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Tuli Goon, One of India’s Finest Defenders, Forced to Quit Football

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Tuli Goon was one of the finest defenders in Indian women’s football. She was one of the key members of the SAFF Champion senior Indian women’s team in 2010, 2012, and 2014. She also was the captain of the senior national team. The 31-year-old footballer who joined North Frontier Railways (NFR) is posted at Guwahati and now keeps herself busy training some young girls and boys at the NFR football coaching center.

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Tuli Goon’s Journey

Image Source- AIFF

Tuli hails from the southern part of Kolkata named Garia. She lost her father at a young age. She has a mother and a brother. Like all other women footballers of Bengal, Tuli also had to struggle for survival financially. Her mother used to manage earnings from cooking. Still, Tuli did not leave her passion for the game, practicing at a local ground with the boys and even alone sometimes. The former Indian international Kuntala Ghosh Dastider brought her to the mainstream of women’s football in Bengal and after that, Tuli never looked back.

The Misfortune

Tuli was in form even in 2017 before representing Railways in the women’s national football championship. But an accident took place during the preparatory camp in Ooty where Tuli slipped and fell in the bathroom and fractured her back. Still, she recovered and tried to return to football. But again in 2019, the footballer suffered a severe injury in a car accident. Tuli Goon commented on the issue,

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“Still I was playing for my office in 2019-20 before the emergence of COVID-19 and the commencement of lockdown. But after that, I did not play competitive matches anymore. Besides, after the lockdown the atmosphere at our office also changed a lot as the women footballers who worked with me at NFR took transfers. The remaining portion of the players including all disciplines had to do office jobs almost throughout the day. So we did not get time separately to practice and play. Because of this, I was compelled to say goodbye to football.”

The Desire of Tuli Goon

Tuli has been working at NFR for eight years. She has the desire to continue working at Guwahati for two more years. Then she wants to appeal for a transfer to Kolkata and come back to football through coaching. Tuli added,

“I want to start coaching young girls at the local ground where I started and desire to produce women footballers who can represent the country like me in the future.” 

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