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Top 10 Must-Play UFC Video Games for Every MMA Enthusiast: From Octagon to Console

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The thrill of the octagon, the roar of the crowd, the bone-crunching impact of a knockout blow – the world of UFC translates surprisingly well to the realm of video games. Over the years, numerous titles have captured the essence of mixed martial arts (MMA), allowing players to step into the shoes (and gloves) of their favorite fighters and experience the intensity of the sport firsthand. But with so many options available, which ones truly stand out?

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This introductory guide explores the 10 best UFC video games ever, taking into account factors like gameplay mechanics, fighter roster, career mode depth, and overall entertainment value.

Top 10 best UFC video games

Sr. No Top 10 UFC Video Games
1 Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
2 UFC Undisputed 2009
3 Pride FC: Fighting Championships
4 EA Sports UFC 2
5 EA’s MMA
6 Fire Pro Wrestling World
7 UFC Undisputed 2010
8 EA Sports UFC 3
9 EA’s UFC 4
10 UFC Undisputed 3

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

Fire Pro Wrestling | KreedOn
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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, which is already among the greatest and most complex wrestling games ever created, also has an incredibly entertaining mixed martial arts mode. The game, called Gruesome Fighting, has completely different rules than a wrestling match and allows players to win by KO or submission. Additionally, the deep character creation tools available allow users to create their own fighters in the mixed martial arts. Because the creation tools are so advanced, one can even modify the AI and cage behavior of their fighter.

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UFC Undisputed 2009

UFC Undisputed 2009 Playlists | KreedOn
Image Source: IGN

UFC: Undisputed was the first UFC game that was released in 2009 by Yukes, developers best known for their work on the WWE 2K series. Additionally, it was the first UFC video game to be praised by critics for accurately portraying the nuances of mixed martial arts. The ground game will require some getting used to, and the combat system is intricate and sophisticated, but learning the submission and reversal system is much simpler than with the new UFC games from EA. It’s still a lot of fun to play, even though there were some clipping issues, and one cannot fight from the southpaw position.

Pride FC: Fighting Championships

Pride FC: Fighting Championships | KreedOn
Image Source: MobyGames

Pride FC: Fighting Championships, which was first released in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, was not officially a UFC game at the time. Instead, Zuffa, LLC, the company that also owns the UFC, owned the former Japanese mixed martial arts promotion and all of its properties. Pride FC, which THQ developed, served as a sort of prototype for THQ’s UFC: Undisputed television series. While there are some problems with the game, the gameplay mechanics remain strong, and the more violent rules that are prohibited in American combat sports—such as soccer kicks and foot stomps—make for an engaging fighting game when compared to the UFC.

EA Sports UFC 2

UFC 2 - Video Games | KreedOn
Image Source: Daily Star

The second game in EA’s new combat sports franchise, UFC 2, was released in 2014 and marked a significant improvement over the dull first game. The game debuted with excellent graphics, a more extensive fighter roster, and female fighters like Ronda Rousey. Fighting in the Octagon is possible in UFC 2, which features a fluid and quick stand-up game. Apart from kickboxing, the game’s ground game has a challenging learning curve, and there is still a dearth of content.

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EA Sports MMA | KreedOn
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EA developed their own game to compete with THQ’s Undisputed series in EA Sports MMA prior to partnering with the UFC. The game was centered around two MMA organizations that are currently owned by the UFC: Pride FC and Strikeforce, both of which are now defunct. Technically, EA’s MMA didn’t play as well as UFC: Undisputed, and the way the control sticks were implemented felt clunky, but the animations were fluid and the graphics looked amazing at the time.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World MMA match | KreedOn
Image Source: The Gamer

Again boasting a surprisingly entertaining MMA mode, Fire Pro Wrestling World shares nearly all of its predecessor’s mechanics. In addition, the Fire Pro creation site offers an almost infinite number of MMA fighters and wrestlers for download, in addition to the option to create your own. Although the matches aren’t as intricate as in EA UFC 4, the enjoyment lies in their simplicity as opposed to EA’s tedious submission system. Matches can be unpredictable as a lot of counters and reversals are executed based on the fighter’s endurance.

UFC Undisputed 2010

UFC Undisputed 2010 - Video Games | KreedOn
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2010 saw the release of UFC: Undisputed 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was a significant upgrade over its predecessor, featuring enhanced Career Mode and The Ultimate Fights Mode. The ground grappling and clinch systems have also been revised, and fighters can now utilize the cage wall to their advantage in the clinch. UFC: Undisputed 2010 is one of the most intricate and vicious fighting games of its generation, despite a few clipping issues.

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EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 | KreedOn
Image Source: Gaming Bolt

EA Sports UFC 3 is a very good mixed martial arts game, save from the microtransactions and excessive catering to its contentious cover star Conor McGregor. Additionally, it has some of the best graphics and facial animations found in a combat sports game. Because of this, when the punches land so realistically, the slow-motion replays look and feel good to watch.

EA’s UFC 4

EA Sports UFC 4 - Video Games | KreedOn
Image Source: vgBR

The most recent installment in EA’s MMA series of combat sports games, UFC 4, was released in 2020. Several MMA fans were offended by the game’s initial release bugs. It includes a clinch system that you can repeatedly spam. Strangely, elbows are no longer in the dominant position in this entry. Nonetheless, UFC 4 is a far more approachable game than its predecessor and has since received a number of patches and updates to enhance the gameplay.

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 | KreedOn
Image Source: Just Push Start

The third and last game developed by Yukes under the THQ agreement was UFC: Undisputed 3, which was released before the publisher went into liquidation. The game is still the greatest MMA and UFC game ever made, even though it was released on systems from a previous generation almost ten years ago. The improved submission system and changes made to the stand-up game resulted in a fighter that is much more approachable and appealing to both sport enthusiasts and casual spectators.

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