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Top 10 Best Gym Cycles/Exercise Bikes For Home | Buy Today for a healthy life

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Nowadays, gym routines are varied and balanced as they include high-intensity cardio, weight training, indoor cycling and many more. While some are as simple as walking for an hour, others require an hour-long spinning class. Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises you can do to lose weight, and improve your health and well-being. The gym cycles or the exercise cycle for weight loss are a good way to stay fit and will help turn your home into a mini gym.

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It’s very important to know your fitness goals and make sure you are doing the right routine to maximize your results. Use the best workout cycles to maximize your strength and health. However, quality gym cycles are expensive and hard to find. Therefore, we have created this list of the best gym cycles.

Whether you are looking to get your body ripped or become a professional athlete, these cycles will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Best Gym Cycles For Home

S. No Best Gym Cycles
1 beatXP Tornado Airborne 1F
2 beatXP Typhoon Legacy 1CM
3 PowerMax Fitness BU-201
4 Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle
6 KLIKFIT KF04CM Upright
7 Sparnod Fitness SAB-05
8 Cardio Max JSB Fitness Bike
9 DOLPHY Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
10 Cockatoo CUB Home Use Series

beatXP Tornado Airborne 1F: Best exercise cycle for weight loss

Image Source: Amazon

The first exercise cycle in this list is from beatXP. These cycles are the perfect choice if comfort is your priority. This model comes with an adjustable cushioned set and with a sturdy overall construction with high durability. Their height ranges from 21 to 33 inches.

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It has comfortable seating and prevents you from experiencing back pain, strains, and muscle pain. These fitness cycles are one of the best gym cycles for home.

Pros Cons
Durable Loose belt
Comfortable  Pedals can be an issue
Strong and sturdy

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beatXP Typhoon Legacy home Gym Cycle

Image Source: Amazon

This is the typhoon model from the brand beatXP. It has a six months warranty and comes in black and gray colors. This gym bicycle is quite easy to assemble and use.

This product weighs around 20 kgs and is 21 inches in height (approx). This exercise cycle has a great display meter which gives you an accurate record of exercise time and calories burnt.

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The price of this gym cycle is about 14,000 INR. However, you may get this at 8,000 or less on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble  Average quality 
Great display Low-quality speedometer 
Accurate tracker

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PowerMax Fitness BU-200 Exercise Cycles for home

Image Source: Amazon

The next product on this list is one of the best exercise cycles for home workouts. This product allows you to exercise silently without disturbing others. It is a reliable and easy-to-use gym cycle with a highly attractive and stylish design.

It tracks your fitness level and has a heart rate sensor along with a LCD screen. The height of this gym cycle ranges from 108 cm- 140 cm and weighs around 9.5 kgs.

Pros Cons
Stylish Average Resistance 
Easy to use Not very smooth
Tracks your fitness level

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Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise Cycle & Fitness Cycles

Image Source: Amazon

The fifth product in this list of the best gym cycles is from the brand named Reach. Reach is one of the most popular fitness cycle brands that produce affordable and quality home gym cycles. This fitness cycle provides good back support to the user.

The maximum weight it can support is 100 kg. It has a pedal with a strap and a stationary handle lock. This exercise cycle’s price is around 7,490 on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Affordable  Too noisy
Great back support Not many cons

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FITNESS WORLD Eazy Bike: Gym Bicycle

Image Source: Amazon

This is one of the best gym cycles for home that provides you with great value for money.  It is a little expensive as this exercise cycle’s price is around 12,499. It is compact and easy to operate.

This product has an adjustable foot strap and the maximum height this cycle can reach is 122.5 cm. You can work out easily with these gym cycles without making too much noise. It is ideal equipment for intense workouts.

Pros Cons
Great value for money Not for heavy exercises
Adjustable foot strap A little noisy
Easy to operate

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KLIKFIT KF04CM Upright: Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss

Image Source: Amazon

This upright fitness cycle is one of the best home gym cycle and is ideal for beginners. The height of these exercise cycles ranges from 46 inches to 7 feet with weight ranging from around 22kg to 100kg. It is a perfect two-in-one machine. 

This fitness cycle helps in cardio and full body weight loss workouts. It also comes with a twister and provides good back support.

Pros Cons
Nice back support Low durability 
Great for beginners  Not for heavy exercises
Helps in weight loss

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Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Gym Cycles

Image Source: Amazon

The seventh product on this list is from Sparnod fitness. This home gym cycle has a 1-year brand warranty for manufacturing defects. These fitness cycles also have adjustable resistance.

The height of these fitness cycles is 6 feet and the weight is around 18 kilograms. It also has an LCD with a digital meter which helps track calories and exercise time.

Pros Cons
Adjustable resistance  A little uncomfortable 
LCD display  Loose back seat
1-year warranty 

Check Price

Cardio Max JSB Fitness Bike: Exercise Cycles for Home

Image Source: Amazon

This home gym cycle is one of the most expensive gym cycles on this list. Its price is around 12,999. This product is highly durable and comes with a 1-year warranty. Its maximum height can reach up to 119 cm and the maximum weight capacity of this gym cycle is 100 kg. 

However, this product is worth the money. It has non-skid foot pedals and adjustable foot straps.

Pros Cons
Non-skid foot pedals Too heavy
Adjustable foot straps The display is not accurate 

Check Price

DOLPHY Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Gym Cycle

Image Source: Amazon

This product has a sturdy steel frame and is highly durable. It helps you lose weight and increase stamina. Its maximum weight capacity is about 150 kg and is easy to move and transport. 

This gym cycle is quite expensive as it is available at a price of around 16,749 but is a great value for money.

Pros Cons
Helps you lose weight Expensive product 
Easy to move Not many cons
Sturdy steel frame

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Cockatoo CUB Home Use Series: Best exercise cycle for weight loss

Image Source: Amazon

The final product on this list is from Cockatoo. This is a smart bike that is very easy to install. The maximum height of this product is 195 cm and the weight is around 19 kgs. It has a 1-year warranty and a 6-inch LCD monitor.

It has an 8-level brake system and also has magnetic resistance. It helps you do more intense workouts. This is one of the most durable gym cycles.

Pros Cons
Adjustable resistance  Slightly expensive 
Great for intense exercises Low resistance 
1-year warranty 

Check Price

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Characteristics of the best gym cycle for home

It was not an easy task to pick top 10 gym cycles, considering the fact that there are so many options available in the market today. It was an arduous process that required intense research by the experts of KreedOn. Most importantly, it was a huge responsibility for our team to suggest the best exercise cycle for home to you – after all you believe in us.

So, following are our criteria for choosing the top 10 best exercise cycles for home listed above-

  • Specifications & Features
  • Customer Reviews & Complaints
  • Warranty & Build Quality
  • Pricing

How to Choose the best exercise cycle for home?

If you want to buy the best home gym cycle, following points must be kept in mind for the best pick-

  • Frequency of use
  • Comfort level while riding
  • Fit your budget
  • What you need? Ask yourself
  • Need/requirements of your training Programmes & Coaching Options
  • Functionality & Flexibility


1. Which is the best home gym cycle?

beatXP Tornado Airborne 1F is one of the best picks if you are looking for a budget-friendly, and comfortable fitness bike to work out at home.

2. How the home exercise bike help?

Home exercise cycle is very helpful in losing weight, cutting extra fat from the body and helpful in increasing stamina if you consistently follow home workout routine.

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