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Top 10 Best Swing Bowlers of All Time – Meet the Masters of Pace and Swing

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Best swing bowlers in cricket history | Swing bowling, the art of bowling deliveries that often baffles batsmen and end up helping the bowler claim their wicket. A sight so wonderful to see, that when executed perfectly, it is often a tonic to the eyes. It is indeed one of the several fascinating aspects of cricket. A tough act to master, no doubt, but the art of making balls move through the air while being bowled is a spectacle that can leave anyone bedazzled. A subtype of fast bowling, swing bowling can primarily be categorised into two categories: conventional swing and reverse swing. In conventional swing bowling, a new ball is used, whereas in reverse swing, use of an older and worn out ball is preferred, which is believed to help tremendously in reverse swinging the ball.

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Conventional swing bowling can further be divided into two more types: Inswing and Outswing. In the former, the ball starts out wider from the batsman’s body but angles in towards the stumps and the batsman’s body through the air, while the latter is begins in line with the stumps but eventually moves wider of the stumps as it approaches the batsman’s end.


Often labelled as an ace up the bowler’s sleeve, the swing deliveries are considered pretty effective and destructive primarily because of the change in the trajectory of the ball midway, which often successfully deceive the batsmen.

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So let us take a look on some of the greatest swing bowlers, or the ‘Swing Kings’ as they say, to have ever graced the field:

List of top 10 best swing bowlers of all time

S.n Best Swing Bowlers
1 Allan Donald
2 Shane Bond
3 Chaminda Vaas
4 Dale Steyn
5 Zaheer Khan
6 Glenn McGrath
7 Imran Khan
8 James Anderson
9 Waqar Younis
10 Wasim Akram

Allan Donald

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Nicknamed ‘The White Lightning’ by his teammates, Donald will forever be remembered for the ferocity and tenacity he bought to the field. The fierceness with which he delivered the swingers and Yorkers and intimated the batsmen will forever remain in the memories of the fans of the game. A clever bowler who had numerous tricks up his sleeve, he was also one of the most aggressive and hostile bowlers to have ever played the game.

Claming 330 wickets in 72 test matches, swing bowling was an important asset in his barrage against the opposition. With his raw pace and genuine and brilliant swing, Donald clamied a lot of victims for the Proteas. Undoubtedly, one of the best swing bowlers in the world.

Shane Bond

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Though he could not have a prolonged career owing to the numerous cricket injuries that plagued him, Shane Bond indeed set a precedent for his fellow fast bowlers. A natural in swinging the ball as and when he wanted, when conditions were in his favour, Shane Bond was a force to be reckoned with. Coupled with his natural and raw pace, and you have got yourself a bowler that would be an absolute nightmare for any batsman to face. Though he could only play 18 test matches, he claimed 87 wickets; plus 147 wickets in the shorter formats of the game.

Chaminda Vaas

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In a career that spanned from 1994 to 2009, Chaminda Vaas made quite an impact in the cricketing world. Nicknamed ‘Vasy’, he claimed 355 wickets in 111 tests and was also quite lethal in the shorter versions of the game. In the ODI front, he played 322 matches and claimed 400 victims. Though not known for his pace, Vaas could swing the ball both ways and always kept his bowling tight.

Dale Steyn

After Allan Donald, the person who took up the mantle of premium pace bowling for the South African cricket team was none other than Dale Steyn. A man of tremendous skill and quality fast bowling techniques, he possessed the ability to make the ball do his bidding. With ever impressive figures such as 439 wickets in 92 test matches, had his fitness not been an issue, Steyn could have accomplished many other feats.

Steyn was one of the legendary cricketer and best swing bowlers in the history of cricket.

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Zaheer Khan

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India’s own, Zaheer Khan was undoubtedly, the best swing bowlers of all time. Possessing all the traits and qualities of an ace and a top-notch fast bowler, he could swing the ball both ways and also reverse swing the ball. What is worth noting here is that he managed to do all these in the flat sub continental pitches, which rarely help the fast bowlers. Bowling in majority of spinner friendly pitches, Zaheer still managed to claim 311 victims in 92 test matches.

Glenn McGrath

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Arguably the greatest seam bowler of all time, Glenn McGrath’s line and consistency was legendary. What he lacked in pace he made up for with his deadly accuracy and line and length. Hailed for his brilliant wrist position, McGrath could swing the ball in any way he wanted to. In a fantastic career that lasted from 1993 to 2007, McGrath was the leading wicket taker in the test format, until England’s James Anderson overtook him. Nicknamed Pigeon, McGrath claimed 563 wickets from 124 matches.

Imran Khan

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One of those all time greats who made swing bowling look easy, Imran Khan was one of the greatest Pakistani cricketers to have ever donned the jersey. An all rounder with a ton of potential, Imran could also deliver reverse swingers as and when he wished. He took 362 wickets in Test cricket from the 88 matches that he played. A very spectacular feat of his is the 23 5-wicket hauls and 6 10-wicket hauls he has to his name.

James Anderson

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James ‘Jimmy’ Anderson, the English lad who has established himself as one of the finest and greatest seam bowlers of all time, has decimated each and every batting line up that he has ever faced. His ability to swing the ball even with pace has proved detrimental in his success and evolution as the best swing bowler in the world. Debuting in 2002, Anderson has been wrecking havoc against his opposition’s batting line up and he does not plan on stopping anytime soon; already claiming 584 victims in 151 test matches.

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Waqar Younis

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A bowler who could deliver toe crushing Yorkers as well as swing the ball, a lethal and deadly combination that is enough to make any batsman nervous. Waqar creates double trouble for the batsman with his pace and swing, hence nicknamed the Toe Crusher for all the right reasons. With 373 wickets from 87 Test matches, Waqar proved why he was a force to be reckoned with. 

Wasim Akram

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One of the est swing bowler in the world, and topping the list is the Sultan of Swing, Pakistan’s Wasim Akram. Whenever anyone talks about swing bowling, Wasim Akram’s name pops into the mind. Apart from the conventional swingers, Akram’s ability and his control over the reverse swing is what set him apart from the rest of the class. With astonishing figures such as 414 scalps from 104 test matches, one could easily see why he is hailed as the best swing bowler of  all times.

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