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Trisha Deb awaits the return of her coach for a comeback in the 2023 Asian Games

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Trisha Deb drew attention in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games by winning bronze medals in both individual categories and with the team in compound archery. The archer from West Bengal also acquired a gold medal in Asian Championship and a bronze medal in the World Championship in 2017. Unfortunately, despite being a member of the medal-winning Indian compound archery women’s team in the 2018 Asian Games, Trisha had to be deprived of the medal as she was the fourth member of the team.

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The Struggle of Trisha Deb

Despite being one of the country’s best female compound archers, Trisha Deb had several ups and downs in her career that spanned 20 years so far. The major crises Trisha had to face since 2015 when her coach Jiwanjot Singh Teja left permanently for Canada. Trisha had trained under Teja for continuous nine years and she attributed saying,

“Whatever achievement I have made so far is due to Teja sir. So, I have been simply guardian less after he left for Canada and settled there. For example, I can say, I reached the top eight in the trials for the 2018 Asian Games, but collapsed from there and finally became the fourth member. During the match, other players were asking me why my husband was not with me. But my husband would always give mental support while the coach can be the only one who could provide technical support during the competition. I did not have any coach with me.”

Trisha Deb Fighting with Odds

Trisha’s mother had suffered from a brain stroke and the right portion of her body was paralyzed. Trisha informed,

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“If I had not obtained a job in Indian Railways in 2016, then it would not have been possible for me to fight with my mother’s illness. After winning a bronze medal in the Incheon Asian Games, I received only Rs 3 lakh from West Bengal, and out of that amount I donated Rs 1 lakh to the state archery association for their development programs on archery whereas the Punjab government presented me Rs 22 lakh for the bronze medal.”

Besides, she had been advised to use a heavier bow by the foreign coach Sergio Pagni during a 10-day preparatory camp in Italy in 2017, and that heavier bow developed sheer pain in Trisha’s right shoulder. She also was suffering from severe pain while trying to pull the string of the bow at the time of releasing arrows and after the 2018 Asian Games, Trisha had to leave archery completely for almost three months, undergoing physiotherapy at Kolkata SAI Center. Trisha remembered,

“It was a severe blow in my career. Even after the break, I won a national championship in Cuttack.”

The Wait for the coach

Trisha Deb now practices in Kolkata along with her husband Sunendu Dey. She has set focus on the Asian Games next year and in a bid to strengthen her preparation, Trisha is waiting for the return of Jiwanjot Singh Teja. She said,

“Sir is expected to return to Punjab next month. In that case, I will go to Punjab and stay there for a few months before the Asian Games and get prepared.” 

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