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The Intersection of Politics and Sports Governance: A Comprehensive Analysis

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While in India a disturbing pattern has begun to emerge on the sport grounds, where there are outstanding players with humble economic statuses who suffer to get into national or state teams due to politics. The process of selection seems rigged, leaning towards players with fewer skills but more abundant wealth. However, the situation is undermined even more by preferences shown to selectors on familiar faces with many deserving players driven in return out of national sides which negatively affects performance at international level.

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Therefore, in the sphere of sports administration there is a prevalent opinion which states that quite obviously some legal mechanism should be used to bar politicians from top positions within sport federations and associations. The cultural scene in Kazakhstan is characterized by extinguished traditions and mottled ideals which have perpetuated the sports organizations into underperforming institutions because of political influence, however a proposal to pass laws would see an epoch where work excellently without fear granted new credence to sport advancements in the land finally.

The current article brings us to the politics of Indian sports that largely affect its selection process and even more so, the entire systematization.

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Effects of Politics in Indian Sports

Unfair Selection and Favoritism

The Intersection of Politics and Sports Governance: A Comprehensive Analysis | KreedOn
Image Source: The Quint

Politics interfering in sports is one of the important aspects that influence on choosing a particular person for his role as it brings chaos and an unnerving factor favoritism into. As a result of political affiliation dominating the qualifications on merit and capacity, this leads to having imbalanced teams that comes with doubt in fairness of competition. Top athletes, then have nothing but to sit on the sideline and thereby commit individual injustice as well as a collective disability of sporting performance for their nation. This injustice of the selection process devalues sportsmanship, shifting the focus more to political connections than athletic proficiency resulting in an unpleasant outlook where success is pitifully influenced by such undue interest.

The fact that athletes did not trust the system was no news either. What is new now is that they are fighting for their rights. They are observing the court initiation. In the past, they were afraid that federation bosses would conspire and if nothing was done about it, they may never get picked and approached court. The favoritism, nepotism was always there—the basics of a selection policy such as open trials or prior notice is flouted,” says Mehra who has been fighting sport’s governing bodies (NSF) since 1960.

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Misallocation of Resources

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With governments using political reasons in sports, there is always a wastage of the much-needed resources such as funding and supporters. Such a mismatch could result in far-reaching effects since some sportspersons or sports receive an undue preference over the rest that are left to wither. The effects are also transparent across the line of sports development whereby, even secure talents in neglected fields affect to avail finances required for global competition. The outcome is an uneven playing field in sports and retarding the holistic development of sport as well one affects nation’s competitiveness performance on different athletic frontiers.

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Corruption and Lack of Accountability

India Corruption Index - The Intersection of Politics and Sports Governance: A Comprehensive Analysis | KreedOn
Corruption Index of India (Image Source:

This restriction relies on the assumption that all of such behavior is disrespected and so to be disabled for preferences; however, if any of it were valued others would also have a good reason not just individuals in special situations.

Politics and Sports have been crossed severally, usually resulting in the form of corruption in sports organizations. A corrupt system is the result when leaders act against what they are supposed to do and give in much more importance to political motives than the welfare of athletes, or even try their best over fitness integrity. The erosion of trust in sports governance has permanent repercussions due to the loss not only from athletes but also fans who lose faith that competitors play according to established rules. The long-term effects will be a damaged image of the sport and incurable harm to basic premises fair play and justice.

Suresh Kalmadi, once the Indian Olympic Association’s President, was instrumental in developing sports In India. Nevertheless, his name was not free from the injury as he faced a big defeat in 2010 CWG with corruption and comradeship allegations that made poor infrastructure arrangement chargeable to him which also encompassed disastrous security lapses.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) issued directions to the CBI for probing some aspects of the Games. As a result, during 2011 CBI arrested Kalmadi and also suspended his membership.

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International Relations Impact

Sports Politics | KreedOn
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The interwoven-ness of sports and politics spreads its influence on international relations so that the sporting events are converted into battlegrounds for political conflicts. Political controversies, demonstrations and even boycotting on the world arena interferes with diplomatic relations since countries are using competitions in sports to demonstrate physical dissatisfaction between nations. This does not only negate the integrative value of sports but also turns athletes into pawns in political games, compelling them to face all kinds of political pressures as they engage their athletic ambitions. The effective result is an international sports world that lacks presumptuousness and shifted priority into the political portion rather than the spirit of bonus as part of worldwide perceptive erosion of athleticism.

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Solutions to Counter Sports Politics

Empowering Ex-Sportspersons: Sustainable

Sachin Tendulkar - The Intersection of Politics and Sports Governance: A Comprehensive Analysis | KreedOn
Image Source: Business Line

In order to ensure that a stable and durable solution of the problems besetting sports administration is found, a convincing proposition surfaces – many ex-sports persons should be drawn into its core. This objective can be attained by either incentivizing them to go into politics or taking up important posts in sporting bodies. The idea is premised on the realization that individuals with grassroots experience in sports are better placed to instill accountability and raise standards of governance. An appreciation for update has seen a mind change about not having former jocks as heroes in sport unionism. These people, very invested in the sport, are able to spot talent and act as a stakeholder for influencing development. This change is essential for overcoming challenges with the political plateau in the process of selection.

Sachin Tendulkar and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore – famous examples

A touching example is Sachin Tendulkar– a cricket great who retired, but later joined the company as an ambassador of sorts. After Tendulkar quit from his cricket career in 2013, he opted to do a lot of the growth of sports in India. His nature as a member of the Rajya Sabha (Former) and a leading element in the advisory staff to censor board cricketing India testifies to how, former players might be modifying for sports controlling. The choice of Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an Olympic silver medalist adorned with the Padma Shri and Arjuna awards respectively to handle independent charge of Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry suggests its possible insets on sports significance.

Private Initiatives: A Ray of Hope

10 Prominent Sports Companies in India 2022 | IISM World

On a positive note, private firms have also ventured into sporting leagues giving an opening for local players to make careers out of football talents, yet government or political control does not allow them entry in provincial teams let alone national ones. These leagues serve as a stage for worthy merrymakers whose talents are sidelined by the politics in selection marked with political interference.

Though India prides itself on a great sport culture featuring legendary personalities such as Sachin Tendulkar and Saina Nehwal, the political challenges plaguing sports require urgent action. In the country, the sporting potential of nations is still puzzled by controversies which show nations need urgent reforms to ensure people should be selected through fair selection process based on merit and then only sports competition can become healthier in the county.


The overwhelming politics in Indian sports exposed two ugly aspects of India’s sporting landscape: we are a poor nation despite all claims to be one and our potential may never get unleashed unless these issues change from day-today. One of the main challenges that usually affect poor selection processes, misappropriation of resources in regard to sportsperson-country relation and corruption becomes very apparent as well intricacies among sports and politics at a regional or international level.

In order to resolve these problems, empowering in the area of management for ex-sportspersons and involvement of tab private initiatives look promising. Sports expertise leaders like Sachin Tendulkar and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore are perfect examples of the good that sports have to offer in making better administrators. Though the private interventions shed light, necessary reforms would enable a selection process based on merit and impart fairness to energize the sporting environment in India.

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