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Top 10 health benefits of rope skipping you never knew | How to do | Different types of Rope Skipping | Precautions

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Rope skipping is one of the most popular home workout exercises. It is easy to do and doesn’t require any equipment other than the skipping rope itself. This exercise has numerous benefits and is performed as a fun activity by children and as a warm-up drill by professional athletes.

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In today’s hectic world, under the burden of office targets, and professional competition many go to gyms, swimming pools, meditation centers and do a lot of other complex activities to keep the body fit. But we forgot about the most simple and most effective home workout i.e. skipping ropes.

Skipping rope does have numerous health benefits and can be an exciting part of your workout regime to lose weight, build stamina etc. 

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Top Health Benefits of Rope Skipping

Benefits of Rope Skipping
Improves heart health
Increases concentration and coordination
Increases stamina and gets rid of fatigue
Increases body flexibility
Boost mental health
Decreases belly fat
Strengthening your bones
Strengthening your bones
Improve lung functioning
Burns the calories

Benefits of Rope Skipping: Improves heart health

benefits of rope skipping - KreedOn
Image Source: skip-hop.co.uk

Skipping ropes can aid you to take the health of your heart to the next level. Jumping makes the heart pump blood to the body parts in a quick manner. Obviously, the rapid contraction and expansion of the heart makes it more efficient and leads to better heart health. 

Benefits of Rope Skipping: Increases concentration and coordination

benefits of rope skipping - KreedOn
Image Source: The Healthy

Skipping rope might seem to be an easy activity, but it is tough, especially during the early days. It takes some time to get perfect coordination. This helps to increase the concentration level of the individual. Without concentration, you will lack hand-eye or in this case leg-eye coordination. So skipping rope does help to enhance the concentration level. 

Hence concentration and coordination grow gradually with every new day of skipping ropes. 

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Benefits of Rope Skipping: Increases stamina and gets rid of fatigue

Skipping rope workout: 12 benefits of trying it today - KreedOn
Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Skipping rope is a type of cardio exercise. Continuous jumping increases the heart rate and over some time, it gradually increases your stamina. The more you do the more your stamina increases.

With an increase in stamina, you would feel less and less fatigue. This will lead to overall physical fitness.

Benefits of Rope Skipping: Increases body flexibility

8 Benefits Of Skipping Rope, How To Start, And Precautions - KreedOn
Image Source: Stylecraze

Skipping rope works out muscle groups like legs, quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, core muscles, and shoulders. This helps to build endurance in body parts. The more the endurance, the more the strength and thus higher the flexibility. 

This increased flexibility takes you to another level of physical fitness. 

Boost mental health

benefits of skipping rope - KreedOn
Image Source: The Conversation

Just like every other exercise, skipping ropes do act as a stress buster. Skipping rope at a moderate intensity can reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise can increase blood circulation to your body and brain.

Thus at the end of the workout routine, you will feel positive about everything and will motivate you to do the things which you were nervous about. 

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Decreases belly fat

Image Source: Flab Fix

Skipping ropes, as said earlier, falls in the cardio category. So automatically, this workout will help you to shed belly fat. You can include jumping ropes in your HIIT schedule or Tabata schedule or even in a fat-burning session. This exercise will not only shed the tummy fat but will make your abdominal muscles stronger resulting in the overall development of core strength. 

Strengthening your bones

Image Source: Nike

Skipping rope will give strength to your bones and increase bone density, thus reducing the chances of osteoporosis. The more the bone density, the stronger your bones will be.

Improve lung functioning

Exercises to improve your lung capacity, strength, and resilience — KreedOn
Image Source: Q4 Physical Theory

Skipping ropes improves blood circulation and breathing which ultimately enhances your lung capacity. Lung capacity will help to have better stamina and you can thus work for a longer duration without getting any fatigue.

Burns the calories

Image Source: India.com

Skipping ropes are especially beneficial to those who want to opt for weight loss. Continuous jumping helps you to burn calories, this will take down the fat percentage and will lead to lesser body weight. Thus skipping ropes is a great tool if you want to be in a calorie deficit region. 

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Different types of skipping ropes 

Jump Rope Jacks

In this type, you will skip the rope by doing jacks instead of jumping. 

Single-Leg Hops

This is self-explanatory. You will skip the rope by not jumping with both the legs, but you will skip it by jumping with one leg at a time and continuing the activity for the alternate leg. 

High Knees

All that you need to do for this exercise is to add a jump rope to your basic high knees exercise

Side to Side

Instead of jumping up and down, you will jump from side to side. This can reduce the pace of the workout, but will serve the purpose if you want the intensity to be on a moderate level. 

Precautions to take while doing jumping ropes 

No one should neglect one’s safety while doing a kind of workout and skipping ropes is not an exception. Following are the precautionary steps that you should take while doing skipping rope exercises. 

Do a proper warm-up

Doing proper warmup before any workout reduces the chances of injury during a workout. Hence to prevent the long-term injury do include warm-up before starting skipping ropes. 

Jump on an even surface

Jumping on an even surface makes the exercise safer. Even though the surface is flat, avoid having any carpet as you can slip on it.

Jump with a straight back

Jumping with a hunched back will lead to problems of backache and you will not gain maximum benefit from this exercise. When you are jumping over the rope your back should be straight and neutral.

Avoid the exercise if you have a heart problem

Always take the doctor’s opinion before doing any kind of exercise. This also applies to jumping ropes. Make sure you get a green signal from your doctor if you have any hesitations before you start a routine.


Skipping ropes not only helps for weight loss but also helps to build muscle strength and muscle endurance. It improves the cardiovascular ability of your body. Jumping ropes helps you to get rid of anxiety and tension and thus results in the overall well-being of an individual. 

Not to forget, this is the cheapest but most efficient way to pave your path towards better health. 

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