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7 Tempting Sports played in India

Tempting Sports
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There are various tempting sports which Indian’s played before along with their daily routine. In some places of India, these games are being played at present too. This shows that India is good at out of the box thinking, even in sports.

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Let’s take a look at the 7 tempting sports played in India:

  1. Insuknawr – The rod pushing game

Insuknawr - Tempting Sports
Insuknawr – Tempting Sports

It is also known as rod pushing game and is an aboriginal game of Mizoram, a state in North-east India.

This game consists of two players, both the players are supposed to hold each end of the rod under their arms. The end of the rod should extend for at least two inches under the armpit and the center of the rod must line up with the center of the circle.

In this sport, each player tries to push his opponent out of the ring, which is done by pushing the opponent through the back or side of the circle. If a player is pushed out of the circle of he falls down, he is declared as the loser. The player is not supposed to throw his opponent off balance by pulling the latter’s rod. A player can skid and slide around in the circle, but the round is not won until a player is successfully pushed out. If no player is pushed out of the circle, the round is considered as drawn. If all the three rounds get into a draw, a tiebreaker is called off without any time limit, until a player is pushed out.

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  1. Khong Kangjei – Foot hockey

Khong Kangjei – Tempting Sports

It is also known as mukna kanjei or even kanjei and mostly known as foot hockey or hockey on foot. It is a sport similar to field hockey and is primarily originated from the state of Manipur in India and is one of the most popular games in Manipur.

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This match is played between two teams and each of the teams consists of seven players each. This match is under the authority and controlled by an umpire. Each team has a leader who is known as “Panjenba”, while the game starts off by the umpire throwing the ball between them at the center line.

Each player has a single piece of equipment, a slightly curved bamboo stick about 4 feet long in length similar to a hockey stick. It is used to strike a ball made of a bamboo root, approximately 4 inches in diameter.

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Every player is associated with an opposing player, the two of them never leave each other in the match. A game is often terminated by the player tossing the ball in the air and striking it. A player can kick the ball, but he has to strike the ball with the stick to score a goal.


  1. Vajra Mushti – Fists of thunder

It is also known as thunder fist. It is an ancient Indian sport which essentially is wrestling armed with knuckle dusters made of ivory. The knuckle dusters are not used for training due to the risk of injury. Instead, wrestlers substitute the weapon with a cloth woven between the fingers. The cloth is dipped in red ochre so that hits may be confirmed.

Matches are being successful in submission style, going until one competitor submits, gets disarmed, or is otherwise unable to continue. Payment is being received by both the fighters at the end of the match, with the winner receiving double the amount of his defeated opponent. If the match goes draw and none of the fighters has submitted, then the prize was shared.


  1. Thoda – Martial arts with bow-arrow

Thoda – Tempting Sports

This impressive martial art form is originated from Himachal Pradesh, It relies on one’s archery expertise.

Each group consists of roughly 500 people, but most of them are just dancers, who come along to motivate their team. Just before the competition takes place, the archers are divided into parties. One team is called Saathi, and the other Pashi. The region of a leg is a target in this game, below the knee, where the opponent should aim his arrow.

The two groups stand 10 meters apart. The defending side keeps quivering their legs to avoid being struck with the arrow. To be good defenders, you need to posses liveliness great alertness. In fact, the whole motive of the sport is to create a highly energetic atmosphere with non-stop leg kicking on one hand and constant attempts to hit the target on the other. If a defender is hit on the wrong part of the body, negative points are awarded.


  1. Mallakhamb – Gymnastics

Mallakhamb – Tempting Sports

This traditional Indian sport can be seen in various forms like Rope Mallakhamb, hanging Mallakhamb and pole Mallakhamb. Gymnasts perform unique gestures hanging from hooks and chains, or clinging to poles, making the game one of its own kind. This game goes against gravity and is being played which needs utmost concentration and rhythm. The gestures performed by gymnasts speak about the tremendous combination of body movements and focused mind. The game has an international appeal and has changed somewhat over time.


  1. Dhopkhel – Ballgame

Dhopkhel – Tempting Sports

It is a traditional ball game played in Assam, the game is played between two teams each consisting of eleven members on a 125 m × 80 m field bounded by four flags. Turns are being taken by the players to knock out the opponent by throwing the ball at the opponent. While seeking to catch the ball and evade other players is a test of speed, stamina, and acrobatic skills.


  1. Mud Wrestling – Indian Kushti

Mud wrestling – Tempting sports

Indian mud wrestling is commonly known as ‘Kushti’, is an old sport popular in rural India.

Mud plays a role of crucially avoiding the wrestlers from slipping (owing to sweat) in a bout. Wrestlers may also deliberately drench themselves in the mud. During training sessions, a learner may perform nothing more than eating a restricted diet and sleeping. Wrestling in the mud is unavoidable throughout.

Even though this may not serve handsomely their need for money, the wrestlers must think only of aspiring towards their role model – Hanuman.

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