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NGOs using sports to tackle social problems in india

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Our TV, Internet or Radio often highlights India as the land of 1.25 billion people. A land with problems of poverty, education, unemployment, crime etc.  So, how do we deal with these social problems in India. You may have heard about different methods but have you heard how sports can solve these problems?

Lately, a new breed of magicians (unique NGOs) have sown the seeds of sports for a bigger impact in the society. Let’s look at each one of them and learn how sports can do to people’s lives.

1.) Magic Bus

Every Sunday, kids like Gulafsha Ansari put on their shoes and rush towards the local playground from their Dharavi homes, playground which is their platform to learn, grow and nurture. And the guide for their development is Magic Bus. It’s been a long journey for Magic Bus and they have not just proved themselves at the national stage, but also at an international stage winning many awards in the social development category with their popular sports-based curriculum.

2.) Yuwa India

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Somewhere in the tribal villages of eastern India, 18 girls fought all the odds to transform their lives through football and left to compete in Donosti Cup, one of the biggest youth soccer tournaments in Spain only to come out as champions. It’s a feat which many of the professionals dream to achieve every single day. Of course, It’s a matter of great pride for us, but is it also the shameful reality of our system? The reason behind this dream run is the organization, Yuwa India.

3.) Slum Soccer

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“Soft-spoken, shy and reticent Pankaj has had a tough life. Born into extreme poverty, an abusive alcoholic father only exacerbated his woes. Despite belonging to a family that had a roof over its head, it was never a home. Pankaj often found himself on the streets after being on the receiving end of a beating administered by his drunken father” – Slum Soccer

All of this changed when Pankaj discovered football. From a victim, he blossomed into a good leader. This did not go unnoticed and the Slum Soccer team identified him as someone who was destined for big things. After the National Championships, he was put through the organization’s Youth Leadership program. He received his call-up to the Indian National Homeless World Cup squad and continued to go from strength to strength.

4.) Nazindia – Goal Program

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Girls empowerment program using Netball and life skills education, transforming lives of adolescent girls throughout India. The people who manage it emphasize that their sports based platform is for the underprivileged girls across schools and communities in India. The curriculum focuses on teaching women on topics like health, rights, communication, financial literacy and teamwork. The notion is that it could help them harness leadership potential and provide access to career development activities.

We might have missed a lot of such examples like Bridges of sports, but we acknowledge the tremendous work all of them are doing at the grass-root level by developing communities through the medium of sports. Now these are the effects of what Sports could do to an individual’s life, especially kids who are so eager to learn things coming their way. It won’t be false to say that smartphones, tablets or laptops cannot deliver that much when it comes to facing the realities of life. Today’s world is so fast that coping up with the pressure which comes along with such speed would become a difficult task for the coming generation. It’s better we become aware that we need to teach them life lessons as well and for this purpose, they need to KreedOn….

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