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Speed Demons: Top 10 All-Time Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track

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Running, or sprinting is widely regarded as one of the most accessible sports in the entire world. The origin and existence of this sport date long back. It is also regarded as one of the most popular sports of the modern era. The sport comprises various sub-categories such as marathons, cross-country racing, high-speed racing, relay, steeplechase, etcetera. In this blog, we will look at the Top 10 Indian Sprinters or fastest runners of all time.

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Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest man alive on the entire planet, and he has proven this true by clocking an impressive 9.58 seconds in the 100 meters race to set the World Record at the World Championships. Similarly, numerous Indian athletes have showcased their skills and talent by proving that they too can run fast. Here is a list of the fastest runners in India in no particular order:

Top Indian Sprinters of All-Time

S.No Indian Sprinters
1 Amlan Borgohain
2 Amiya Kumar Mallick
3 Gurindervir Singh
4 Dutee Chand
5 Hima Das
6 Rachita Mistry
7 Anil Kumar Prakash
8 Muhammed Anas
9 Dharambir Singh
10 Jinson Johnson

Amlan Borgohain | Top Indian Sprinters

Top 10 Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track | KreedOn
Image Source- Olympics

Amlan Borgohain is the most recent addition to the Indian roster of runners and has shown tremendous potential and skills. Amlan, 24, came into the scene with all guns blazing. Furthermore, he also holds the national record for both the 100 meters and 200 meters races to his name, showcasing that he is one of the fastest runners in the country. Born and brought up in Assam, he showed potential in sports right from an early stage. He represented his school in numerous competitions and won medals there. However, initially, he wanted to take up football. But he later on transitioned to athletics. In the All India Inter Railways Athletics Championship held on 29th August 2022, Amalan broke the national 100m record. He clocked at 10.25 seconds, bettering the previous record held by Amiya Kumar Mallick.

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Amiya Kumar Mallick | Best Sprinters from India

Image Source- TOI

Following Amlan in the list of fastest runners in India is Amiya Kumar Mallick. Before Amlan’s emergence, Amiya held the national record for 100 meters with an impressive timing of 10.26 seconds. He managed to accomplish this feat at the semifinals of the Federation Cup, held in April 2016. Apart from this, he also has numerous accolades and achievements to his name. At the Commonwealth Youth Games held in Sri Lanka, Colombo, he secured the silver medal in the 100 meters event. Apart from being one of the fastest runners in India, he is also humble, as he credits his success to his coach and trainer, Glen Mills.

Gurindervir Singh | Top Indian Sprinters

Image Source- Deccan Herald

Next up we have Gurindervir Singh on the list of the fastest runners in India. Among the numerous feats that he has achieved, holding the Under 20 National record is one of the more prominent ones. Singh clocked in 10.47 seconds at the 100-meter event to better the previous record held by Augustine Yeshudas of Kerala (10.57 seconds). He hails from the state of Punjab and has shown phenomenal growth ever since he burst into the scene. Such was his dominance that in 2021, he was on the verge of shattering the 100 meters National Record. He had managed to win the 60th National Inter-State Athletics Competition after clocking 10.27 seconds, but the heartbreak came with him missing the target by a margin of 0.02 seconds. He is widely touted to be the next big thing in racing and has already established himself as one of the fastest runners in India.

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Dutee Chand | Best Sprinters from India

Top 10 Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track | KreedOn
Image Source- TOI

The next entrant, Dutee Chand needs no introduction. She dominated the female running circuit for the longest time, reigning supreme. Furthermore, she is the first Indian to win gold at a global 100-meter racing event. Similarly, she has also managed to secure numerous feats and has numerous accolades to her name. In the women’s 100m event, she clocked in at an impressive 11.17 seconds recorded at the Indian Grand Prix. With this, she bettered her previous record of 11.22 seconds.

Hima Das | Top Indian Sprinters

Image Source- The Economic Times

And finally, in the list of the fastest runners in India, we have Hima Das. Nicknamed The Dhing Express, Hima Das has established herself as one of the fastest Indian Runners. The current holder of the Indian national record in 400 meters event, she clocked in 50.79 seconds at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her further list of achievements includes winning in events such as 200 meters, 400 meters, and 4X400 meters held in different countries. Because of her incredible performance, she was appointed as a Deputy Superintendent of Assam Police.

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Rachita Mistry | Female Sprinters

Top 10 Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track | KreedOn
Image Source- Twitter

The next entrant in the list of the fastest runners in the country is one of the most famous female runners, Rachita Mistry. She has carved her name in the niche of running in the country. For 13 years, she held the national record in women’s 100 meters racing. At the national circuit meet held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 2000, Rachita recorded a time of 11.38 seconds. However, she managed to better this record in Bangalore after clocking at 11.26 seconds. The bitter part of this was that since dope tests were not carried out for this event, the stats were not considered viable.

Irrespective of that, because of her contributions to the field of running and her illustrious career, she was awarded the Arjuna Award by the government of India.

Anil Kumar Prakash | Sprinters from India

Image Source- Young Bites

Anil Kumar Prakash is a retired Indian sprinter, who held the 100 meters national record of 10.30s, which he made at the National Circuit Athletic Meet held in New Delhi in 2005 which was broken in 2016. Prakash also held the National Record of 10.21 seconds.

In 1996, at an event in Hyderabad, he recorded a time of 9.99 seconds which was not considered official and couldn’t be attributed as a record.

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Muhammed Anas | Top Indian Sprinters

Top 10 Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track | KreedOn
Image Source- Olympics

Seaman Muhammed Anas Yahiya is an Indian sprinter who specializes in 400 meters. He competed in the 400m and 4x400m relay at the 2016 Summer Olympics. In June 2016, Anas broke the 400m national record at the Polish Athletics Championships, setting the perfect mark for the 2016 Olympics in 45.40 seconds. He became the third Indian athlete to compete in this Olympic event after Milkha Singh (1956 and 1960) and KM Binu (2004).

He was also included in a 4x400m relay team event for the CWG 2022 by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) in place of an injured athlete Rajesh Ramesh.

Dharambir Singh | Indian Sprinters

Image Source- TOI

Dharambir Singh is an Indian male sprinter, who set a new national record for India when he won the 200 meters race event at the Indian Grand Prix in Bengaluru in July 2016. His time of 20.45 seconds was under the qualifying threshold of 20.50 for the 200m at the Summer Olympics in 2016. He became the first Indian competitor to qualify for the 200m at the Olympics in 36 years.

Jinson Johnson | Indian Fast Runners

Top 10 Indian Sprinters | Lightning on the Track | KreedOn
Image Source- The Indian Express

Jinson Johnson is an Indian runner and an Indian Army Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) who specializes in 800 & 1500 meters events. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, he participated in the 800 meters event. In the 2018 CWG, he finished 5th and created a new national record in the 1500 meters race by breaking the 23-year-old record of Bahadur Prasad. Johnson won the silver medal with a timing of 1:49.69 in the 800 meters event at the 2015 Asian Athletics Championships held in Wuhan.

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