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Top 5 Incidents from Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography | A Peek Into The Maestro’s Life

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Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the greatest cricketer to have ever set foot on the field, and fans referring to him as the “God of Cricket” is well justified. In a career that spanned over two and a half decades, Sachin managed to break several records and accomplished feats that no other batsman has ever achieved. However, after playing cricket for 24 years, he decided to hang up his boots and bid adieu to cricket. Following his retirement from the game, Sachin decided to set out on a new venture. Sachin Tendulkar penned his autobiography, titled “Playing it my way” which is one of the best-selling autobiographies in India, as well as across the world. This book by Sachin Tendulkar was launched on 5 November 2014 in Mumbai. 

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In the book, he has mentioned several incidents and anecdotes of his life that have occurred. Some of them are quite humorous, while some are inspiring. So, let us get to know some of those instances which took place in the Master Blaster’s Life:

You eat a duck; You get out for a duck!

sachin tendulkar book- KreedOn
image source- Tribune India

Superstitions are a major part of sports. Willingly or unwillingly, players tend to believe in this. Often the players will do certain things, or rather avoid doing some things which they may deem to be unfavorable for a good result. The same was the case here.

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Sachin loved to eat duck. However, his elder brother, Ajit Tendulkar did not allow him to eat duck before a match against England. The reason behind this is rather funny- a day before, three English players had a duck meal and had gotten out on duck. Following is an excerpt from his book:

“In 1999, I read somewhere that a few England players had gone to a restaurant and ate a duck and that the next day, they all scored 0. So, when Sachin planned a dinner around eating an ‘aromatic duck,’ I banned him from doing so!”

Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar punched a critic

sachin tendulkar book- KreedOn
image source-Mumbai live

Nobody likes it when someone criticizes their family members, be it their father, mother, or siblings. An incident occurred with Sachin, following India’s elimination from the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, and the Indian team and players faced severe backlash from the public. The Indian public was angry with them, having rather performed poorly in the global event. Tendulkar’s son, Arjun Tendulkar, was a small child of seven years at that time. He was told not to react if he was ever teased about this in school. However, fate had other plans. A kid at his school told Arjun that it was due to his father’s failure that led to India’s elimination from the World Cup. On hearing this, Arjun could not hold back his emotions and punched the kid in a fit of rage.

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When Anjali Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar’s wife, had to pose as a journalist to enter his house

image source-news18

Anjali Tendulkar, Sachin’s better half, had to meet him sneakily during their initial stage of courting. Sachin had met Anjali at the Mumbai airport in 1990. They met, and sparks flew. Following a few conversations on the phone, it was decided that they should meet in person. However, Sachin being a public personality could not manage to meet her outside. So, he decided that it was best that they meet at his parents’ house. However, a girl coming to meet a boy in a conservative Maharashtrian house is a rather difficult task. So, to tackle that, Anjali posed as a female journalist who had visited his house on the pretext of interviewing him. Everything almost went according to plan. However, it was Sachin’s sister, who became a bit suspicious of what was going on. Needless to say, in the end, everything worked out for the best.

When Sachin wore a burkha to avoid media glare

sachin tendulkar book- KreedOn
image source-cricket lounge

One of the most beloved celebrities in India, Sachin’s fans will go to any length just to get a glimpse of their icon. He was well aware of this. While he appreciated this, there were also certain drawbacks to this. One of them was that he simply could not go anywhere without catching the public’s eye. So, when he had an injury scare, he wore a burkha and went to get a medical check-up. He later revealed that he did this to avoid the media’s speculation about a niggle.

Sachin Tendulkar & Ajit Agarkar had the same food for consecutive days

sachin and agarkar
image source-Times of India

As mentioned earlier, superstitions play a major role in sports. This one time, during India’s tour of Australia in 2004, Sachin Tendulkar and his fellow teammate Ajit Agarkar ended up having the same food for consecutive days. This was all done just to ensure that their good form continues throughout the tour. It was during the test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2004 when he was batting at 54 not out, and after the end of play on day 1, he went to a restaurant. He returned to the same restaurant the following day after finishing day 2 batting at around 160-170, and he ordered the same food. On the third day when he came back, the waiter himself said about getting the food as he was well aware of what Sachin was going to order.

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