri Ramesh Sachdeva, Consultant (AIPSSPB) Shri Rajat Sharma, Secretary (HQSPC)/General Manager (FCI), as well as National/International cricketers Mr Amit Mishra, Mr Parveen Kumar, Mr Navdeep Saini, Mr Nitish Rana, Mr Deepak Hooda, Mr Paras Dogra.

On the occasion CEO Sports Oodles Pvt Ltd & Marketing Partner AIPS League Arif Khan also announced that bids will be taken out for auction of media rights, fantasy league rights, digital rights as well as sponsorship. The auctions will be held on the 26th September 2019.


All India Public Sector Sports Promotion Board (AIPSSPB) was established in the year 1987 and is the apex body for conducting sports activities amongst Public Sector Undertakings, besides helping the sports persons to perform at National & International level by providing them required technical and financial assistance from member PSUs.

The Board is headed by Shri Shashi Shanker, CMD – ONGC & ONGC Group of Companies. The Board has recently introduced a talent search scheme wherein budding sports persons would be identified through a search committee & Board will then facilitate their adoption / sponsorship by some of the member PSUs to make them perform at the highest level. Leading Public Sector Undertakings like ONGC, Oil India, Food Corporation of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, BSNL, Air India, Airports Authority of India, SAIL, Reserve Bank of India etc. who actively promote sports, are members of the AIPSSPB.  Currently 27 organizations are active members of the Board.