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Top 5 Unbelievable Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket

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We love cricket for the competition, the thrill of the run chase, the sound of wickets tumbling – but often enough we have also seen some those heated moments in the middle of the match. Thankfully, cricketers have notoriously big mouths and big games and their big revengeful shots along with stump microphones have also helped us gain a little insight into some of that action happening out there on the field. Here’s a look at some of ‘those’ iconic, revenge moments of Indian cricket.

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Zaheer Khan vs Brett Lee: India v Australia at Wankhede, Mumbai, Oct 17, 2007

Nothing is sweeter than hitting a ball for a six after some sledging!

Australian pacer Brett Lee bowled a yorker to Zaheer Khan, who somehow defended it and sprinted for a single but was rightly sent back by the batsman at the non-striker’s end. In his follow through, Brett Lee rushed to pick up the ball and went near Zaheer and threw some sledges towards the Indian speedster.

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Zaheer replied in a power packed way with a huge six on the very next ball. It was a clean, straight hit back down the ground, clearing long-on by some good distance.
What a classy revenge!

Andre Nel vs S. Sreesanth: South Africa v India at Johannesburg, Dec 15-18, 2006

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When Sreesanth’s war dance stole the show

Sreesanth has been quite a character both on and off the field. On December 17, 2006, he proved that he could entertain the crowd even on the pitch in Johannesburg.

India was looking for quick runs as they looked to set South Africa a target over 400. Andre Nel was bowling with fire as the hosts were looking to take the last wicket. He bowled a bouncer to Sressanth and . It was followed by some choice words, but nobody was ready for what would happen the next ball.

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The next delivery was hit straight over the bowler’s head for six. But Sreesanth was not done yet. He started a war dance and twirled his bat over his head in front of Nel, who could think of no appropriate response. It was a huge source of amusement for the crowd, commentators and the Indian dressing room.

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Andrew Flintoff vs Yuvraj Singh: England v India at Durban, Sep 19, 2007

Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket | KreedOn
Inage Source: India TV

Who made Yuvi cause smoke in the clouds?

Rewind to 2007. We all remember the epic six sixes hit by Yuvraj Singh off Stuart Broad in the World T20. But there was a precursor to that event.

Just before that over, Yuvraj and Andrew Flintoff had a confrontation on the field, and now the southpaw has come out with what was said. In a recent interview, he revealed the details.

“Flintoff: Those were ridiculous shots
Yuvraj: Buzz off
Flintoff: Excuse me?
Yuvraj: You heard what I said
Flintoff: I will cut your throat off
Yuvraj: You see this bat in my hand. You know where I am gonna hit you with this bat?”

Flintoff thought it would work to England’s favour, he was actually mistaken!

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Sourav Ganguly vs Andrew Flintoff: India v England at Mumbai/Lords, 2002

An iconic payback story that was worth the wait!

Rewind to July 13, 2002. India had just pulled of a miracle at Lord’s when they chased down 326 to beat England by 2 wickets. It also saw our then skipper Sourav Ganguly wave his shirt with joy as India scraped home vs England to clinch the Natwest Trophy at Lord’s.
Yes, the Prince of Kolkata decided to make a statement – India are not afraid and don’t care if this is the Mecca of cricket.

This was a stern response to Andrew Flintoff’s similiar gesture earlier in the year when England drew an ODI series at Wankhede.

• Aamir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad: India vs Pakistan at Bengaluru, March 9, 1996

From direction to Indira Nagar to the way back to Pakistan!

A moment very well etched in every cricket fan’s memory, is Prasad and Sohail‘s face off at the 1996 World Cup encounter.

Tensions were riding high when the opening batsman Sohail was striking the ball well at the electric Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru.

Sohail, who was visibly pumped up, tried to unsettle Prasad by showing his bat in the cover point region, the direction in which he had hit him for a boundary.
A cooler Prasad broke Sohail’s off stump the very next delivery and signalled him to walk off the field.

Sohail’s quick 55 went in vain as Pakistan failed to chase India’s 288 and fell short of 39 runs.

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What are revenge moments in Indian cricket?

Revenge moments in Indian cricket refer to instances where the team seeks to retaliate or make a comeback against an opponent after a previous defeat or unfavorable outcome.

How do revenge moments impact the players and the team?

Revenge moments can significantly impact the players and the team, instilling confidence, boosting morale, and providing a sense of redemption. They can act as catalysts for improved performance and create a strong team spirit.

Are revenge moments common in Indian cricket history?

Revenge moments have occurred sporadically in Indian cricket history. While not an everyday occurrence, they have been memorable and have showcased the team’s resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity.

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