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Top 45 Most Dangerous Professional Wrestling Moves: Don’t try these WWE moves at home

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Wrestling is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. Fans love to watch the fierce battle between two opponents. Our country, India has a great history in wrestling too. Several Indian wrestlers have made the nation proud on international stage. From Akhada’s to professional wresting academies, India have it all. In this blog you will get detailed insights about all the most popular and dangerous wrestling moves. We advise you not to try these moves at your home.

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Wrestling and its various forms

Wrestling is a kind of sports which has several forms. The first and most popular one is the traditional wrestling, the one which is played in Olympics, then comes our childhood favorite entertainment show – the WWE, it is also a type of wrestling, the another one MMA, it is one of the most fierce form of wrestling event, Grappling and many more.

In this blog we will be concentrating on the form of wrestling which is popularly know as WWE or pro wrestling. This is a form of wrestling whose matches are scripted, everything is planned and the organizers know what would be the outcome of the matches. In short, this is a sport for entertainment purposes only, where the competitiveness is only pretended. Despite the scripted form, the injuries are real and the game puts the wrestlers at extreme risk, even the risk of life. We will see a few wrestling moves and wrestling move names that are performed in the game of wrestling.

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45 Types of Wrestling moves

S.N Wrestling move
1 Stunner
2 The Superkick
3 RKO/The Cutter
4 Flying Elbow
5 Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock
6 The Piledriver
8 Pedigree
9 Figure Four Leg Lock
10 DDT
11 The Piledriver
12 Chokeslam
13 F5
14 Crossface/Yes Lock/Bank Statement
15 GTS or Go To Sleep
16 Frog Splash
17 The Camel Clutch
18 Leg Drop
19 The People’s Elbow
20 Moonsault
21 German Suplex
22 Ankle Lock
23 Vertical Suplex
24 Frankensteiner/Hurricanrana
25 Kinshasa
26 Canadian Destroyer
27 Punt Kick
28 Burning Hammer
29 Boston Crab/Liontamer
30 The Lariat
31 Shooting Star Press
32 Curb Stomp
33 Styles Clash
34 Spinebuster
35 Razors/Outsiders Edge
36 Codebreaker
37 Tombstone
38 Figure-Four Leglock
39 Michinoku Driver
40 Lion Tamer
41 Gutwrench Powerbomb
42 Three Amigos
43 Backstabber
44 Killswitch
45 Hell’s Gate


Image source- youtube

Stunner is one of the most popular and preferred move by players. The appearance of Austin and Stunner were two inseparable aspects of wrestling earlier. Everyone has a favorite Stunner moment. The reactions from the commentators and the crowd added extra spice to this fantastic move.

The Superkick

wrestling moves- KreedOn
Image Source- Reddit

A superkick is a kick to the chin of the opponent. Nowadays many superstars use the superkick as an offensive move to the extent where it feels overused. Despite higher predictability, the opponent would go numb, and thus it is one of the go-to moves to get the victory.

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RKO/The Cutter

Image Source- The Sportster

RKO or cutter has a completely different fan base. It was popularized in the 90s as Diamond Dallas Page used it so often. Since then the RKO or the cutter is also known as the Diamond Cutter. The springboard version of the wrestling ring makes it a more spectacular move, more than any other wrestling move.

Flying Elbow

wrestling move
Image Source- The Sportster

The wrestler almost flies in the air for a few seconds and jumps right on top of the opponent. This is dangerous and an impressive move. The flying elbow was popularized by all-time favorite “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, CM Punk, Kairi Sane, Jay Lethal, and Bayley are some of the other names who performed this act brilliantly.

Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock

wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image Source- Wikipedia

The names give jitters, don’t they? Sharpshooter or Scorpion Deathlock was invented in Japan by Riki Choshu but popularized by Bret Hart and Sting in North America. The move is still used in matches today either to wear an opponent down or as a finish to pick up the victory. This is the move that every wrestler is wary of.

