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Top 10 Ultra Marathons: World’s Toughest Race

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Running a marathons require a lot of effort and endurance. It makes you strong not just physically but also make you mentally tough. Marathons teaches you resilience, hard work, and the ability to keep trying hard till you cross the finish line. The tough marathons require you to run hundreds of miles through rocky terrains and deep valleys. You have to run on high cliffs and deep valleys. Runners train months or even years to get ready for the mega marathons. Months of training in different situations, and extreme climatic conditions make a runner marathon ready. In this blog you will get a complete list of top 10 world’s toughest race.

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Let us have a look at some of the most difficult marathons:

The Grand Raid Réunion/Diagonale de Fous – World’s toughest marathon

The Grand Raid Réunion/Diagonale de Fous- KreedOn
Source: grandraid- reunion

Place: La Réunion Island

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The Grand Raid Réunion Marathon is one of the most difficult marathons in the world. It takes a heavy toll on the runner’s body. The marathon is 164 kilometers long. What’s most challenging about this marathon is the extreme weather conditions, high amount of rocky terrains, extensive valleys and high cliffs.

Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run – World’s toughest race

Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run- kreedOn
Source: Hardrock100

Place: Silverton, Colorado

This marathon consists of a 100.5 tough mile run through roads along the San Juan Mountains. Participants climb roughly 33,000 feet and descend another 33,000 feet, with Handies Peak reaching over 14,000 feet. Many runners lose directions on their way and end up losing their paths. You just have 48 hours to complete this toughest endurance challenge in the world!

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Munga Trail- Hardest Race in the world

Munga Trail- KreedOn
Source: Munga Trail- Facebook

Place: Belfast, South Africa

The Munga Trail marathon is one of the toughest marathons in the world. This race is extremely difficult because of the continuously changing terrain and massive height of 6,500 feet. Participants have to advance through grasslands and dense forests in the given time of 120 hours. However, you can have 5 halts on the way.

Dragon’s Back Race – Hardest ultra marathon

Dragon's Back Race
Source: World’s Marathon

Place: Wales

Dragon’s Back race is a very challenging mountain race marathon spanning up to 5 days. The total ascent is 50,000 feet. But cool Wales weather makes the marathon bearable. You get to see tall and handsome mountains covered with cloudy skies. You also get to see a few castles on the way.

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Tor de Géants – World’s toughest race

world's toughest race - Tor de Géants- KreedOn
Source: Wikipedia

Place: Italy

In this race, the runner has to travel through 25 mountain passes! The runners have to bear with the extreme weather conditions and sudden temperature drops. The ascent is around 24,000 meters. But in the end, the picturesque mountains and the scenic meadows take away your breath and make the efforts worth the pain.

Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon

world's toughest race - Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon- KreedOn
Source: PikesPeakMarathon

Place: Manitou Springs, Colorado

Runners begin at 6,300 feet and travel a twisting, narrow track of boulders and mud to the summit of Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet, where they begin the terrible descent. In previous years, there has been new snow on the summit, which means runners should dress for temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees (fahrenheit) at the base to roughly 30 degrees (fahrenheit) at the top.

6633 Arctic Ultra – Toughest ultra marathon

world's toughest race - 6633 Arctic Ultra- KreedOn
Source: 6633Ultra

Place: Yukon Territory, Canada

The 6633 Ultra has 120-mile and 380-mile events that begin in Canada’s Yukon Territory and end in the Northwest Territories. You suffer from heavy winds and wild temperatures varying between 9-30 degrees. If you pick the 380-mile route, your race will conclude in the village of Tuktoyaktuk, which is located along the banks of the Arctic Circle.

Eco-Challenge Fiji – World’s toughest race

world's toughest race - Eco-Challenge Fiji- KreedOn
Source: Joshua Forester

Place: Fiji

The race is one of the most difficult races you can imagine. It is attended by more than 60 teams. The competition included trekking on foot and non-motorized modes of transportation such as outrigger paddling and sailing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting, which required abilities such as rappelling, climbing, and canyoning.

Marathon de Sables – Most difficult marathons in the world

world's toughest race - Marathon de Sables- KreedOn
Source: World’s Marathon

Place: Sahara Desert, Morroco

The runners have to run in the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert. This ultra marathon is divided into six stages, with one rest day in between, and requires runners to carry their food on their backs. They cover a total distance of around 150 miles.

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Grand to Grand Ultra Race – Most difficult marathons in the world

world's toughest race - Grand to Grand Ultra Race- KreedOn
Source: Grand to Grand Ultra Race- Facebook

Place: Grand Canyon

The marathon takes place almost entirely on rocks and soft sand. This ultra marathon tests even the toughest of all. This six-stage event has a total elevation gain of 18,000 feet. It has very difficult terrains and steep slopes very difficult to cope with. The heat is immense and the body requires regular hydration.

Completing ultra marathons is a pinnacle in every runner’s life. It gives a sense of satisfaction that nothing else could give. The runners give their heart and soul to achieving this dream. The fruit is worth all the sweat.

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