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Table Tennis Passion Ignited: Exploring 8 Epic Tournaments That Will Leave You in Awe

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In the era of great sports like cricket and football, table tennis has its own fan base around the globe. This is a great thing for any sport that is played in very limited space in comparison with other big games. Over the years, the game has been developed, and new tournaments have been added to make table tennis more appealing and engaging.

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Here, let’s explore the top tournaments of table tennis that have been held around the globe over the years.

Top Tournaments of Table Tennis

Sr. No Table Tennis Tournaments
1 World Table Tennis Championship
2 Table Tennis World Cup
3 Asia-Africa-Latin America Table Tennis Friendship Invitational
4 World Table Tennis Championships
5 ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships
6 World Star Tour
7 Olympic Table Tennis Tournament
8 ITTF World Tour

World Table Tennis Championships

World Table Tennis Championships | KreedOn
Image Source: Wikipedia

The World Table Tennis Championship has been one of the major competitions in the sport. The first edition of the event was held in London in the month of December in 1926. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has been the host of the tournament. Every season, the tournament is hosted by national table tennis associations with the authority of the International Table Tennis Federation. 

The first edition took place in the year 1926. The various events present seven different trophies to the winners, which are held by winning associations and returned for the next world championships. Men’s singles, men’s doubles, men’s team, women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and women’s team are the main events in the World Table Tennis Championship.

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Table Tennis World Cup

Table Tennis World Cup | KreedOn
Image Source; BBC

The Table Tennis World Cup is a major event for this intense game. In 1996, Hong Kong hosted the first women’s World Cup. The mega event has been held since 1980, and Hong Kong hosted the inaugural edition of the World Cup. Men’s singles, women’s singles, women’s team, and men’s team are the four important events in the Table Tennis World Cup.

Participants in the tournament

  • The champion player or the strongest current player from each of the six continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania).
  • 1 player from the host association.
  •  8 Top players from the world ranking list.
  • The current holder of the World Cup.
  • The world champion.
  • 2 wild card selections.
  • No more than two players from an association are invited, unless a third is invited as a wild card.
  • If the World Champion and the World Cup title holder are the same player, or if the host association has a player qualified as title holder or from the world ranking, the vacancy goes to the next eligible player on the world ranking list.

Asia-Africa-Latin America Table Tennis Friendship Invitational

Asian-African-Latin American Table Tennis Friendship Invitational | KreedOn
Image Source:

Asia-Africa-Latin America Table Tennis Friendship Invitational is a series of tournaments rather than any single event. The first edition of this event was held in China in 1973. This tournament aims to foster friendship and understanding between countries. The tournament was held to break down the political and cultural barriers during the Cold War era. In the early tournaments, Japan was quite dominant, and later, China adopted the trend.

World Table Tennis Championships

Table Tennis World Championships | KreedOn
Image Source: FT

The World Table Tennis Championships are considered the ultimate version of the previous national games. The International Table Tennis Federation also has the authority to organize the mega event. Eight female and male champions from the traditional four major events, such as the Olympic Games, World Cups, ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, and World Championships, are invited. 

It has the same importance as the other World Championships, and its name also proves this because it has “world” in its name. Two of the highest-ranked players and two wildcard players are also participants in the World Table Tennis Championship. Olympic champions are ranked first, second, and third in the seeding process, respectively, with world champions and grand finals winners coming in third and fourth.

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ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships

 ITTF World Junior | KreedOn
Image Source:

The ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championship comes with the same importance and courage as other big tennis events like the Table Tennis World Cup and other tournaments. It is also led by the International Table Tennis Tournament Federation. This is especially for the young tennis players in the world. 

It was first held in 2002 for participants under 15, but later on it was also eligible for U-19 players, and further changes in the rules made it compliant for U-19 players as well. The World Youth Championships are currently composed of two team events and five individual events in each of the U19 and U15 age groups.

World Star Tour

Table Tennis World Star Tour | KreedOn
Image Source:

Since 1990, the International Table Tennis Federation has organized the World Star Tour to promote table tennis development around the globe.

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Olympic Table Tennis Tournament

Olympics TT Tournament | KreedOn
Image Source:

The Olympic Table Tennis Tournament is one of the most loved and important tennis events around the globe. It is as important as the Tennis World Cup for the players because it gives the same sense of honor to the participants. The tournament was officially included at the 1988 Olympics, but it was decided during the 84th session of the International Olympic Committee in Germany in 1983.

During a meeting between the International Olympic Committee and the International Table Tennis Federation, they decided to include men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles events.

ITTF World Tour

ITTF World Tour | KreedOn
Image Source:

The ITTF World Tour, or ITTF Table Tennis World Tour, is an international major tournament. It includes single-sport events organized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Participants from ITTF member countries can take part in the tournament. Every year, the ITTF organizes the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. where the top-ranked players participate in the World Tour. 

Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles are the major events in the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

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