The Piledriver

the piledriver wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image Source- The Sportster

The Piledriver move has been banned by the authorities considering the fatal injuries as a result of this move to a receiver. Head injury is an inevitable part of this move as you bump the opponent’s head onto the mat when the opponent is upside-down. However, the popular Tombstone version where the superstar lands on their knees is more protected and safe.


DDT wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image Source- Youtube

DDT is another move that you don’t want to be performed against you. This was created by Jake “The Snake” Roberts in which he would drop his opponents headfirst from a front face lock position. There are various versions of this movie, but Randy Orton’s hanging DDT still ranks at the top of the pile for many wrestling lovers.

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Figure Four Leg Lock

Figure Four Leg Lock wrestling moves names- KreedOn
Image Source- Wikipedia

Figure Four Leg Lock is one of the most painful moves. Ric Flair is the name that comes up when someone says Figure Four Leg Lock.  Even as a spectator, in the arena or front of the TV, you will feel the pain when it gets performed. This is a horrible move to have against you.


Image Source- sportster

The Pedigree also called Triple H. Cerebral Assassin and carried out this move number of times with some fantastic efficiency. Seth Rollins also comes to our mind when it comes to Pedigree, but you can not keep The Game from the pedigree. He was just phenomenal.


Image Source- The Sportster

Powerbomb has a few other names like the tiger bomb, the pop-up powerbomb, the sit-down powerbomb, the last ride, the jackknife, the triple powerbomb, etc. It is the move that can be used by any opponent to change the complexion of the match. With this move, a winning player can lose it miserably and a losing player can be on the right side in a


Image Source- The Sportster

The spear is a strong tackle or a shoulder block takedown. When this gets performed, it usually ends the match. This is one of the most fearsome moves that you can get. Goldberg, Edge, Big Show, Batista, and more recently, Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair have used Spear to take their opponent down and win the battle.


wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image source- Pinterest

The description of Chokeslam could be like ‘wrestler grasps an opponent’s neck, lifts them, and slams them to the mat’. The mere mention of it makes you freak out, then just imagine what wrestlers go through when the maneuver is performed against them. It was used by The Undertaker, Kane, and The Big Show and even by The Hurricane.

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wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image Source-

In F5, the player performing it lifts the opponent and bangs him on the mat head first. This move starts with a fireman carry position but ends with Lesnar. F5 is the wrestling move that requires strength and if executed perfectly will reverberate your name all around the world.

Crossface/Yes Lock/Bank Statement

wrestling moves - KreedOn
Image Source- Wikipedia

Crossface or Yes Lock or Bank Statement, call whatever you want to call the move, but this remains the move that you never want to be trapped in. There are different variations of it. Examples are Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Lock” where he uniquely locks the arm to put his opponent in a more compromising position or it’s Sasha Banks “Bank Statement” in which she locks in the cross face following a backstabber.

GTS or Go To Sleep

Image Source-

GTS or Go To Sleep is the move where the opponent on the receiving end sees the knee of the executor hitting his face. Even the mention of this gives a feeling of bleeding broken jaw. One thing, just forget about some of the front teeth. The “Go To Sleep” was created by Kenta in Japan but became more globally known when used by CM Punk in North America.

Frog Splash

Image Source- Pinterest

Frog Splash, is perhaps one of the very few wrestling moves that have a self-explanatory name. The player carrying it out, will stand on the ropes and jump on the already flattened opponent with all the force. The worst thing about it is, that the receiver sees that the attacker is climbing the ropes, he sees the knockout blow coming, but cannot even dodge it. Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, RVD, Art Barr, and Eddie are some of the legendary performers of this move.


You call it wrestling moves, all the moves are fatal and can even cause death. These are all professional athletes who perform it and they are well aware of the consequences. But it is always recommended that you never even try to do this against anybody. Eventually, wrestling is a sport to be enjoyed only on the screens.  

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