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Towering Titans: Top 10 Tallest Cricketers in the World

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Can you guess who the world’s tallest cricketers are? Cricket is believed to be one such sport where it’s more about the skill and temperament of the players rather than their build or height. Though having a good height is always considered to be a major plus for bowlers. Tall pacers can generate more pace and bounce than others. Since such players are hard to come by, batsmen have slight difficulty in facing tall bowlers. Just like other sports, cricket also has seen some of the tallest cricketers. Discover the towering heights of the tall cricketers! Explore the list of ten tallest cricketers who is the tallest cricketer in the world. Unsurprisingly, most of them are bowlers.

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Most of the names in this list are well known amongst every cricket fan. However, there may be some others who could not gain much success while playing. Nonetheless, they still managed to get featured in this list because of their skyscraping height!

10 Tallest Cricketers in the World

RankCricketerHeight (in feet)
1Mohammad Irfan7’1″
2Cameron Cuffy6’8″
3Joel Garner6’8″
4Peter George6’8″
5Bruce Reid6’8″
6Curtly Ambrose6’7″
7Jason Holder6’7″
8Sulieman Benn6’7″
9Chris Tremlett6’7″
10Steve Finn6’7″

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Steven Finn: 6’7″ (England)

Steven Finn KreedOn
Credits Evening Standard

The cricketer to feature at the tenth slot in the list of tallest international cricketers is English spearhead, Steven Thomas Finn. The right-arm fast-medium bowler used to be one of the front line pacers for England during his peak form, but injuries cut his career short, and he started to remain out of the side on most occasions. Finn last played an international game back in 2017 during a 50-over match South Africa at the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Chris Tremlett: 6’7″ (England)

Chris Tremlett KreedOn
Credits ESPN

Another tall English cricketer (pacer) appears in this list, Christopher Timothy Tremlett, whose international career was also cut short due to injuries just like Finn. Tremlett could only feature in 12 Test matches and 15 One Day Internationals before calling off. Recently, Tremlett shared a picture of himself on his Instagram account, where he looked like an absolute beast as his physique coherently matched his height.

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Sulieman Benn: 6’7″ (West Indies)

Sulieman Benn KreedOn
West Indies’ Sulieman Benn, left, celebrates with Samuel Badree after taking the wicket of Afghanistan’s Samiullah Shenwari during their ICC World Twenty20 2016 cricket match in Nagpur, India, Sunday, March 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das)

It can be a bit hard to digest the fact that a 6’7″ player bowling left-arm orthodox as someone of that sort will definitely be expected to bowl fast and short, but that is not the case with Sulieman Benn. Unlike his height, there is not much to talk about this player as he did not feature in many international games because of his attitude problems not only towards his teammates but the Country’s Cricket Board as well.

Jason Holder: 6’7″ (West Indies)

Jason Holder kreedon
Jason Holder | Credits Twitter

The West Indies cricketer who has never failed to lead his side from the front is standing tall at 6’7″. Holder is one of the best players and tall cricketers that the West Indies team has in the current time and that too with both bat and ball. Right now he is not a regular member of his side in T20Is but is a major match-winner for them in the other two formats.

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Curtly Ambrose: 6’7″ (West Indies)

Curtly Ambrose | tall cricketer | tallest cricketer - KreedOn
Credits Zee

The most successful player to feature in this list so far is Sir Curtly Ambrose, who is one of the finest pacers in the history of cricket. He is also one of those rarest bowlers to hold the pole position at ICC rankings in both Tests, and ODIs. The reason behind his such rankings can easily be understood by having a glance at his bowling numbers.

Bruce Reid: 6’8″ (Australia)

Tallest cricketer | tall cricketer | KreedOn
Tallest Cricketers: Bruce Reid | Credits ESPN

Reid is one of the most unfortunate cricketers the game has ever seen as several injuries cut short his career. So, this thing is for sure that you can’t eliminate injuries from the sporting career of a tall, lanky athlete. In his small Test career of 27 matches, Reid picked up 113 wickets at a terrific average of just a little less than 25. He also picked up 63 scalps in ODIs in the 61 matches that he featured in.

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Peter George: 6’8″ (Australia)

Peter George KreedOn
Peter George | Credits: ESPN Cricinfo

Second successive Kangaroo player to feature in this list and guess what, it’s another fast bowler. There is absolutely nothing when it comes to his international career as there is just a solitary Test match to his name that he played back in 2010 against India. He managed to pick up only two wickets in that game, but it will always hold a special place in his heart as one of them was of Sachin Tendulkar.

Joel Garner: 6’8″ (West Indies)

tallest cricketer | tall cricketer | list of tall cricketers | KreedOn
A tall Joel Garner on the extreme left | Credits

The West Indian Team has a long legacy of producing tall fast bowlers and not just tall; there have been some towering players to dawn the West Indies jersey. This time it’s Joel Garner who had some really amazing numbers before retiring from international cricket. At the end of his career, he had 259 and 146 wickets respectively in both Tests and ODIs respectively.

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Cameron Cuffy: 6’8″ (West Indies)

Cameron Cuffy - Tall Cricketers | KreedOn
Image Source:

It is not surprising to see Cameron Cuffy featured in this list. It’s simply mesmerizing to acknowledge the fact that West Indies have been continuously producing some of the tallest cricketers at the international level which is continued by players like Rakheem Cornwall and Carlos Brathwaite. Although Cuffy had a small international career of just 15 Tests and 41 ODIs, his astonishing height will always remain a talking point.

Mohammad Irfan: 7’1″ (Pakistan)

Mohammad irfan Tallest cricketers | tall cricketer | KreedOn
Credits Twitter

It’s quite an indigestible fact that the tallest cricketer in the world to play international cricket is not a West Indian, but actually an Asian. Jokes apart, the player who tops the list of tallest cricketers is Mohammad Irfan of Pakistan. Irfan was expected to be the next big thing in cricket. However, that could not happen as he failed to lay a significant impact. His best numbers are in ODIs where he has 83 wickets to his name in 60 matches.

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Who are the Tallest Cricketers?

The tallest cricketers include names like Mohammad Irfan, Joel Garner, Bruce Reid, Peter George, Steve Finn, etc.

What is the height of the tallest cricketer on the list?

Mohammad Irfan stands tall at an impressive height of 7’1”, making him the tallest cricketer among the ten.

How does the height of these cricketers affect their performance on the field?

Height can offer advantages in certain aspects of cricket, such as generating bounce as bowlers or having a wider reach as fielders. However, cricket is a game that values various skills, and height alone does not determine a player’s overall performance.

Are there any contemporary cricketers among the tallest?

Jason Holder is a contemporary cricketer and one of the tallest in the game.

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