The most popular IPL teams in social media with the highest fan following

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Most popular IPL teams Kreedon

Since it began in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has always been the carnival for cricketing fans around the world. Many other cricketing nations have introduced their own leagues on the line of IPL thereafter. But on any given day, the IPL teams thump other T20 side in the world when it comes to popularity.

The IPL teams have a massive fan following on social media. All the eight teams interact with the fans on social platforms such as, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The teams have formed their official accounts on social media to keep their fans updated with the happenings regarding their club, may it be the team announcements, injury updates or some tit-bit stories. The teams face each other on the field but off the field as well, there is a war amongst them on social media platforms.

Here we take a look at the Most popular IPL teams:

8Rajasthan Royals

Credits RR Twitter

Followers on Facebook: 4.2+ million | Twitter: 1.16+ million | Instagram: 664+ k

Rajasthan Royals has always been a side that consists of smaller names of cricket since the first edition. This may be the reason that this club is getting very little response on social media. To be honest Rajasthan Royals are bottom in this list. RR is the least popular among all the IPL teams on social media. The club which won the debut season of IPL haven’t made a massive mark in the league. The lack of big names has also resulted in the least popularity.


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