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Meet the Best BGMI Players in India: Top 10 Rankings for 2024

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In the dynamic Indian mobile gaming realm, BGMI, also called Battlegrounds Mobile India, is no small force. The esport community within the game and the serious stance of gamers have pushed forward the rise of outstanding individuals within virtual combat. Exploring the ever-changing world of BGMI in 2024, let’s look at the top 10 players of India changing the competitive landscape with their skills, strategies, and unwavering dedication.

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Top 10 BGMI Players in India in 2024

Sr. No Top 10 Best BGMI Players in India in 2024
1 Jonathan Gaming
2 Goblin
3 ScoutOP
4 Mavi
5 Omega
6 Akshat
7 ClutchGod
8 Ninja JOD
9 Fierce
10 JokerOP

Jonathan Gaming

Widely regarded as the best BGMI player in India, Jonathan boasts exceptional in-game awareness, lightning-fast reflexes, and an aggressive playstyle. His clutch performances in high-pressure situations and his ability to lead his team to victory have earned him immense respect from fans and competitors alike. Recently partnered with Red Bull, Jonathan continues to push boundaries and inspire aspiring BGMI players across India. With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Jonathan is a powerhouse in the Indian esports scene, boasting total esports earnings of $67,874 which is ₹56,14,619

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Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal is a name synonymous with dominance in the Indian BGMI scene. His journey, however, wasn’t a straight shot to the top. Goblin’s foray into esports began with PUBG Mobile, where he showcased his raw talent. However, a breakthrough remained elusive. The transition to BGMI, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, marked a turning point. Goblin started his professional career in 2020 with Claw Esports. However, Soul Esports noticed his abilities and invited him to compete, where he won the BGMI Pro Series Season 1. Going by his total esports earnings of $51,027, or ₹42,21,015, Goblin has made a name for himself in the Indian esports scene.


Scout, known for his strategic gameplay and exceptional close-quarter combat skills, is a pillar of the Team SoloMid (TSM) BGMI roster. His calm and calculated approach, coupled with his clutch performances in crucial moments, make him a valuable asset to his team. Scout’s ability to adapt to different situations and lead by example inspires his teammates and captivates audiences. Boasting over 4 million YouTube subscribers, ScoutOP’s total esports earnings amount to $55,069 which is around ₹45,55,374.


Known by his stage name Mavi, Harmandeep Singh is one of India’s top In-Game Leaders (IGL). Before going professional with Indian Tiger in 2019, Mavi started out as a casual gamer in 2018 and led OR Esports to a second-place finish in PMWL 2020. With $31,553 in total eSports earnings, or about ₹26,10,102, Mavi is still a major player in the BGMI competitive scene.

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Omega, the name that strikes fear in opponents within the competitive BGMI scene. This skilled player, formerly a part of Team SouL, has carved a niche for himself with his exceptional gameplay and leadership qualities. Now a dominant force with his new team, Carnival Gaming, Omega’s journey is far from over.

Known for his strategic mind and aggressive assault rifle tactics, Omega is a nightmare for those caught in his sights. His ability to lead by example and make impactful plays in crucial moments makes him a valuable asset to any team. His total esports earnings stand at $42,232 that is around ₹34,93,482.


The BGMI clutch master, also known as Akshat Goel, has earned his title. Akshat, who joined Team 8bit in 2020 as an assaulter, has distinguished himself with his exceptional clutches and calm gameplay. He currently plays for Team Soul and won the first season of the BGMI Pro Series. His total esports earnings come to $44,679, or about ₹36,95,900.


One of the youngest BGMI esports players and one of the most seasoned IGLs is Vivek Aabhas Horo, better known by his stage name ClutchGod. ClutchGod has competed internationally for India, winning PMIT 2019 with Revenge Esports and placing second with Team Soul in PMCO Fall Split 2019.  The name ClutchGod has become synonymous with clutch plays and last-minute heroics in the high-octane world of BGMI. With nerves of steel and lightning-fast reflexes, he consistently rack up impressive kill counts and emerge victorious in seemingly impossible situations.  Needless to say, ClutchGod is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-competitive BGMI scene. His total earnings from esports come to $72,770, or about ₹60,19,622.

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Ninja JOD

Ninja JOD, also known as Shubham Ranjan Sahoo, has become a rising talent. Ninja JOD, who was hired by TSM Esports in 2021, proved his mettle by placing second in BMPS 2021. Acknowledged and valued by well-known players such as Scout, his total earnings from esports amount to $28,013 (roughly ₹23,17,269).


In the BGMI community, Ritesh Nawandar, also known as Fierce, is an underappreciated player. Fierce, who specializes in support roles, and Xo Esports won third place in BMIS 2021. His total esports earnings to date with Revenant Esports come to $25,888, or approximately ₹21,41,486.


With Blind Esports, Khush Singh, also known as JokerOP, is a prime example of how an underdog can become a professional esports athlete. As of 2023, JokerOP—who won the BGMI Masters Series LAN tournament—is one of the up-and-coming BGMI players in India. His total esports earnings come to $14,877, or roughly ₹12,30,643.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are considered the top BGMI players in India?

Some of the top BGMI players in India, considering their achievements and the eventual impact they produce on the esporrts scene, include Jonathan, Goblin, ScoutOP, Mavi, Omega, Akshat, ClutchGod, Ninja JOD, Fierce, and JokerOP.

What criteria are used to rank BGMI players in India?

Ranking normally includes tournament performances, esports earnings, and overall impact on the Indian esports community.

Who is currently the best BGMI player in India?

Currently, Jonathan is considered as the best BGMI player in India because of his outstanding gameplay and skills.

How do BGMI players in India gain recognition?

Recognition for players comes with consistent performance in tournaments, great gameplay, and ability to amass achievements such as MVP awards and titles like top fragger.

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