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10 Online Cricket Games for phones you should play in 2020 [Updated]

Do you remember the days of EA Sports’ Cricket 2007, when you took all your frustration out on the computer whenever India lost the match? Then came the era of some modern cricket games like Ashes 2009 by Codemasters and Don Bradman Cricket by Big Ant Studios.

Although EA Sports had set a benchmark, these two games were a revolution in the history of cricket video-games. The reason being they introduced features like DRS and Hotspot accompanied by some amazing visuals.

However, with the growing importance of mobile phones in our day-to-day lives, PC games have lost their importance. Want to get in action right away? Here are the top 10 Cricket games for mobile you should try out today:


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits MOM)


Developed by: Creative Monkey Games
99 MB

Downloads: 1 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.2/5

Cricket MoM by Creative Monkey Games is one of the most advanced 3D Cricket Career Game developed for hard-core Cricket Fans. Cricket MoM is a game that puts you in the shoes of those batsmen who have to win matches for their team. The game comprises of T20 tournaments or World Cup and Premier League Cup.

The game has a unique gameplay. It also has a multi-career mode, realistic physics and comprises of 28 teams. It supports both Portrait and Landscape Modes and easy bowling and batting modes.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits WCC)


Developed by: Nextwave Multimedia
37 MB

Downloads: 1Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.2/5

WCC Lite offers one of the best cricket gaming experience under 40MB. This is a mobile cricket experience optimized to run on older phones, lower versions of Android and even just 512 MB of RAM. 

WCC Lite is a fun, lightweight, full 3D mobile Cricket Game made for cricket fans by cricket fans. Cricket fans can enjoy the game in 6 languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and English.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits WCB)

Developed by: Creative Monkey Games               

Size: 313 MB

Downloads: 1 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.2/5

World Cricket Battle (WCB) is an advanced next-generation 3D cricket game with real cricket simulation experience on Android Platform. It is a real treat to all Cricket fans who want to try out a wide range of World Cricket Championships including the most authentic My Career Mode & Real-Time Cricket Batting Multiplayer. This game has come up with a new league Auction feature.

The game includes unique features like DRS, Ultra-Edge Detection with Snickometer, D/L Method, sledging, numerous cut Scenes, commentary Box with commentators etc. that give it a more realistic approach.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits Beach Cricket)


Developed by: Nextwave Multimedia

Size: 30 MB

Downloads: 5 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.3/5

Cricket lovers don’t need a proper stadium or a pitch to play. Hence, by the same logic ‘Beach Cricket’ is one such unconventional game that gets a taste of the sun, sand and the sea while the willow smacks the ball. Your team would comprise the usual 11 players. Only 5 or 10 overs matches are available.

The only problem with the game is the user has no option to pick up a team. However, it is a decent game for users who don’t have much storage memory available in their mobile phone and is helpful in passing some casual time.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits Big Bash Cricket)

Developed by: Nextwave Multimedia

Size: 211 MB

Downloads: 1 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.3/5

The Big Bash Cricket game is an exciting new avatar with action-packed game modes. The smooth gameplay and decent graphics make you enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience. You get to chose your favourite BBL teams. The game includes realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses.

You get to choose between a quick play contest, a complete season or take on the unique challenge of a Super Over, all for in-game gold. You can play the game online with your friends in the Batting Multiplayer.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits Epic Cricket)


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits Cricket Captain)

₹450 (Install)

Developed by: Childish Things

Size: 174 mb

Downloads: 5 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.2/5

Cricket Captain 2018 the best and most accurate cricket games you can hope for on Android device. It is a real-time strategy game for cricket enthusiasts who follow each and every detail of the game. The game allows you to select the country that you want to start your career from and then rise in the ranks as you play and win games. You can hire players, manage their contracts and trade them to build your team. The game offers the user records of each and every player including the records of all international player whether current or past.

The issue with this game is that it is a bit expensive for a smart phone game. Also, it requires a lot of effort and interest and can’t just be played to pass your time. It features more than 6,500 players with regular updates, adjusting their capabilities based on their performance. If money isn’t a problem, then anyone who lives for cricket should try Cricket Captain 2018 for sure.

SACHIN SAGA: Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga KreedOn
Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits Sachin Saga)

Developed by: JetSynthesys Inc

Size: 126 MB

Downloads: 10 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.0/5

Sachin Saga is a premium mobile cricket game that utilizes high-end graphics & realistic motion-captured animations to give users the best possible cricket experience. You play as Sachin Tendulkar and relive some of the most famous moments in cricket history on your mobile consoles. One-days, Tests, T20, domestic, Premier League, World Cup – every aspect of Sachin’s career is included. You get to compete against other global teams, challenging milestones, and play world tournaments. 

Sachin Saga was nominated for ‘The Best Mobile & Tablet Game: Sports (India & International) 2017’ Award at FICCI.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits: WCC 2)

Developed by: Nextwave Multimedia

Size: 378 mb

Downloads: 50 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.3/5

World Cricket Championship 2 is a next Generation in Mobile Cricket Gaming! You, as a user, can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Upper-Cut as well. This game allows you to customize your players and cheer your team with customized banners! You can also witness a lot more cricketing venues than other games.

There are 50 different batting animations and 16 different bowling actions. The game also includes unique features like rain interruption, D/L Method Hot-Spot & Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge.


Top 10 Cricket Games (Credits: Real Cricket 20)

Developed by: Nautilus Mobile

Size: 465 MB

Downloads: 10 Million +

Ratings (Play Store): 4.5/5

Real Cricket 20 is one of the best cricket games for mobile for players who care about the intrigue little details of cricket. This game gets as real as it gets, aided with gorgeous graphics and epic dynamics. Each game starts with a small pre-match presentation (the anchor most likely resembles Star Sport’s Mayanti Langer). This is followed by the toss which is followed by the game itself. The game offers tight control to players. You can choose where to hit the shot, whether you want to hit from back-foot or front-foot, do you want to leave, play a grounded shot or a lofted shot, and more.

The best feature of the game is the online multiplayer feature which makes it very exciting for people sitting at different corners of the world.

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  1. World cricket championship 2 is the best cricket game no need for other games. Go for WCC2 you are going to love it.
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