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The Art of Fielding: Unmasking the Top 10 Slip Fielders in Cricket

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Since the ball gains momentum as it swings towards the cordon, no-slip catch is ever easy. What therefore does a superior slipper need to possess? Unquestionably, sharp focus is necessary, but so is sound technique. Additionally crucial are soft hands, balanced feet that provide efficient lateral movement, and excellent hand-eye coordination. Above all, it’s crucial to have a clear, focused mind. Like all fielding positions in cricket, slip fielders need to be experts. Being calm under pressure is a necessary for becoming a skilled slip fielder. Captains are often spotted standing in the slip cordon since fielding in the slips allows one to monitor the game’s progress closely. Let’s take a look at the top 10 slip fielders of all time in cricket.

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Top 10 Slip Fielders in Cricket

Players Names Country
Faf du Plessis South Africa
Steve Smith Australia
Ajinkya Rahane India
Virat Kohli India
Ben Stokes England
David Warner Australia
Joe Root England
Jermaine Blackwood West Indies
Dhananjaya de Silva’s Sri Lanka
Angelo Mathews Sri Lanka

Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
Image Source:

Faf du Plessis is without a doubt the best slip fielder of our generation. It’s safe to say he possesses one of the most secure pairs of hands. It’s a real shame he doesn’t always field at the slips. He is such an excellent fielder that many captains position him on the boundary line since he tends to take absolute stunners. However, he is most effective as a slip fielder. Since 2015, the former Proteas captain has had a catch success percentage of 96. He is a dependable slip fielder because of his fast reflexes. With the Proteas star nearing the twilight of his career, one would expect to see him in the slips more frequently.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith | KreedOn
Source: Hindustan Times

Steve Smith is not only one of our generation’s top hitters but also one of its best fielders. There aren’t many fielders better than him right now. He is, however, at his best while fielding in the slips. We’ve seen the former Australian skipper take some utter blinders in the slips over the years. Whether it’s the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in 2017 or the Ashes in 2019, no series is complete without a Steve Smith slip-cord knockout. Since 2020, the Great Australian has had a success rate of 84%. His overall catch success rate in the slip region is 80%. As a result, dubbing him one of the best slip fielders of all time would not be an exaggeration.

Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
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When it comes to slip fielding, several cricket analysts have compared Ajinkya Rahane to the modern-day Rahul Dravid. For quite some time, India’s vice-captain in the longest format of the game has been one of the top slip fielders. Ravi Ashwin‘s catching ability is one of the main reasons he has so many wickets. Slip-fielding is more difficult in India because the ball spins far more than it does in other regions of the world. As a result, Rahane is more than just an excellent slip fielder. He has a catch-up success rate of about 75%. 2015 saw him smash the record for most catches in a test match. Greg Chappell held the record for the most catches before Rahane. He made eight catches while playing the first slip.

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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli | KreedOn
Source: India Today

Although Virat Kohli is capable of playing in virtually any position, the slips are his favorite fielding position. The success rate of the catches by Virat Kohli as a slip fielder has been about 75% since 2015. As a slip fielder, his career catches success rate is around 60%. The one criticism Kohli has had as a slip fielder is his tendency to drop a few sitters from time to time. This has kept him from rising higher on the list. Nonetheless, India’s superstar remains one of the top slip fielders in the world.

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes | KreedOn
Source: The Telegraph

What is there that Ben Stokes cannot achieve? There are options for bowling, batting, and even slip fielding! He has been a game-changer as a slip fielder, making some spectacular catches. Stokes has been one of the top fielders on a team full of talented players. Despite dropping 31% of catches in his career as a slip fielder, the English all-rounder remains one of England’s most trusted slip fielders. The captain of England has accepted 76% of the slip catches that have come his way since 2015. He has recently developed as a slip fielder. Stokes is a physically gifted fielder who is occasionally chosen for additional roles. However, given England’s slip-catching troubles, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see him back in the slips. Besides, Stokes has an excellent history of doing things correctly most of the time.

David Warner

David Warner - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
Source: Nine Wide World of Sports

Australia’s David Warner is famed for his superior ability with the willow in hand, and once he gets going, the opposition captain is seen occasionally making field modifications. Warner, who has established his effectiveness as an opener across formats, has come a long way since his debut for Australia, winning multiple games on his own on occasion. The southpaw has received a lot of praise for his batting ability, but what often goes undetected is how acrobatic he is in the slip cordon and seldom lays down chances that come his way. Warner has incredible reflexes, which makes him a haven while plucking screamers and dollies in the slip cordon alongside compatriot Steven Smith. Warner not only fields in the cordon when pacers are in action, but he also stands at first slip when a spinner, such as Nathan Lyon, arrives to snag a scalp.

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Joe Root 

Joe Root - Slip Fielder | KreedOn
Source: Twitter

The English-hitting prodigy Joe Root has also excelled as a slip fielder. He rarely misses a catch. It is easy to argue that Root is one of the most underappreciated slip fielders, as his catching abilities are often overlooked in comparison to the likes of Faf, Smith, and Rahane. He conducts his job quietly, making sure he doesn’t make any mistakes while fielding in the slips. Usually, bowlers would adore having a slip fielder who is just as skilled as root.  In the slip region, he has had a catch success percentage of 82 since 2015. As a slip fielder, the English batsman Joe Root had an overall success rate of 75%. As a result, he sets a good example.

Jermaine Blackwood

Jermaine Blackwood - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
Source: The Indian Express

Caribbean players are often quite athletic by nature and excel on the pitch. As a result, including a West Indian cricketer on this list was a no-brainer. Jermaine Blackwood has been outstanding at the slip cordon and seldom misses a catch. While some may be surprised to see his name on this list, those who have seen him play would be surprised that he isn’t higher on the list. As a slip fielder, the right-handed batter has a catch success rate of over 88%. His slip-catching has frequently aided the seamers. Blackwood is one of the few slip fielders who has consistently made catches over the years. While the majority of Caribbean fielders excel on the boundary ropes, Blackwood excels on the slip cordon. As a result, he compiles this list.

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Dhananjaya de Silva

Dhananjaya de Silva - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
Source: The Statesman

As previously stated, being a slip fielder in Indian circumstances is difficult due to the amount of spin. Similarly, the conditions in Sri Lanka are spin-friendly, making it difficult for slip fielders to perform successfully. Despite this, Dhananjaya de Silva’s slip-fielding abilities have been outstanding. Even though the ball turns square on almost every pitch in Sri Lanka, de Silva has still managed to select stunners while fielding in the slips. Since 2015, he has had a success rate of more than 90%. It’s even more impressive when you consider that he does all of this while also batting and bowling. There haven’t been many slip fielders with a higher catch success rate than him since 2015. As a result, he remains one of the top slip fielders in the game today.

Angelo Mathews

Angelo Mathews - Top Slip Fielders in Cricket | KreedOn
Source: Twitter

Angelo Mathews is one of our generation’s most underappreciated cricketers. He always contributes to his team, whether with the bat or the ball, regardless of the situation. However, if there is one aspect of Mathews that goes underappreciated, it has to be his fielding abilities. Matthews is a great slip fielder who rarely misses from that position. As a slip fielder in Tests since 2015, he has a catch success percentage of around 87%. Overall, his catch success rate is roughly 74% across all game modes. It should be mentioned that Mathews is prone to injury. Despite this, he has been a fantastic slip fielder, which ought to be recognized. His abilities as a slip fielder bolster his image as a world-class talent.

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