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Top 5 Indian Shoe Brands | Number one spot will surprise you

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Three things Indians hold dear to their hearts are Politics, Bollywood, and Sports. Though, other than cricket, India is yet to excel in other sports. Out of the three things mentioned, politics and Bollywood have Indian flavors to them, but we cannot say so for sports, especially when it comes to sports apparel. Indians love to flaunt wearing Nike, Adidas, Asics, Under Armour, etc. But when it comes to Indian brands, we Indians are not enthusiastic about them. Hence to encourage people to prefer Indian shoe brands, we will look at top shoe brands from India.

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Top Indian shoe companies

Company Founder
Woodland Avatar Singh
Lakhani Parmeshwar Dayal Lakhani
SKO Nishant Kanodia
Red Chief Manoj Gyanchandani
Inc.5 Almas Nanda & Amin Virji

Indian Shoe Brand- Woodland

Indian shoe brands- KreedOn
Image Source- KreedOn exclusive

This is a pleasant surprise to everyone, isn’t it? Woodland is an Indian company or we should say Woodland has its roots in India. Aero Group is a parent company of Woodland which was founded by Avatar Singh in Quebec, Canada, in the 1980s.

Aero group is a Canadian company that had their products considering the icy cold atmosphere. The group was doing well, especially in the Soviet Union. Well, the disintegration of the Soviet Union hit them hard and they had to search for a new market and that’s where they decided to enter the Indian market.

The 1992 cricket world cup was the first cricket event to be played and telecasted in colors. It added glamor to the game. This glamor boosted the economy and the sporting industry was not an exception. The Aero Group was quick to pounce on the opportunity and in 1992 Woodland was launched in India.

Woodland is famous for its rough and tough shoes. Even Woodland sports shoes are getting an attraction in the market. Most of the manufacturing happens in India, to be precise in Noida. If you want some funky but quality sports shoes, Woodland is the company for you, ultimately it’s one of the best footwear brands in India.

Indian Shoe Brand- Lakhani

Image Source- Apptopia

Parmeshwar Dayal Lakhani was the founder of Lakhani. The company was founded way back in 1966. It produced some top-quality footwear. Ask your grandfather or grandmother about Lakhani, they will tell you about the company quite happily. Though India was an independent country, spending thousands of Rupees on Sports shoes was a luxury for Indians. Quite fairly, Lakhani didn’t have sports shoes in the beginning.

The mid-2000s saw a rise in the popularity of multinational brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas. These had celebrities to promote the products, Indian players were using them. Not to mention, Lakhani lost their premium position in the Indian market.

However, the second generation took the reins of Lakhani. In 2014, the gen-next, Mayank Lakhani started Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited in Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh. Mayank followed a new approach. He started outsourcing the products and took the responsibility of checking the quality. Slowly but surely positive responses started to come regularly. In 2016, Mayank went one step further and joined MB Group.

Along with sports shoes, Lakhani is famous for canvas and running shoes, slippers, sandals, bellies, Hawai chappals, and other premium-quality footwear. This is an Indian shoe brand to go for.

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Indian Shoe Brand- SKO

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The story of SKO suits the story of Bollywood movies where the man works abroad and then leaves a money-making job to join the family business. Then, he makes it a business of a hundred crore. Such is the story of Nishant Kanodia, the founder of SKO.

Nishant was an investment banker in London but came back to India. Well, he had the financial stability to take such a risk. Nishant joined the traditional family business of footwear. This budding entrepreneur, with some new techniques, new dimensions, and new ways of thinking, produced a 1.5 crore Rupees revenue just a year after launch.

Though SKO is not renowned for Sports shoes, if you want to help the Indian brands, you can go for it. SKO perhaps provides the widest variety of Indian footwear like Kolhapuris, Peshawaris, Mojris, etc.

Indian Shoe Brand- Red Chief

Indian footwear brands- KreedOn
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Again a surprising name along with Woodland is Red Chief. This footwear brand perhaps is one of the youngest brands in the Indian footwear industry.

Manoj Gyanchandani in his early 20s started a leather shoe export business. In 1995, Manoj founded Leayan Global Private Limited to export leather shoes to Europe. Well, till 1995, he was just running the exporting business. Two years later, after doing some market research, he came to know that Indians love leather footwear, but there aren’t any out-and-out leather shoemakers. This young man decided to stop the exporting business and founded the Red Chief brand under the parent company Leayan Global Private Limited.

Till 2010, Red Chief was limited to Kanpur city where the products were showcased in multi-brand outlets. In 2011, Manoj came up with an exclusive Red Chief outlet in Kanpur and since then Red Chief has been soaring high in the Indian market. 

Red Chief is also famous for strong and sturdy shoes with top-quality leather. For sports shoes, Red Chief has an exclusive brand ‘Furo Sports’. Red Chief is yet to establish itself in sportswear, but they do have the potential and the responsibility of Indians to take it to the level of international brands.

Indian Shoe Brand- Inc.5

Indian shoes company- KreedOn
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Inc.5 is a story of a brother and sister who have come together and have built a business of multi-crore turnover.

Almas Nanda’s and Amin Virji’s families had a footwear business, but it was limited to basic and formal footwear. Almas joined the family business to produce footwear comprising both comfort and style. She was just 24 years then and her goal was limited to ladies’ footwear only. In 1998, she found Inc.5.

Later when her brother Amin Virji joined Almas, they merged their family business ‘Regal Shoes’ into ‘Inc.5’ and since then there is no looking back.

Well, Inc.5’s aim was never about sports shoes. But recently they have diversified their product range and now the company does produce sports shoes. Nowadays the company has footwear for both men and women.

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Multinational footwear brands will always entice sports lovers. They have quality, no doubt. But Indian shoe brands also produce quality products and that too at cheaper prices. So these are some of the top Indian shoe brands, which every Indian should use and encourage others to use. This will lead to more growth of domestic shoe companies and thus boost the working of the Make In India program. 

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