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Unlock the Power of Vajrasana- Learn How to Do Vajrasana Yoga Today

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Yoga is a system of exercises given to the world by India. There are numerous health benefits of Vajrasana yoga. Vajrasana got its name from the Sanskrit word vajra which means diamond or thunderbolt. Many know the benefits of yoga and they perform it enthusiastically. However, despite being a product of India, some Indians are still skeptical about Yoga and different yogasanas, one of them is Vajrasana. In this blog, we will look at how to do Vajrasana Yoga and its precautions & various health benefits.

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What is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana Pose: Health Benefits, How to Do, Variations, Precautions - KreedOn
Image Source: HealthLine

‘Vajra’ and ‘asana’ are the two words from which the name Vajrasana has been formed. Vajra means thunderbolt and it refers to the mythical weapon of Lord Indra as per the Hindu mythology books. It is a symbol of indestructibility and strength. It is also called Diamond Pose. 

Generally, yoga and yoga asanas are performed early in the morning, or in general performed empty stomach. But Vajrasana is the only asana in yoga that is expected to be done right after having a meal. 

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People of any age, any gender can perform it after having lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. But generally, it is performed after dinner. 

Vajrasana or Diamond Pose has some other names like Adamantine Pose, Pelvic pose, Thunderbolt pose, Kneeling pose, etc.

When Vajrasana is performed after having a meal, it helps in the digestion process. It can cure stomach ailments, strengthens your digestive organs, and improves overall health. Vajrasana also helps you to elongate your spine and thus leads to a better posture which is a crucial aspect of anyone’s physical appearance. 

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How To Do Vajrasana 

Image Source-HealthifyMe
  1. Sit on a flat floor or a yoga mat by kneeling.
  2. Fold the knees and ankles backward and point the feet in line with the legs. The lower end of your feet should face upward by touching the big toes.
  3. Sit back on your legs and exhale. Buttocks should rest on the heels. Whereas the thighs should rest on your calves.
  4. Keep your spine, neck, and head straight, then keep your eyes close and start deep breathing.
  5. Adjust your thighs and pelvis slightly backward and forward until you feel comfortable.
  6. Keep your head straight and gaze forward while your chin should be parallel to the floor.
  7. Keep the left palm on the left knee and the right palm on the right knee with elbows in a straight line.
  8. Breathe in and out at a comfortable speed.
  9. Inhale deeply for four counts and exhale slowly to eight.
  10. To end the asana, slowly raise the glutes and thighs of your lower legs, until you are back into a kneeling position. Then stand up slowly.

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Duration of Vajrasana

The more the duration of this exercise, the more the health benefits of Vajrasana. The duration of Vajrasana completely varies from individual to individual. Some may not be able to perform it well while others can do it comfortably. Try it day in and day out, eventually, to learn this pose with accuracy. 

Beginners on average can hold the Vajrasana pose for 3-4 minutes. With regular practice and a gradual increase in the duration, you can hold it for 15-20 minutes or even more. Duration is not that important, it will improve gradually. The important thing is dedication and patience to hold it for a longer duration.  

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Health Benefits of Vajrasana

Benefits of Vajrasana
Improves blood circulation 
Improves posture
Improves digestion
Provides relief from lower back pain
Strengthens pelvic floor muscle
Helps to calm the mind
Improves sleep
Helps in weight loss

It Improves Blood Circulation 

It Improves Blood Circulation - KreedOn
Image Source- Lipiniskincare.com

Vajrasana brings calmness not only to your mind but also to your body. This calmness helps for better blood circulation. Better blood circulation means nutrients are reaching all the body parts and thus better health. 

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Vajrasana Improves Posture

 Vajrasana Improves Posture- Kreedon
Image Source- HealthifyMe

Vajrasana yoga is all about being calm, still, and with a straight spine. Most of the time people sit with their backs hunched. Though the arched back while seating is comfortable, it can have adverse effects on your spinal cord. 

Here Vajrasana acts as a rescuer. A well-performed Vajrasana will improve the posture of your body and will give your body an impressive appearance. 

