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Top 10 Benefits of Treadmill You Are Unaware of | Start Your Fitness Journey Today

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Engineers have made every activity in our day-to-day life far easier by inventing machines and technologies. We are all surrounded by every kind of technology, be it an elevator of your apartment or Instagram on your mobile phones. Every industry has benefited from these technological innovations and the fitness industry is not an exception. One of the best, most creative, and equally useful machines is none other than a treadmill. The treadmills are a bit expensive, but they are worth investing in as it has various health benefits.

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With a treadmill at your home, you do not need to travel to a jogging track or running track. It not only saves time but also keeps you fit and energetic all day. In this article, we will look at the multiple benefits of the treadmill.

Top 10 Benefits Of Running On Treadmill

Sr. Number Benefits of Running on a Treadmill
1. Flexibility
2. Accurate Readings
3. Build Muscles
4. Burns Calories
5. Reduces The Impact and Thus the Risk of Injuries
6. Feeling Of Happiness
7. Multitasking
8. Lessen The Joint Pain
9. Reduce Your Risk of Certain Diseases
10. Improves Sleep Quality


Benefits of Treadmill- Flexibility

benefits of treadmill walking- KreedOn
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If you have a treadmill at home, then it could be one of the best things that could happen in your fitness journey. Many fitness newbies are a bit hesitant to hit the gym without any prior experience of workout. So, they might try a running or walking routine to start with. In such cases, a treadmill is the best thing. You can walk, run, sprint, or jog as per your convenience and at any time of the day. Well, not literally ‘any’ time, avoid doing it if you are low on fuel or just after having a meal.

So, in general, the treadmill does provide you flexibility. If you don’t have a treadmill at home, why wait? Go and Google it and hit the buy button.

Accurate Readings

benefits of treadmill- KreedOn
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As per studies, everybody needs at least 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minutes of moderately intense workout to maintain overall fitness. Without a treadmill, you can track the workout time, but that accuracy will be no way near the accuracy offered by a treadmill. So, you might brag about 1.5 hours of workout, but who knows, the actual time could be around 60 minutes only.

When you are on a treadmill, your body will be moving even when you are checking reels on Insta. The treadmill will give you the exact workout time and the distance you ran and everything.

Build Muscles

Image Source- Health Digest

Running on a treadmill could be a great burner workout after an intense leg day. You might wonder how running on a treadmill builds muscles, but it does build muscles, especially lower body muscles. While running on a treadmill, your core muscles are also gets engaged. So, you can build muscle and increase the overall strength of the body.

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Benefits of Treadmill- Burns Calories

benefits of running on Treadmill- KreedOn
Image Source- HTV

It is one of the most obvious and most sought results of running on the treadmill. When you run, your heartbeat ramps up, and your body starts burning calories which is very important if you want to reduce belly fat or lose overall body weight.

With the reduction in belly fat, you will lose weight and can drive yourself to become a fitter and healthier person.

Reduces Impact & The Risk of Injuries

Image Source- Orthocure

Though it is always recommended to run on tracks made for running, it rarely happens. People even run on roads, dirt, and gravel paths. These surfaces are very hard, and they do have a great impact on your feet. Over time, stepping on rocks in the wrong direction and standing on pavement can cause ankle, knee, and back pain.

With the treadmill in the picture, all these factors do not exist as the treadmill has a soft belt specially made to reduce the impact.

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Feeling of Happiness

benefits of treadmill- KreedOn
Image Source- Medical News Today

If you do any work out, you will feel happier, energetic, and on top of the world. So how are treadmills different? Along with the above-mentioned benefits, walking on a treadmill increases blood flow throughout your body, as well as your brain. During a brisk walk or any sort of exercise, your brain will release happy hormones that make you feel good. Your stress levels will go down and the increased blood flow to your brain can help you think more clearly as well.

This feeling of happiness is even more when you realize that you have saved plenty of time which would not have been possible without you going all the way to the gym and coming back.

Benefits of Treadmill- Multitasking

Benefits of treadmill- KreedOn
Image Source- Runner’s World

While running outdoors, you can at most listen to music or can chat with your running partner. You might talk to your partner about your favorite web series. So how about watching the web series while hitting the treadmill?

With a treadmill at your home, you can play the web series on the TV or computer and can continue running. This is a great way to save time and increase the efficiency of your entire day.

Benefits of Treadmill- Lessen the Joint Pain

This is not a well-known benefit of a treadmill, but it does hold the same importance as any other benefit. Running or walking is a low-impact exercise, it doesn’t put the joint under unnecessary stress. It will ultimately make your bones and joints stronger.

Reduce Your Risk of Certain Diseases

Image Source- Tribune India

You can be fitter, finer, and healthier with consistent efforts on a treadmill. The more fitness and overall health, the more you become immune to diseases. With all kinds of viruses and pandemics going around the world, everybody has become aware of the importance of immunity, and running on a treadmill is a great way to increase your immunity.

Walking on a treadmill can help reduce the risk of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the overall levels of blood glucose in your body.

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Benefits of Treadmill- Improves Sleep Quality

benefits of treadmill- Sleep cycle- KreedOn
Image Source- The Statesman

Running on a treadmill will make you tired and exhausted, but ultimately this tiredness and exhaustion will make you stronger and fitter. After the exercise on a treadmill, you feel happy and excited. Most importantly you get rid of all the stress and anxiety.

This feel-good factor and a sense of positivity improve the sleep quality and the next day you will feel energetic. This cycle of exercise, feel-good factor, sound sleep, and spirited attitude on the next day will go on and on.


Yes, treadmills are a bit expensive, but they are worth investing in. So, make savings which would lead to better health. As always, all these benefits will be a result of collective efforts in all the departments of health and fitness. Always take the advice of experts, doctors, or certified fitness trainers, eat healthy food, try to avoid junk food as much as you can, do workout regularly without any excuses, keep the motivation level high, be patient and disciplined, and one day, you will feel proud after seeing the results.

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