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Synthetic flooring for tennis court | Know all about synthetic tennis court – ReboundAce India

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Tennis is considered as one of the most popular & glamorous sports around the globe. The sport is so famous that it has an average viewership of 700 million. Tennis is played on a tennis court which was earlier known as a lawn tennis court. Now, tennis court is usually made of various materials and has different types. It can be played indoors, outdoor, or semi indoor. Today we’ll be talking about synthetic flooring in a tennis court or synthetic tennis court. 

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Before we move ahead, let us know what synthetic flooring is?

What is synthetic flooring? 

Synthetic flooring is a form of man-made floorings which includes Acrylic, PU, artificial clay, artificial grass, modular tiles, and even wooden. Synthetic Flooring is a completely padded coating system made from cutting-edge materials. Rebound is the only company in India that is equipped in providing all kinds of sports flooring.

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Preliminary all synthetic courts are zero maintenance courts. On the other hand, natural grass courts and clay courts require rolling, watering, and brushing every day. This is the major reason for a shift from clay and grass court to synthetic courts all over the world. This reduces the maintenance cost of the synthetic court. Moreover, the use of synthetic flooring ensures that the game’s floors will not wear out with repeated use. Not only that, it integrates the most recent improvements in this type of games flooring, making them moisture and UV resistant, simple to use, easy to maintain, and, the biggest attraction, it is easy on the pocket. 

Types of synthetic tennis court

S.N Types of synthetic tennis court Cost Base Durability Special features
1 Acrylic Flooring for tennis court Least expensive surfaces Preferred base is asphalt but can be built on concrete as well. Durable US Open and Australian Open are played on this turf.
2 Artificial/Hybrid clay court Expensive Preferred base – Open asphalt Highly durable (20-25 years) Ideal for coaching, used in French open
3 PU (Polyurethane flooring) synthetic tennis court Pricing is on a higher side The preferred base is asphalt but can be built on concrete as well. long-lasting than acrylic flooring Always fast surface courts
4 Synthetic Grass courts Somewhere between economic and expensive Base: Concrete or asphalt  

5-6 years

Used  as recreational courts
5 Modular PP Tiles: Polypropylene synthetic tennis court Cost of these courts varies from economic to expensive. Base: Concrete Durable zero maintenance

Acrylic Flooring for tennis court

Acrylic flooring is a cutting-edge sports surface that can be installed for both indoor & outdoor. It comes in various ITF classified speeds like slow, medium, medium-fast, fast. They provide a consistent speed of play and a smooth surface. This flooring comes with various options of cushions and they can be made both cushioned and non-cushioned.

Advantages/Features of Acrylic flooring:

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  • These courts can be re-structured.
  • These are the least expensive surfaces
  • Can be built with the desired speed
  • UV Protected
  • US Open and Australian Open are played on this turf.
  • The preferred base is asphalt but can be built on asphalt and concrete.

Artificial/Hybrid clay court

A hybrid clay court is a combination of two technology. It is a mixture of artificial grass and special clay. There are some companies in the world that uses synthetic carpets below the clay. These are always slow courts which are preferred by coaches all across the world. The slow speed of the ball helps develop a better hand-eye combination. These courts are ideal for coaching young children. The construction of these courts is expensive, but these courts come with the highest life. The average life span of these courts is 25 years. Out of the 4 grand slams, French Open is played on this court.

Advantages/features of Hybrid courts:

  • Great sturdiness
  • Ideal for coaching
  • Less harsh on the body
  • Longest life
  • Used in french open
  • Preferred base – Open asphalt

Rebound Ace India – Your Sports Infra Expert

This expert article is brought to you by Rebound Ace India. Rebound Sports is an industry leader with more than 15 years of experience when it comes to Sports Infrastructure for any sport. They are specialized in Wooden Flooring, Acrylic flooring, Rubber Flooring, Astroturf, and several other types of sports flooring in India. Rebound Ace India manufactures world-class long-lasting sports products based on patented technologies and rigorous R&D.

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PU (Polyurethane flooring) synthetic tennis court

The PU courts are more long-lasting than acrylic flooring and are quite expensive. These courts are preferred for indoor installation. There are several ways to build PU surface courts. Moreover, PU floors are never slow surface courts, these courts are always medium-fast and fast. These courts come with a combination of pure PU, or a mixture of LVR rubber granules. 

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Features of PU Courts:

  • Pricing is on a higher side
  • Used for both indoor & outdoor
  • The preferred base is asphalt but can be built on asphalt and concrete.

Synthetic Grass courts

The synthetic grass courts replicate the natural grass court. These are used more as recreational courts & are faster courts. These courts have a limited life span of 5-6 years and the construction cost is somewhere between economic and expensive. Concrete and asphalt are used for the construction of synthetic grass courts.

Features of Synthetic grass courts:

  • Limited life span
  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Base: Concrete or asphalt

Modular PP Tiles: Polypropylene synthetic tennis court

These courts come on a faster side i.e medium-fast and fast with a long life. The construction cost of these courts varies from economic to expensive. The preferred sub-base is concrete. These courts are ideally built on the societies, terraces, or in school compounds. It is basically used as a recreational court with zero maintenance and is replaceable in nature.

Features of Modular PP Tyles:

  • Durable
  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Base: Concrete
  • Zero maintenance

Why choose synthetic flooring for a tennis court? 

The major reason to choose synthetic flooring above all other types of flooring is the maintenance cost. Synthetic flooring requires the least maintenance as compared to other tennis court surfaces.

Normally, flooring must be long-lasting, shock-absorbing, and supportive to the athletes. Henceforth, Synthetic Flooring is so popular in the world of sports, especially in tennis court flooring. 

This type of flooring, also known as artificial flooring, integrates innovation and technology to provide athletes with a sturdy surface to play on. Synthetic flooring is widely used for the creation of multi-purpose game areas including tennis. It is painted and contoured, making it ideal for a wide range of sports. Furthermore, it can be used on both pavement and concrete and is also ideal as an outdoor tennis court flooring material.

Advantages of synthetic tennis court

Synthetic floorings are solid, durable, environmentally friendly, non-slippery, and impact-absorbing, giving athletes the finest quality surface on which to display their talent. It should come as no surprise that several international federations and expert academies highly suggest and use synthetic flooring. 

Tennis court flooring specifications 

A lucrative tennis court should be rectangular and 23.77 metres long. Moreover, the width varies between doubles (10.97 metres) and singles (8.23 metres). A 1.07-metre-high net is suspended parallel to the baselines that divide the court into two halves.

Here are the technical specifications of synthetic flooring: 

  • Colour: Red, Green, Blue
  • Anti-glare
  • Features: Chemical Resistant, easy clean, water resistance, anti-skid, quick-dry surface.

Henceforth, Synthetic flooring was developed and manufactured using exceptional raw materials. It is tinted and finished, making it ideal for a variety of sports surfaces. This material is applied in various layers based on the characterization, expenditure, and player requirement.

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