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Top 10 Best Workout Apps To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey | Download Today & Track Your Fitness Routine 

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A couple of years back it would have seemed impossible that people could do their office work, their meetings, and everything related to the office from home. But during the pandemic it happened in reality, companies are now encouraging their staff to work from home in the future as well. Similarly, no one had thought that different workouts can be taught and tracked via mobile apps. Well, even in 2022, the idea is still flabbergasting. But that’s how the fitness industry has adapted itself to this changing environment.

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Just like online office work, now the fitness training and tracking is possible with the help of workout and fitness apps. A workout app will ask for your details and in return, the app will recommend you a workout routine and will track your progress. This article will tell you about the top 10 best workout apps in India.

Top 10 Best Workout Apps in India

Rank App
1. Exerprise
2. Fittr
4. HealthifyMe
5. Aaptiv
6. Strong Lifts 5X5
7. Sworkit
8. MyFitnessPal
9. Seven- 7 Minute workouts
10. Home Workout – No Equipment


Image Source- Google Play

This app is the best app when it comes to workouts, be it gym workouts or at-home bodyweight workouts (calisthenics). The app is owned by a YouTube channel and the one who does all the guidance is Mike Rosa. Mike and his team are creative and they keep producing bodyweight workouts and each time with new sets of exercises, without taking down the effectiveness of the routines even by a bit. 

The best thing about this app is the tons of options it gives to the user. You just need to select which body part you want to target, then you will select the equipment available, then either desired duration or desired number of sets and reps. Finally, you will select the total duration of your routine, and after all these procedures, you will get your fully customized workout routine for the day.

The interface is very beautiful. The color theme changes very subtly and the transition is just perfect. The app has timers like stopwatch, interval, Tabata, and tempo. Not to forget, the app also calculates calories, micronutrients, and everything related to the food you consume.

Most importantly, it is user-friendly, where you will get everything without any hassle. So go to the play store or apple store and download this app.

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Image Source-

Fittr is the world’s largest fitness community. The journey of Fittr is fascinating as they started by giving fitness advice and suggestions through WhatsApp. Gradually with their top-level and quality advice, suggestions, and guidance, they have become one of the best workout apps.

Fittr has 500+ certified coaches who provide users with individualized guidance, customized plans, and weekly follow-ups for a small fee.

Other than workouts and fitness-related stuff, they have various calculators like Macro Calculator, BMR calculator, BMI, Body Fat % Calculator, Calorie Tracker, 1 Rep Max Calculator, etc.

best gym workout apps- KreedOn
Image Source- Gadgets 360

The previous name of was and the name was changed in May 2021. Exercise, meditation, yoga, a healthy diet, and other activities are all part of’s fitness and lifestyle software. This app has various sessions, mostly recorded ones where the fitness trainer will instruct you while doing the particular activity himself.

The app can provide you with your personalized workout schedule. They also have live sessions, not only on the workout but to discuss various topics related to workouts and health. The company has various fitness centers all around India. The app offers some unique workouts like HRX workout, Yoga, Dance workout, HIIT, etc.

Well, the fees are slightly on the higher side, but they do guide you in the best way possible, so the fees are worth it.


HealthifyMe Workout app- KreedOn
Image Source- Google Play

HealthifyMe is the most attractive and equally addictive app to use. Well, the app has various workout routines, either videos or instructions. These routines are made specifically for each level, i.e. beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

You can interact with the app itself through AI assistance and the assistance will answer your questions and will give you advice about the workout, nutrition, calorie intake, and whatnot. It shows you your progress through graphs and notifies you to have an exercise. 

Very few people would know the food item ‘mau bhat’, which is consumed daily by people in the Konkan region and that too by a very small number of people. Despite being a lesser-known food, the app database has all its nutrition information on it. This app is best if you want to track the nutrition elements of any Indian food item.

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workout apps- KreedOn
Image Source- Google Play

Aaptiv is again slightly different from the other workout apps. It has videos about the workout, but the thing which makes it stand out from the rest is that the app has various audio files related to fitness. These audio files cover various topics like running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching, yoga, and more.

Generally, apps motivate their users to do workouts by showing them their progress reports. Well, this app along with the report also has a playlist of workout songs, and these songs range from hard-core metal workout songs to the cool-down songs with the lowest bpm.

Strong Lifts 5X5

best free workout aap- Stronglifts 5x5 -KreedOn
Image Source- Youtube

Strong Lifts 5X5 is different from other apps as this is all about lifting weight and does not have any feature related to bodyweight or equipment workouts. The app is best for those who want to lift heavy weights.

The app tells you everything related to lifting. It will tell you the basics of bench-pressing, deadlift, overhead press, barbell rows, and many more. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS devices respectively.

The man who runs the app, his name is Mehdi and he has been lifting weights for 22 years. Just like any other app, it tracks your progress and notably, the app gives you a free strength tip daily. You just need to enter your email id and then you will receive free tips related to workouts every day.

Sworkit Workout App

Sworkit app- KreedOn
Image Source-

Sworkit is a bit less-known app, especially in India. This is slightly different from other apps as it is highly goal-oriented. It has different plans and you need to select a plan as per your requirement. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscles, improve flexibility, increase stamina, and reduce pain. Sworkit also has another app dedicated to kids.

The Sworkit company was founded in 2012 and being just 10 years old, it has gained a lot of success and popularity. Google Fit is integrated with the app, which keeps track of your activity and calorie intake.


workout app- KreedOn

MyFitnessPal is a legendary app in the fitness industry. This is perhaps the most accurate app when it comes to tracking nutrition. It shows you graphs, figures, and charts and makes it very easy for the user to understand their body and then accordingly implement the suggestions given by this app.

Well, you can even link MyFitnesspal with other fitness-related apps and they have a searchable food database of over whopping 300,000,000 items. If you want to kick start your fitness journey and also want to brag about it, then this is one of the best apps for you.

Seven- 7 Minute workouts

Image Source- Google Play

Several studies have proved that a workout for only 7-minutes per day is enough to gain fitness and maintain that fitness. The concept is lucrative when everyone is saying at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense activity is necessary.

This app ‘Seven’ is based on this 7-minute study. Though there are very few who endorse this 7-minute principle in workouts. People do not have time to do exercises for a long duration and this app has been their savior. The app saves time and also doesn’t allow the user’s mind to think that they have missed their workout again.

The user needs a subscription to get the premium content of this app and that is the only drawback that anyone can think of.

Home Workout – No Equipment

No equipment home workout app- KreedOn
Image Source- App Store

This workout app is best for those who do not have any equipment at home and still want to be fit by working out at home. The term ‘No Equipment is included in the name of the app.

The app has warm-up exercises routines and videos. The guidelines in this program were created by experts. They also have workouts for every muscle in the human body. The app will guide you on how to isolate muscles and work them separately and also tracks your progress through charts and graphs.

 The app can be run on Android as well as iOS devices. Remarkably, all the content is free of cost.


Technology is amazing and very useful when used correctly. There are thousands of workout apps available on the internet, but these are the top 10 of them and they have been using the technology in the best way possible. Most of them are for free and thus doing noble work of making the world fit and healthy. So just download any one of these apps and start your fitness journey.

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