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Top 10 Indian Health & Fitness YouTubers to Follow in 2024: Level Up Your Fitness Game

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YouTube is a platform where trends usually come and go, but one trend that never goes out of date is prioritising health and fitness. As people seek to improve their physical and mental well-being, they start following the most popular Health and Fitness Youtubers for guidance. Whether it is about finding different workout routines for shaping bodies, nutritious diets for promoting their health, or constant motivation to maintain their wellness journey, these creators provide great resources. With their knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication for promoting healthier lifestyles, these influencers have earned a significant place in this digital world, helping out people on their journey to better health and self-improvement. Join us as we will explore this enlightening world of health and fitness led by these Indian Youtubers, encouraging millions of people around the world with their impactful content. 

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Top Indian Health & Fitness YouTubers in 2024

Sr. No Top Indian Health & Fitness YouTubers to follow in 2024
1 Ankit Bayanpuriya
2 Gaurav Taneja
3 Vivek Mittal
4 Rohit Khatri
5 Jeet Selal
6 Sahil Khan
7 Ranvir Allahbadia
8 Guru Mann
9 Rubal Dhankar
10 Amit Panghal

Ankit Bayanpuriya

“Ram Ram Bhai Sareyane,” the signature greeting style of Ankit Bayanpuriya, a prominent figure in the realm of fitness and wellness. Rising from a food delivery boy to achieving the title of one of India’s top fitness icons, his story resonates with his determination and dedication. Notably, Ankit has received significant accolades such as the Best Health and Fitness Creator award from Prime Minister Modi at the National Creators Awards. His notable achievements also include engaging in a ‘Shramdaan’ activity with PM Modi and discussing the transformative 75 Hard Challenge. Through his engaging content and unwavering commitment to promoting traditional wrestling workouts and mental resilience, Ankit has captivated audiences nationwide. With his infectious enthusiasm and genuine passion for fitness, Ankit Bayanpuriya continues to inspire countless individuals on their journey to better health and well-being.

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