Improves Digestion

It Improves Digestion- KreedOn
Image Source- HealthifyMe

This is the most important health benefit of Vajrasana and this is the primary reason for which it is performed. It obstructs blood flow to our legs and thighs and increases it in our stomach area, thus improving our bowel movements and relieving constipation.

The asana is also a way to get rid of acidity and gas problems. Thus, it improves overall digestion and which means all the nutrients are absorbed by the body. 

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Provides Relief from Lower Back Pain

Provides Relief from Lower Back Pain- KreedOn
Image Source- WebMD

Continuous long-distance traveling on a bike or two-wheeler and a heavy backpack add a lot of stress to the lower back. For people who go through such situations, Vajrasana is the go-to asana. 

Vajrasana, as discussed earlier, will help you to have a straighter spine. This makes the lower back stronger and this gives relief from the pain. 

Vajrasana Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

 Vajrasana Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles- KreedOn
Image Source-PharmEasy

As Vajrasana blocks or restricts the blood flow to the legs, the blood will automatically circulate more in the pelvis area thus resulting in the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles.  It is highly beneficial for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence.

Vajrasana Helps to Calm the Mind

Vajrasana Helps to Calm the Mind- KreedOn
Image Source- Tiny Buddha

When you perform Vajrasana, you sit quietly and calmly. Here the closing of eyes is important. Also as Vajrasana is not a comfortable position, you involuntarily concentrate on holding the position. Hence for some time, you forget all the problems. This small period freshens your mind.

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It Improves Sleep

Vajrasana Improves Sleep - KreedOn
Image Source- Oprah.com

As your mind gets fresh, you get rid of anxiety and stress. This stress-buster relaxes your body and helps you to have a sound sleep. 

Vajrasana Helps in Weight Loss

 Vajrasana Helps in Weight Loss - KreedOn
Image Source- WebMD

Vajrasana increases the blood flow to your stomach. This extra flow of blood efficiently absorbs the nutrients. Thus, the fat percentage reduces, and you get a flat tummy and thus a weight loss. 

Precautions while performing Vajrasana 

Do not perform Vajrasana if you have knee problems or if you have recently undergone knee surgery. 

  • People suffering from hernia should perform the Vajrasana only under the guidance of an expert yoga instructor.
  • Individuals with slip disc problems are recommended to avoid the asana. 
  • People who are suffering from severe arthritis should not perform Vajrasana.


Vajrasana is a very simple and effective asana.It is perhaps the basic asana for many other asanas like Gomukhasana, Ustrasana, and Shirshasana. 

It is best for the ones who are a bit lazy to have a gym session. You just have to sit in a proper position, close your eyes, and just relax. It makes you physically and mentally fit. This asana can bring a radical change to your body and your mind, so let’s do Vajrasana.

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What is Vajrasana Yoga?

‘Vajra’ and ‘asana’ are the two words from which the name Vajrasana has been formed. Vajrasana is a traditional seated yoga posture also known as thunderbolt pose. It involves sitting on the knees with the feet pointing outward, with the hips resting on the heels.

What are the benefits of practicing Vajrasana Yoga?

Vajrasana Yoga has several benefits, including:
> Improving digestion and metabolism
> Strengthening the back, hips, thighs, and legs
> Reducing stress and anxiety
> Improving blood circulation and oxygen supply
> Enhancing concentration and focus
> Improving posture

How long should one hold the Vajrasana Yoga posture?

One can hold the Vajrasana posture for as long as they are comfortable. Beginners may start with 5-10 minutes and gradually increase the duration.

Are there any precautions to be taken while practicing Vajrasana Yoga?

Yes, one should take the following precautions while practicing Vajrasana Yoga:
>Avoid practicing Vajrasana if you have knee or ankle injuries
>Keep the spine straight while sitting in the posture
>Avoid straining the neck or shoulders
>Release the posture slowly and gently
>Seek medical advice if you experience any discomfort or pain while practicing Vajrasana.

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