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Top 7 best online yoga classes for a stress free & healthy lifestyle

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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to yoke or to unite. It is the tool that brings mind, body, and soul to the same place. If performed perfectly and with full concentration, it works wonders. Yes, it is not easy as it seems, but Yoga surely has a certain power that cannot be matched by any other type of workout routine or exercise. Yoga results in excellent physical fitness, and mental fitness, and more important than anything it brings self-realization. In a busy lifestyle, people are opting for online yoga classes to stay fit and relaxed.

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You must have heard some of the yoga poses that are quite popular, they are vajrasana, suryanamaskar, Chaturanga Dandasana, Malasana, etc. Yoga being a product of India and now utilized by the entire world, Indians neglect it very sophisticatedly. Yes, all Indians have a life full of hassle and that’s why they are ignorant of yoga. Thus in this article, you will see the best online yoga classes to enroll yourself in so that you can use the comfort of your home and perform yoga to kick start the journey towards self-realization.

Best online yoga classes

Best online yoga classes
Yoga with Adriene
Daily Burn
Yoga International
Yoga Download
Isha Yoga Online Offerings

Yoga with Adriene

Image Source- Vox.com

First things first, Yoga with Adriene, is free of cost. This free online yoga class is for 30 minutes and roughly the class lasts for 25 minutes. Your yoga instructor will be Adriene Mishler. The primary focus of this class will be on different poses, breathing exercises, and flows. The class also emphasizes healing, stretching, core strength, breathing, neck and shoulder relief, low back pain, and many more.

Adriene loves to help out people. She has a YouTube channel and posts videos about yoga regularly. To be honest it is not so challenging for people who know yoga. It is mostly for beginners who want to start the fitness journey from scratch and hence we can safely say it is the best online yoga class for beginners.

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Daily Burn

Image Source- Dailyburn.com

Daily Burn is a fitness website that provides you the expert knowledge on yoga. It is not free but does offer different workout and yoga plans at affordable rates. The good news is that they have a separate pack for yoga, which makes the program very lucrative.

You will spend the money and in return, they provide you services more than the worth of money. Daily Burn has a dedicated app where you can track all you need to know about fitness. There are no time constraints, so you can follow the classes as per your comfortable timing. Well, sometimes it may act as a barrier as people will feel no one is watching them, so there is a chance they might skip a class.

Other than yoga classes, offerings of Daily Burn are:- 

  • Tone & Target.
  • Full-Body Group Workout.
  • Intro To Exercise.
  • Cardio Strength.
  • Yoga Basic.
  • Barre For All.
  • Muscle Building.
  • Beginner Pilates.
  • Cardio Kickboxing.
  • High-Intensity Training.
  • Pregnancy & Post-Natal.
  • Flexibility & Stretching.

Yoga International

online yoga classes- KreedOn
Image Source- Youtube.com

Yoga International is another excellent platform to learn yoga online. It is a fully dedicated yoga platform. Interested yogis can start with a free trial, so there is always a way to escape. But almost all free trial people come forward and pay the fees because this provides all the yoga assistance along with education.

They connect users with more than 500 expert instructors for yoga, meditation, anatomy, and more. Other than actual yoga, but not going beyond the yoga boundaries, there are programs like Guided meditations, articles & podcasts, workshops & challenges, etc. As they are taking fees, it might prove to be very difficult for beginners as the program involves some challenging stuff. So it is mostly recommended for the intermediate and advanced yoga person.

Yoga Download

Image Source- Youtube.com

Yoga Download with a very unique name is a digital platform for yoga classes. Most importantly, it is completely free. Well, there are paid courses as well, but this free course trains you in the best way as compared to the other free courses.

The online session has thousands of introductory-level classes that cover a range of focuses- from stretch and stress relief to yoga just for your knees.

The free program involves classes of around 30 minutes and emphasis is given to the basics of yoga. Young yogis often struggle with breathing. So this online yoga class will train you, especially for the breathing techniques while performing yoga, thus making it a go-to program for newbies.

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Gaia – Online Yoga Classes

Image source- gaia.com

You can say, Gaia is an online yoga class, made for the intermediates and advanced. On The Go Full Spectrum Flow, is a 30-minute Hatha sequence class geared toward intermediate and advanced levels. It is observed that the poses are explained, but not in full detail, so for a newbie, it could be a daunting task.

Gaia offers more than 8,000 yoga practices, original series, and documentaries, making it an excellent choice for more serious yogis. You can also access mindfulness content like meditation and pilates.

Though the fees are okay. The program doesn’t provide enough free trial period and hence it can create a dilemma whether to go with the program or not. On the brighter side, yoga is taught at Gaia by renowned instructor Rodney Yee.

YogiApproved – Online Yoga Classes

best online yoga classes- KreedOn
Image Source- yogiapproved.com

YogiApproved’s free course primarily deals with breathing techniques and relaxation. It is perfect for those who are suffering from stress and anxiety. The name of the class is the 30-minute Deep Relief class.

You will instantly feel relaxed and stress-free as the movement focuses on poses that open the shoulders and produce a deep stretch in the hips to get the tension out of your body that comes from elevated stress.

The movements involved can be a bit tricky for a beginner, so it is a course made for those who know yoga and some basics of it. The course involves poses with minimum modification, so there are possibilities that you might get bored after performing the things again and again.

Isha Yoga Online Offerings

online yoga classes- KreedOn
Image Source- isha.sadhguru.org

The name is enough to tell you about which organization we are talking about, the one and only Isha Foundation. Under the guidance of the great Sadhguru, Isha Foundation handles numerous initiatives for the well-being of the people. One such initiative is Yoga and Meditation.

These webinars are all about simple Yogic practices and guided meditations along with Sadhguru’s wisdom addressing various aspects of life such as health, peace, and success. The two most important points are it is 100% free and it does not require any previous knowledge or experience of yoga. These live sessions will be conducted by a trained Isha Yoga instructor.

There are four programs available in this initiative and they are Beginner’s Program, Advanced Programs, Additional Programs, and Children’s Programs.


There are thousands of online yoga classes on the web. But here are the handpicked online yoga classes. Some of them are paid and some are free. If these are not easily accessible, you can go on YouTube and there will be a truncated playlist of above mentioned online yoga classes. 

It doesn’t matter in which yoga class you are registering yourself. It doesn’t matter whether it is on an official website or a YouTube channel. The thing that matters the most is consistency, motivation, and discipline. So put together these things and take the first step towards self-realization and the rest of all will follow the path.

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