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Kart Racing in India – Top 9 Go Karting Tracks in India for a Crazy Experience

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Helmet on, belts secured! Get ready for an electrifying adventure as you race through the tracks. Go Karting is a dynamic motorsport that triggers a rush of adrenaline, connecting you with the surging energy around you. Now is your moment to accelerate swiftly, navigate the bumps, and maintain focus on the track while experiencing the powerful force beneath you. The speed’s intensity, the tension coursing through your veins, the thrill in your eyes – it all adds up to a heightened, roller coaster-like experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned racer, India offers a plethora of go-karting tracks where you can showcase your command over the vehicle.

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Exploring Go Karting in India is a highly recommended motorsport that provides a unique departure from typical adventure sports. The confidence surge experienced while gripping the steering wheel and accelerating adds an exhilarating dimension to the journey. Prepare for an unforgettable holiday filled with thrills – pack your bags and start planning now!

Top 9 Go Karting Tracks in India

Sr. No Name Place
1 Ajmera Indikarting Mumbai
2 Meco Kartopia Bangalore
3 Ladakh Karting Ladakh
4 Kartainment Hyderabad
5 Aruani Grid Bangalore
6 Nuvem Track Goa
7 F9 Go Karting Gurgaon
8 Erda’s Speedway Vadodara
9 ECR Speedway Tamil Nadu

Ajmera IndiKarting, Mumbai

Ajmera IndiKarting | KreedOn
Image Source:

Explore the thrill of karting in Mumbai at Ajmera Indikarting, where the city invites you to feel the rush of excitement as you speed through the track. The 350-meter-long circuit is ideal for both novices and seasoned professionals, offering a smooth and enjoyable experience. The well-trained staff ensures your safety by providing all the necessary equipment. Prices typically start at INR 500, varying based on the racing time. Recognized as one of Mumbai’s premier tracks, the excitement is heightened, especially during the monsoon season.

Location: Ajmera i-Land, Wadala East, Bhakti Park, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037

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Meco Kartopia, Bangalore

MECO KARTOPIA - Go Karting Track in Bangalore | KreedOn
Image Source: Explara

Meco Kartopia stands out as a renowned destination for Go Karting in Bangalore, distinguished by its internally sanctioned standards, establishing it as a premier adventure spot in the city. The tracks cater to seasoned racers, hosting numerous events and competitions. When choosing go karting at Meco Kartopia, you can expect precise guidance on driving techniques and access to top-notch safety gear. The facility provides a variety of kart options and flexible timing choices tailored to your skill level. Additionally, Meco Kartopia offers comprehensive courses within a thoughtfully designed educational setting.

Location: 49, 51, 53/1-2-3, Hennur Bagalur Road Chaggalagatti Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562149

Ladakh Karting, Ladakh

Go Karting Track In Ladakh | KreedOn
Image Source:

Picture the exhilarating sensation coursing through your veins as you choose to engage in Go karting on the planet’s highest track. Situated in Nubra Valley, this Go karting circuit presents awe-inspiring vistas of Ladakh as you speed through its twists and turns. The pricing starts at INR 700, and there’s room for negotiation, especially for larger groups. If a road trip to Ladakh isn’t feasible, indulging in go karting here promises to deliver a comparable thrill and adrenaline rush. Visitors appreciate the warm hospitality extended by the staff, who assist in familiarizing you with the racing track and its nuances. So, gear up, prepare yourself, and experience the adrenaline alongside breathtaking panoramic views.

Location: GMGP+9QP, Khalsar, 194101

Kartainment, Hyderabad

Kartainment Track - Hyderabad | KreedOn

Kartainment stands out as an ideal destination for thrill enthusiasts eager to challenge their abilities and experience an adrenaline rush. For those seeking an exhilarating time, Kartainment in Hyderabad presents a 600-meter-long track designed for recreational activities. Additionally, the facility boasts a 900-meter-long track exclusively reserved for professional racers. Notably, Kartainment takes pride in hosting numerous National and International Go Karting championships.

It is common to see locals and children dedicating their time to mastering this unique form of driving. Surrounding the area are various food courts where you can satiate your cravings. For a convenient and comfortable experience, it is recommended to secure accommodations in Hyderabad near the airport.

Location: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, near Parking Place, Shamshabad, Telangana 501218

Aruani Grid, Bangalore

Go Karting in Bangalore | KreedOn
Image Source:

Another captivating Go Karting venue awaits enthusiasts, located in Bangalore. Aruani Grid promises to ignite your passion with thrilling speeds. Spanning 12 acres, this destination is ideal for track days, catering to both karts and bikes. The availability of diverse kart options and ATVs depends on the schedule and pricing. Aruani Grid prioritizes safety, adhering to national standards for motorsports.

Location: Dommasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562125

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Nuvem Track, Goa

Nuvem Go Karting Track | KreedOn
Image Source:

Situated in the southern region of Goa, the Nuvem track provides an exhilarating go-karting adventure suitable for all kinds of travelers. Perfectly designed for beginners, the 480-meter-long track is enveloped by picturesque landscapes. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, completing two rounds proves to be the perfect dosage to satiate your craving for excitement. Given its location within the Nuvem village, it is advisable to contact the authorities in advance to obtain directions and confirm operating hours. Additionally, the track features numerous curves, providing a unique opportunity to challenge and showcase your driving skills.

Location: Margao-Panjim Highway, Behind Tata Motors Showroom, Gounlloy, Salcete, Nuvem, Goa, 403722

F9 Go Karting, Gurgaon

F9-Go-Karting-Gurgaon | KreedOn
Image Source:

When visiting Gurgaon, don’t pass up the opportunity to experience an exhilarating thrill at F9 Go Karting. The multi-level track prioritizes safety and security, featuring well-designed karts and a knowledgeable staff. The tracks are situated in two locations, one in Sector 17-18 and the other in Sector 59. There are various food options available on-site, so consider planning an entire day for your visit. Costs start at a minimum of INR 500 and can go up to INR 5000, depending on the time and track you choose. Additionally, explore nearby affordable hotels in Gurgaon for a comfortable and enjoyable getaway.

Location: Link Road Sector 17 / 18 Link Road, near Iffco Chowk, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Erda’s Speedway, Vadodara

go karting tracks in India | KreedOn
Image Source:

Gujarat offers an exhilarating and fast-paced experience that you shouldn’t miss. Situated near Vadodara, Erda’s Speedway is the perfect destination for go-karting enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a solo race or a twin drive with a companion, the adventure awaits. Prices start from INR 350, depending on your selection. Keep in mind that the location is a bit distant from the city, so plan your escape accordingly.

Location: Sevasi – Sindhrot Road, Sindhrot, Gujarat 391330

ECR Speedway, Tamil Nadu

ECR Speedway | KreedOn
Image Source:

The ECR Speedway, located within the R-Factor Institute of Motorsports in Chennai, is a well-known destination for go-karting enthusiasts, providing an exhilarating experience for a diverse range of racers. Catering to both children and adults, the venue offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to engage in this thrilling activity. The pricing for this experience ranges from INR 200 to INR 1000, allowing participants to choose between solo rides or racing in twin karts. It is advisable to verify the weekend rates in advance for accurate information.

Location: Field No.1, Survey No.3/481/A2 Near Uthandi Bus Stand, SH 49, Uthandi, Kanathur, Tamil Nadu 600119

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